Fishhawk Lake Real Estate--Just sold!9884 Beach DriveBirkenfeld OR 97016$164,000CashWasn't even listed yet!  Looking to list your property at Fishhawk Lake?Looking to buy property at Fishhawk Lake??Let me be your "Gateway to the Lake!"Gayle C. Rich-Boxman REALTOR® Vernonia Realty Direct: (503)755...
Serving Up Homes, Not Meals!I got an interesting SEO marketing e-mail from a woman by the name of Erica. Here in part is what she sent me. We've been helping area restaurants with brand management for a while now.In this super quick YouTube video, we'll show you exactly how we do it (and yes, it ...
Taken at my newest listing this week! (Coming soon)Lakefront Fishhawk Lake Simple Sunset(s)View from the dock  Standing on the dock Facing the direction of the community lodgeThis last one felt like a watercolor rendering. A brief day of sunlight in December!
OH, this is SUCH great advice! we have lots and lots of fog and mist out our way and the Mist-Birkenfeld Fire Department deals with motor vehicle accidents out here most likely more than any other emergency call! Thank you, Roy Kelley! Driving in Fog – Safety Tips   We are having some foggy weath...
Welcome to the ongoing weekly series called Tuesday Travelogue. We are in our 73rd week!  Each week, some ActiveRain bloggers are spotlighted to take us somewhere we may not have been on some kind of virtual travel (and it doesn't cost a dime!). Here is the purpose:  to enjoy the ride""take a tri...
Reminiscing about Summer on Fishhawk Lake As I sit here preparing to work up a new lakefront listing in December (coming soon), I thought I would take a brief moment to revisit "summer at the lake" with a short video I shot, called Waterplay on Fishhawk Lake. I had forgotten about shooting this, ...
Serendipity Sunday-Angels Among UsThis is a short story. We bought our first horse trailer yesterday. The weather for the entire day was horrendous. Rain, cold, wind, totally not the kind of day you want to be picking up a large trailer and driving through rain torrents and windy roads for two ho...
Weird kid makes good! The Story of Rudolph*  Many of us have been there. You're that strange kid that everyone thinks is a bid odd. The last kid picked for the team. The one that others tease or make fun of.You're, well...different. And sometimes that is good and sometimes it's not.BUT! We all ha...
Wise words! Nicole nails it in this pre-Christmas-holiday What Not To Do regarding compromising a home loan.  There are so many great reasons why the Holiday season is one of the most celebrated times of the year. Festivities, decorations, family, and food are just some of the best parts to be en...
Graphics Webinar--What I Learned About Color!I attended a wonderfully informative webinar put on by Katerina Gasset , an influential Ambassador on ActiveRain, web expert, coach  and much more. One of the many lessons we learned yesterday was how important visuals are to attract clients to click o...

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