From our house to yours, a beautiful New Year's Eve and wishes for vacations, vacation homes, lovely outdoor activities, a beautiful lake setting or whatever your heart desires, may it come true for you in 2017!                                     
YouTube Thursday--Shakespeare, America and The Three Little Pigs!If you have 8ish minutes to spare, please indulge yourself in this Shakespearian version of The Three Little Pigs by John Branyanwith an ending that will make you howl!!!And clap!!(And for all of us realtors who appreciate a well-bu...
I have always had an artistic mentality. Money never seemed to be the main motivator and that used to drive my father crazy. Being creative, having an entrepreneurial spirit meant diving into things for the very first time with no prior experience, just an "I can DO this!"  attitude. Way too many...
Don't Fear Be Happy! A Lesson on Happiness by the Dalai LamaMark Don McInnes, a dear ActiveRain friend who took himself on a year long journey this year towards his own self-happiness has inspired this post. Thank you, Mark!! (And for your entry in Grant Schneider's 2nd chance do-over contest).  ...
This is a first for all of us! I have never seen the Roosevelt Elk here in our pasture during the daylight, only at night and are quite skittish. Then, add the element of my palomino, Pearl and my mule, Della just several yards away and it would seem that someone would scatter or bolt. Not so! Th...
VERY IMPORTANT NEWS for Anyone Owning K10 KeurigsA dear friend of mine and past buyer who is now a neighbor just told me today that his daughter, whom I know, had a terrible house fire because she owned a Keurig that has been part of a recall. It was devastating news and I won't go into any detai...
The Fix Earlier today, I had a delightful and stimulating conversation with a new buyer who is trying to fulfill a dream, outside of the crazy urban atmosphere that Beaverton, a suburb of Portland is becoming. His quest is to find a bit of property in a more rural setting where the pace of living...
Welcome to the ongoing weekly series called Tuesday Travelogue. We are in our 116th week!    to enjoy the ride""take a trip without even leaving the farm""expand your horizons""see through someone else's eyes"  and hopefully much more!So, it's only 5 days til Christmas 2016. Where did the time go...
Fishhawk Lake Real Estate ANOTHER Lakefront Property SOLD Busy Month!!71547 Fishhawk RoadBirkenfeld OR 97016Just recorded on this dark December day to shed some light on the real estate world at Fishhawk Lake!(Click on the link above to see more properties for sale at Fishhawk Lake) (The new deck...

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