Fishhawk Lake-"Summer Camp"
Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-Cabins in the Woods Many clamor for lakefront property, but there are those Thoreau-types who would just as soon find their footprint deeply marked in the seclusion of a woodsy setting. At Fishhawk Lake, there are spots that just sing to these people. Away from the tight...
Fishhawk Lake-Birds of a Feather  Stick Together!   Much like our ActiveRain family, we are close and we feed off of each other!  This mama Barn Swallow was very busy going in and out of the Berg Farm barn to feed these four hungry mouthes. I was hearing this tiny whining sound and  followed it u...
  Who knew I had such a big family?  Recently I lost a part of my family and my “family” of ActiveRainers came to my side to deliver virtual hugs, share tears, and stories of their own firsts,  their own horse stories their own lost pets. I vowed to comment on each of those posts. After finally c...
Remember your firsts? They are markers in your life.   Let me start by saying that this is a bittersweet post. I am losing someone precious to me that is a first. But, to begin, let’s go back to those firsts. The firsts in our lives are true MOMENTS. Remember your first car? Your first kiss? Your...
Welcome to the ongoing weekly series called Tuesday Travelogue. We are in our seventh week! Each week, some ActiveRain bloggers are spotlighted to take us somewhere we may not have been on some kind of virtual travel (and it doesn't cost a dime!). Here is the purpose:   " to enjoy the ride" "take...
Fishhawk Lake Rainbows Through the Seasons Many rainbows happen here at Fishhawk Lake as well as along the Oregon Coast...and it's happened often enough through the years for me that I can tell when it's a photo op and I try to be camera-ready. So, here is a smattering of my "catches" from the la...
Speechless Sunday-Winetasting and Art--I'm on my Way! This beautiful vineyard is my destination in just about 2 hours.    I am supporting my neighbor and "resident artist", Cheryl Barlow in her first artshow! Cheryl and her husband Doug bought a home at Fishhawk Lake from me over 2 years ago and ...
Fishhawk Lake-Nature is Doin' Her Thing and We Got to See It! This fine morning, my husband and I were headed to our walking trail up on Greasy Spoon Road with the dogs in our Jeep when suddenly, to our left, right over our heads, a STUNNING, and very large Red-Tailed Hawk swooped out of the tree...
Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-A Part of My Sellers Stays with Me!  With owning vacation property, many sellers have no use for the cabiny type "stuff" that they accumulate while owning a second home at Fishhawk Lake. What the new buyers don't want, I sometimes covet! I find so many cool, kitchy items...

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