Desert in the Pearl  Earlier this week before going to the Eagles Concert (OMG, what an event THAT WAS), a core group of us girlfriends (The "BraPack") visited with our girlfriend, Brenda (third from the left), who just bought a loft apartment with her husband in the much-coveted area called "The...
Best Comments On Your Blogposts-What They Say About Your Writing Style Sometimes when writers write, they are baring their souls to the readers. Other times, it's "strictly the facts, ma'am."  Whatever it is, the comments that you get from your followers can make you belt out a laugh, create an "...
Fishhawk Lake-The Last Breath of Summer The early morning sunlight is coming up later and later...the skies get filmy and dark before 8 o'clock, the air is no longer silky on the skin at night, but more like a coolness that calls for a thin shirt to blanket the shoulders. These are all testaments...
This is an incredibly informative article for all of you clients of mine (and friends) who have dogs and are wondering about the right kind of wood floors to get....Debbie Gartner has all of the answers! Please be sure and comment on the original blogpost! Yes, today is National Dog Day (August 2...
Welcome to the ongoing weekly series called Tuesday Travelogue. We are in our tenth week! Each week, some ActiveRain bloggers are spotlighted to take us somewhere we may not have been on some kind of virtual travel (and it doesn't cost a dime!). Here is the purpose:   " to enjoy the ride" "take a...
Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-If You're Being Run Out of Town.... Get in Front and Make it Look Like a Parade I saw this on the wall of  my acting coach  many years ago and thought that not only did it always make me laugh, but it gave me perspective on my not-so-brilliant characteristics.  There are...
  Fishhawk Lake-The ARt of SpiDer WEbs  After spending a morning up on Greasy Spoon Road in a fall-like foggy dreamland, I noticed with the hazy sun filtering through that there were spider webs catching my eye in my peripheral vision as I would walk along and the glint of the sun would hit them ...
Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-Writer's Block? Get Unstuck   On one of my other blogsites, my original Fishhawk Lake blogsite; I recently had a comment that went like this: First of all I would like to say excellent blog! I had a quick question that I’d like to ask if you do not mind. I was curious to...
Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-What is your Word Worth? Do you pay lipservice to people or is your word  Priceless?? Whether in a personal relationship or professional, when we give our word that we will get something done, people expect us to follow through on it. Do you??   Unless you prove to other...
Wordless Wednesday-Foggy Morn on Northshore Drive at Fishhawk Lake   Color:         Black & White:  W

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