Serendipity Sunday-Nothing You CAN'T Do if You Put Your Mind to It!This man had multiple sclerosis and was paralyzed. I defy you to say that he is anything but healthy and happy as a result of his mindset and creative abilities!  Happy Sunday!
These two vacant lots at Fishhawk Lake "lake homes at Fishhawk", presented by me, Gayle Rich-Boxman REALTOR®  Vernonia Realty couldn't be more different from each other and yet they both went into sale pending the same day this week!This lakefront lot is open, expansive, on a sunny side of the la...
                           10265 Ridgeview Terrace Birkenfeld OR 97016 Just listed by Gayle Rich-Boxman  REALTOR® Vernonia Realty Direct: (503)755-2905Birkenfeld OR 97016Specializing in Fishhawk Lake Reserve and Community"Your Gateway to the Lake!" Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-Fishhawk Creek Remode...
I was reading the latest design trends for homes for 2016 thanks to blogger, Michael McGuffie and he had a link to the 12 homes trends for 2016. I just HAD to check it out. (I'm like an addict, gotta get my fix on what's new, up and coming, gorgeous, like the yearly Vogue fall fashion edition). S...
Our one word focus for this year is....PURPOSELast year my husband and I chose the word simplicity for our year's focus in every avenue of our lives. It was singular and kept us on track. We took many roads to get there and arrived more completely on October 28th. It was a year of shedding oursel...
Babies are born with simple needs. Doesn't take much, usually to keep them happy. How often do you see a baby that is constantly grumpy, angry or makes lots of demands? Little kids can laugh at the silliest,  most uncomplicated moments in life. They can be joyful over one piece of candy. We will ...
Friday's Fotos-Canoe on the Window SillA few years ago I was looking at a cabin, and saw some photo opportunities. This one, in its simplicity made me stop and shoot.  Love the textures and shadows. 
Fishhawk Lake Lakefront Lot For Sale--Not Many of These left! Build or just camp forever--your choice! Expansive views, sunny side of Fishhawk Lake for most of the day!(Must be stick built and at least 900 square feet. Call me if you have questions!)Gayle C. Rich-Boxman REALTOR® Vernonia Realty D...
My local (free)Tech Service Saved Me! Last month I got an e-mail that there was a free service for my usage as an Oregon realtor. It is a Tech Helpline that you can utilize when  you are having computer problems. For some reason, I decided to take advantage of the FREE! dOWNLOAD now! THING that k...

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