Kathleen, just wanna "boost the ratings" on your wonderful Challenge for us! I had a great time doing this, was totally stuck as to which song when all of a sudden it came to me and writing this was a breeze. The hardest part was picking the best rendition of my song which is Rollin' on the River...
Fishhawk Lake--Yesterday at the Lake--Wonders For all of you who can't be here because it's December and you have other things happening (yup, I get that....), I wanted to share some of the wondrous things I had the pleasure of experiencing as I took in the day, Friday, December 27th, 2013.  This...
My father was one of the most generous people I ever knew. Generous from his heart as well as his wallet. Christmases were an example of that. We always had HUGE Christmases...and would spend all day opening presents slowly, after Mom had made a glorious breakfast. It was FAMILY TIME. We would wa...
 Fishhawk Lake An Early Christmas for Our Goldens! Dad knew just what to get Blockbuster.  A Golden Christmas! We can't wait to watch it in the theatre! Thanks, Dad--you're the BEST!! (Mom...don't forget the popcorn). Love, Takoda and Kasa
A CYA Message from Target! Yesterday, it became news that 40 million Target shoppers have had their accounts compromised by scammers....whoever swiped their debit card in roughly the last 3 weeks at Target has a potential problem...AS DOES TARGET. Today, in my e-mail box, I got a message from Tar...
Fishhawk Lake Real Estate Lake Homes-What Google Did for Me     In our continuing endeavors to have better SEO (search engine optimization), you just never know when certain key phrases, "search words" can come in handy for getting that new client to find you--even when they're not looking direct...
Fishhawk Lake Real Estate--Official Greeter for my New Buyers After one of my listings went sale pending recently, we headed over in the snow to check out the house (since they'd only seen it once before making an offer). We were "greeted" by a little local critter, whom we scared up while walkin...
 Ugly Christmas Sweaters  This has become such a funny tradition that there are actual contests revolved around it. (How much fun is THAT??!)   I happened to be looking for an ugly Christmas sweater to showcase in my piece about my Best Christmas Ever (when my dad set fire to his--not on purpose)...
Fishhawk Lake--On a Diet   The holidays have a way of packing it on....   This is one way to deal with it....
"I left a good job in the city...workin' for the man every night and day..." back in 2005 and moved from the city. Bye bye high-paying job and living amongst urban amenities. I "retired"here at Fishhawk Lake and went back to school at the tender age of 50 to become a realtor®. As Tina Turner so a...

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