childhood memories: Fishhawk Lake Real EstateThe Five "Ws"-How to Get a New Client to Talk - 04/27/14 03:27 AM
Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-The Five "Ws"-How to Get a New Client to Talk!
I was reading a post by Liz Lockhart..... and it prompted me to think about some old journalism/ interviewer tricks to get a good conversation going with a client.

Open-ended questions are what gives the conversation some you somewhere to GO in finding out what a client's wishlist is, what their expectations are, their passions, their deal-breakers.
Who, what, where, why and when are the five "Ws" that cause a person you're speaking with to answer in more than just one word sentences, offering you … (14 comments)

childhood memories: Need a gift idea for your kids or grand-kids? - 02/12/14 06:16 AM

How about a great childhood?? 
This was such a perfect idea, thank you, Paul. One that I truly enjoy offering to my clients, whether they have children or grandchildren. It is an opportunity that makes me happiest when I know that I can be a vessel for showing kids the way to Mother Nature at Fishhawk Lake. Memories that can shape a human far into the future and for generations to come.
Be sure and leave your heartfelt comments on Paul's blog....he deserves it! 

One of the luckiest things that can happen to you in life is, I think, to have … (11 comments)

childhood memories: Fishhawk Lake Real Estate--Showing Your Kids the Simple Life - 01/30/14 08:56 AM
Fishhawk Lake Real Estate--Showing Your Kids the Simple Life

With social media being such an expedient factor to all things technical, and children as young as 1-2 years old being handed cell phones and iPod's to play with by their busy parents, I portend to be a troubadour for all things SIMPLE in life. Long ago, I learned from some psychology aficionado that a human's basic personality is SET by the age of five. In order to round out a child's life experience by that time, it is imperative, in my opinion to open them to things that are physically in their world. … (16 comments)

childhood memories: Lakefront Real Estate Oregon: Endless Summers - 09/06/12 03:19 PM
Lakefront Real Estate Oregon: Endless Summers
Endless summers….
Do you recall as a child how endless summers seemed to be? The countdown of days til summer officially began, the plans with friends and family—sleeping in, (or not) and having hours upon hours to play.
One of the summer delights that I experienced as a child and as a young person, was going to our cottage in the Thousand Islands on the St. Lawrence River, a tributary of Lake Erie between New York and Canada. 

 You had to get on a boat … (29 comments)

childhood memories: Fishhawk Lake-Roxy's Adventure - 06/23/12 12:19 PM
Roxy’s adventure!
Here I was taking a moment out from a very busy day, to sit and watch the lake for a few precious moments. There were kids playing in the water at the beach by the clubhouse at Fishhawk Lake and their happy voices were traveling across the lake.
Then I hear in excitable tones, “Roxy!, Roxy, come HERE!!” voiced by one of the little bathing suit cuties, as she ran across the clubhouse steps. Well, Roxy, a mongrel-type, small but VERY FAST female, went racing across the open grounds, almost to say, “Free, at … (12 comments)

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