Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-Sold Lake Property Oregon in February  9884 Beach Drive Birkenfeld OR 97016 New full time resident at Fishhawk Lake. Long time coming, this sale was a lease-option since 2012. I represented both the seller and the buyer. $155,000 3BR 1BA About a block from the tennis cou...
Fishhawk Lake-Here's Lookin' at Ya! This was an old car we found in the woods while hiking one day near Fishhawk Lake. I also did this in black and white. Which one do you prefer??
Mary Ann Benoit, a brand new blogger here from Alaska has hit it out of the park with her first blogpost! I wanted to re-blog it, but she's currently a "Rainmaker" which doesn't allow for re-blogs. Still....I decided that you need to read her post, as it's something creative that I never heard of...
Wordless Wednesday-Greasy Spoon Sunsets Same Spot, different day. Earlier this winter. 
Now that football is over until September, some outdoorsy types are looking for that next seasonal activity to take up all of those extra hours that won't be spent parked in front of the TV. I just had a new client ask me about this today, so I thought I'd fill you all in.  What kind of fishing c...
Welcome to the ongoing weekly series called Tuesday Travelogue. We are in our thirty-first week! Each week, some ActiveRain bloggers are spotlighted to take us somewhere we may not have been on some kind of virtual travel (and it doesn't cost a dime!). Here is the purpose:   " to enjoy the ride" ...
Whether you have the very public life of Jennifer Lopez, going from the Bronx to worldwide stardom or the Unibomber, a man who sequestered himself away into the ultimate singular private are what you create. Ultimately, what you make of yourself, is truly your own path, your own choice...
Seahawks or Patriots, who's your favorite?  May the best (looking quarterback on the) team WIN!!! We're off to prepare for our annual SuperBowl Party-- have FUN whatever you decide to do! (Don't drink and drive,please!)

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