fishhawk lake real estate: Sold! First Time Homebuyers Chose Fishhawk Lake to Live Full time! - 02/25/19 01:35 PM
This historic home and one of the first homes built at Fishhawk Lake (1970) will now be the beloved full time residence for first time home buyers, Nick and Javier. 
They found Fishhawk Lake  nestled in the coastal range of Oregon on a lark and as soon as they saw this home, they fell in love! They drove back into Portland, and contacted me straight-away. I was given the great privilege of representing them as buyers, as well as the wonderful sellers who were reluctantly selling, but having to since they have moved to CA to care for aging parents. 
We met soon … (13 comments)

fishhawk lake real estate: Does Writing a "Love Letter" to the Sellers Help a Sale? - 01/08/19 08:35 AM
In the last several years, this addition to a sale agreement seemed to be that magical ingredient that somehow swayed sellers to come to the light and agree, emotionally based, on that buyer who hooked them with the love letter of introduction. 
That was often in the "city". 
Portland Oregon's market (90 minutes from my rural market at Fishhawk Lake) was so cra-cra that they would pull out all of the stops to make THEIR buyer the one. 
Out where I am, in the middle of nowhere, with about 75-80% of my niche market being second homes, this wasn't common. Or even discussed.

Every … (17 comments)

fishhawk lake real estate: Fishhawk Lake Real Estate SOLD IN A WEEK! 10252 Lakeview Drive Birkenfeld OR - 10/28/18 10:01 AM
Darling renovated turnkey lakefront A-frame took only a week to sell! An agent was looking for the perfect getaway for her clients as they'd been searching for awhile. Just as this one came on the market I let her know about it and she set up an appointment right away. They loved it! 
All done, and they are now new lakefront homeowners at Fishhawk Lake! 
Thank you, Shawn Gibson,  for the ease of the transaction. She even helped while I was on a private island vacationing in the Bahamas. All good! 
It's great to have a smooth transaction even when there's a vacation happening … (8 comments)

fishhawk lake real estate: Surprise Visitors at My Newest Listing on Fishhawk Lake! - 09/10/18 07:31 AM
I was shooting photos of my newest listing at 10252 Lakeview Drive, Birkenfeld OR-- Fishhawk Lake-- when some fawns decided to pop by to have their pictures taken. Not shy, they walked right in front of us over my seller's property to go next door to get plums.
You can't plan this stuff! 
The joys of owning a lakehouse in the woods (or near them) at Fishhawk Lake! And I know just the REALTOR® who can list your home or represent you as a buyer! 

Gayle Rich-Boxman
REALTOR® John L Scott Mkt Ctr Direct: (503)755-2905
Birkenfeld OR 97016  My*Five Star Professional* 2017-2018  

fishhawk lake real estate: Fishhawk Lake Real Estate --Three Properties SOLD in 3 Days! - 07/18/18 03:08 PM
I'm honored to say that I worked with all three sellers on these two lakefront properties at Fishhawk Lake and one off-the-lake property and also represented the buyers on two of them as well! All three recorded in the last 3 days! Woohoo!
They ranged from my highest priced listing at $470,000 that I had in sale pending in only 25 DAYS to two vacant lots, one lakefront that sold for $105,000 
Lakefront Lot Listed and Sold by:
Gayle Rich-Boxman REALTOR® John L Scott Mkt Ctr Direct: (503)755-2905
and the other off-the-lake for $16,000.
Buyers and sellers pay attention, things are moving here!!! And I'm excited … (11 comments)

fishhawk lake real estate: Fishhawk Lake Real Estate ™ Two Days, THREE Sale Pendings! - 05/16/18 08:23 PM
Spring has SPRUNG here at Fishhawk Lake--in a big way!! It was a bit quiet over the last few months, but like flowers popping up after a beautiful combination of spring showers and sunshine,
new buyers have been flocking to Fishhawk Lake to meet with me and look at properties. 
We are being graced with some really sweet people who are gravitating to our slice of paradise. It's been wonderful to see the awe in their eyes as I show them the various viewpoints of Fishhawk Lake and how much it has to offer through the eyes of a local expert. 
Two of … (9 comments)

fishhawk lake real estate: Fishhawk Lake Lakefront Lot Just Listed Won't Last Long! - 03/16/18 11:51 AM
This stunning and buildable sunny lakefront lot located at 71378 Northshore Drive Birkenfeld OR 97016 MLS#18261535 will be snatched up quickly, so don't wait too long to call me! (There aren't many of these left and none for sale right now). 
Gayle C. Rich-Boxman
REALTOR® John L Scott Market Center Direct: (503)755-2905
Fishhawk Lake Real Estate ™
*Five Star
Professional* 2017-2018
Be sure and click on "property details" to see the full set of photos and information. This lot is located in Clatsop County.
I look forward to your call! (503)755-2905

fishhawk lake real estate: Fishhawk Lake Real Estate "Do They Allow Log Cabins"? - 02/04/18 02:25 PM
Fishhawk Lake Real Estate Do They Allow Log Cabins?
I just had an inquiry from my website and the potential buyer asked if Fishhawk Lake allows log cabins. I love this question and it's never really been asked quite like this before! 
Absolutely!! My husband and I have even bought and sold two log cabins, both on Beach Drive. Log cabins or log homes are always popular no matter the season or the size. 
If you want to build a log home or log cabin, they must be at least 900 square feet. There's an incredible log home builder who is second generation … (23 comments)

fishhawk lake real estate: Fishhawk Lake Real Estate ™-Sunshine in January Brings Everyone Outside! - 01/15/18 10:10 AM
 Sunshine in January at Fishhawk Lake inspires people to get outside! As I was showing homes yesterday, my buyers were commenting on what a gorgeous day it was! It gives us this taste of what’s to come, soon, I feel, as it’s been a pretty mild winter.
People were hiking around the lake, canoeing, and there were even two sets of family playing tennis outside!
It made for the perfect setting to showcase my slice of paradise, Fishhawk Lake. Some buyers prefer a sunnier side of the lake, and this gives us a good opportunity to see where the sun hits during the … (16 comments)

fishhawk lake real estate: Fishhawk Lake Real Estate SOLD! Stunning Lakefront Lot! - 01/04/18 09:43 AM
A great way to start 2018 being new owners of this sunny, flat lakefront lot with such a grand location!
I had the pleasure of working with buyers who were referred to me by my past clients and friends, Todd McAllister (who owns a staging business in Portland) and Jim Browne. Thanks, guys!
Ro and Shirley have been coming up here for years and spotted this stunning lot and contacted me. We talked often about all of the due diligence one does when looking to buy vacant land and build in the future at Fishhawk Lake.  
The offer was made, accepted; the process an … (5 comments)

fishhawk lake real estate: Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-A Buyer's Story-Reliving Fishhawk Lake! - 12/29/17 03:51 PM

One of my favorite things to do in my "job" is to introduce my buyers to Fishhawk Lake. 
What's even more exciting is when someone has already created memories in their childhood and they come back with great enthusiasm! 
That's what happened with one of my buyers this summer. Aaron McNally contacted me after he came up to do some work for one of my neighbors. I'll let him tell the story:
"Gayle C. Rich-Boxman said I should tell my story of the lake. This is the quick down and dirty.
I have an interesting history … (15 comments)

fishhawk lake real estate: How I Fell Upon Fishhawk Lake--Ever Thankful for it! - 11/18/17 10:06 AM
Some of you may know the story of how I arrived at Fishhawk Lake, some may not. Indulge me for a moment if you have.
I was at a Quick Print getting invitations ready for my husband’s 40th birthday surprise party. The year was 2002. The man standing next to me had this beautiful watercolor rendering of a cabin that his wife had painted. It drew me in immediately. We got to talking and he said they had this very same cabin at Fishhawk Lake and were preparing to sell it. He was there to make flyers. We started conversing about this … (13 comments)

fishhawk lake real estate: A Dreamy December Listing Photo of Fishhawk Lake - 10/22/17 09:50 PM
This was part of a lakefront listing of mine and the owners decided to list in December, not always the best time for lakefront landscapes to “shine”. This exterior shot was one of their views and the misty fog was meandering its way through the treetops across Fishhawk Lake. I didn’t do much to edit this one, as it seemed to capture a completely different essence from what summer photos offer, thus helping to show that even in the midst of winter, you could get some grand views from this home. It always looks like a watercolor rendering to me. 
As it … (11 comments)

fishhawk lake real estate: Relax! You're at the Lake! - 10/22/17 09:33 PM
 While attending a home inspection of my buyer’s, I happened to go outside for a moment to enjoy Fishhawk Creek, the property's boundary that also feeds Fishhawk Lake. This view presented itself to me. I didn’t have my camera, so I told the home inspector (who is also a homeowner at Fishhawk Lake and a friend) about it and he said, "Go, get your camera! We’ll be fine.”
I live just minutes away and hoped that the lighting would still be the same when I came back. I got lucky as the stillness of the waters hadn’t changed.
This photo now graces … (15 comments)

fishhawk lake real estate: Your Buyers Have Stories To Tell! - 10/18/17 07:22 PM
Your buyers have stories to tell…stop and LISTEN.
When a potential buyer contacts you, do you stop and ask questions or do you launch into your spiel?? Every single person has a unique story to tell, one that is compelling if you give him/her the chance to share it.
If you can put your own need to succeed aside and create the beginning of a true dialogue, you can develop the kind of relationship that can change a person’s life. Theirs and your own.
Everyone has a story with twists and turns and places that they may take you that you have never … (48 comments)

fishhawk lake real estate: Fishhawk Lake Real Estate ™Ten Questions Buyers Ask A Series Part 9 - 08/17/17 03:22 PM
This series is based upon the basic questions that I get over and over again as the local expert for Fishhawk Lake real estate. There certainly are more than ten questions that come up, but this is a good start. Please check out my whole post addressing all Ten Questions Buyers Ask About Fishhawk Lake. 
Here is Question #9: 
Q:What types of people or age groups own/live at Fishhawk Lake?
A: We run the gamut of age groups and people! Some folks are young with small children,
others are single, retired and have a dog. We have people who have lived here since around 1979 … (4 comments)

fishhawk lake real estate: Fishhawk Lake Real Estate ™ Market Trends July 2017 - 07/25/17 01:48 PM
In reviewing the last 6 months of sales, listings, and interest in properties at Fishhawk Lake, it’s been a bit of a different year from 2016.
Not nearly as harried or frenzy-like, this year has been somewhat balanced with a cadence of activity that has been regularly moving along like a fine-tuned engine. Unlike Portland, there have not been a plethora of multiple offers on any single property, other than one that was a foreclosure earlier in the year, to which I had the pleasure of representing the buyer on a bank-owned property that he eventually owned, but not … (2 comments)

fishhawk lake real estate: Latest SOLD! Cabin with View of Fishhawk Lake - 07/25/17 06:35 AM
10056 Beach Drive Birkenfeld OR 97016
Listed by:
Gayle C. Rich-Boxman
 REALTOR® John L Scott Market Center Direct: (503)755-2905
Birkenfeld OR 97016
Specializing in Fishhawk Lake Real Estate ™   SOLD BY: James Jorgensen
Broker, Hildebrand Realty
Wonderful agent to work with, I hope to do business with James again sometime!  Welcome, Kris and Odessa Trujillo who are the proud new owners of this cool cabin that is just a block away from the community lodge!  If this piques your interest to know more about Fishhawk Lake, please give me a call!  Gayle C. Rich-Boxman
 REALTOR® John L Scott Market Center Direct: (503)755-2905"Your Gateway to the Lake!" … (10 comments)

fishhawk lake real estate: Fishhawk Lake Real Estate ™ Looking for seclusion and luxury AND a green home? - 07/19/17 07:16 PM
It’s all here in luxury and efficiency AND a private location with your own creekfront! Lake homes at Fishhawk. 
Custom "Green home" on Private Creek Seclusion!

// -1&&m>28){j=28+s;s='';if(j/g,'>');l[i].href='mailto:'+t.value}}catch(e){}}}catch(e){}})(document);// ]]>  … (6 comments)

fishhawk lake real estate: 9957 Beach Drive Birkenfeld OR Now in Sale Pending! - 07/13/17 10:10 AM
The consummate “cabin on the lake” is now in sale pending and I look forward to working with these wonderful buyers to bring it to closing seamlessly!
If this piques your interest please give me a call and allow me to be “Your Gateway to the Lake”!
Gayle C. Rich-Boxman
 REALTOR® John L Scott Market Center Direct: (503)755-2905
Birkenfeld OR 97016
Specializing in Fishhawk Lake Real Estate ™   

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