golden retrievers: A Year Ago Today...I am thankful for a Miracle! - 11/27/14 08:23 AM
A Year Ago Today...I am thankful for a Miracle!
When we brought our Golden Retriever pup home, Kasa had diarrhea.

Okay, some pups do. And she was round and sweet and loved being active in the beginning, so we didn't worry.

BUT, for over a year we battled this and her throwing up along with the diarrhea almost daily. I jumped through so many hoops to try and figure out what exactly was WRONG. I cooked for her and I had to give up on dry food. As much asI could feed her, she ate, but would … (34 comments)

golden retrievers: Fishhawk Lake An Early Christmas for Our Goldens! - 12/21/13 03:31 AM
 Fishhawk Lake An Early Christmas for Our Goldens!
Dad knew just what to get Blockbuster. 

A Golden Christmas! We can't wait to watch it in the theatre!

Thanks, Dad--you're the BEST!!
(Mom...don't forget the popcorn).
Takoda and Kasa

golden retrievers: Waiting for Christmas -Wednesday Photo - 12/12/12 12:10 AM
Settled down for a long winter’s nap….

with dreams of doggy bones dancing through my head...
it's hard to wait for Christmas!

golden retrievers: Kids and Dogs--Gotta Love 'em! - 10/06/12 12:30 PM
There are moments that are once in a lifetime and if you have a camera handy (like Roy Kelley always tells us to do), you can capture them.
This was one of those precious ahhhhhhh moments. My housecleaners, A-1 Janitorial Service (love them!) had their granddaughter with them and she was keeping my dog, Takoda company and he was entertaining her as well.
This was towards the end of her time here when they’d gotten done playing with his toys and she decided to read to him.


golden retrievers: The BlogPost My Sister Wasn't Allowed to Write - 10/04/12 03:00 AM
My sister wasn’t allowed to include this in her business blog. So she has asked me to put it in mine. Thank God ActiveRain doesn’t squash the opportunity to share personal moments like these.
My Neighbor’s/My Dog
By Andy Dobrin
Those of you who tuned in to this blog hoping for your weekly dose of HR[Human Resources] wisdom (silliness) are going to be disappointed. This week, for the first, but maybe not the last time I am going to write about something in my personal life, not my work life.

golden retrievers: Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-Boat Rides Bring Smiles! - 08/05/12 11:16 AM
Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-Boat Rides Bring Smiles!
This is like one of those precious Man and His Dog moments that I wanted to share.

My friend, Neil (and a seller of mine of this lakefront home at Fishhawk Lake) had just jumped into Fishhawk Lake, off of our pontoon for a quick dip on an impossibly beautiful summer August day on the lake. He was watched diligently by our Golden Retriever, Takoda. When Neil came out, put his towel around himself and sat down, Takoda sat right next to him and licked the water off him and then just … (8 comments)

golden retrievers: Betty White Advocate for Curing Canine Cancer - 04/16/12 12:16 AM
Who doesn’t love Betty White?  And to find out that not only does she have a Golden Retriever (Pontiac), but she is a big advocate for curing canine cancer.
I just discovered this video and want to share it since we are focusing on animals, our pets with the Pet Project contest this month.

 Our dog, Josh, a stunning Golden Retriever died of cancer at the young age of nine.

 He was Jenna’s dad. That’s why we got Takoda, to make sure Jenna always had company.
If you want to be … (19 comments)

golden retrievers: What One Trip Can Do - 06/05/11 05:10 PM
What One Trip Can Do. Picture this: it's early AM, 3:45 to be exact. You head to the bathroom.  In the dark, half asleep. You suddenly stumble over a large sleeping dog, Golden Retriever. In a single second you are airborne, much like Superman. However, Superman always landed on his feet.
I did not.
My "trip" landed me in a yelping heap.  The dog was fine (thank God).

 My ten-point landing was taken completely by my left wrist--my "dominant" hand (up til this point, I was not aware of this commonly used phrase when catching yourself … (26 comments)

golden retrievers: Fishhawk Lake Real Estate--A Natural Supplement for Dogs with Hip Problems - 04/11/11 05:53 PM
I first wrote this blog last year in my series dedicated to animals for the month of April.
April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals--Day Eight of my Daily Blog for April--A Natural Supplement for Dogs with Hip Problems!
My husband and I found Springtime, Inc while trying to find an answer to the pain that our dog Starr was having at the age of six. Starr was a Golden Retriever who, at the age of THREE was diagnosed with severe hip dysplagsia and we were told he wouldn't live past eight. We found Fresh Factors, a natural … (6 comments)

golden retrievers: Pay It Forward From a Smart Dog to An Art Festival--This Really Happened - 04/03/11 07:52 AM
Yesterday I was sitting on the couch when I noticed my Golden Retriever coming down the stairs with something in his mouth. He came over and played Keep Away for a minute or two, then relinquished the paper.
Our youngest "son", Takoda (photo: Gayle Rich-Boxman)
 I looked at what he brought me and it was a gorgeous brochure for the "springunveiling" Art Festival weekend at Cannon Beach, OR--our favorite coastal town to go to for celebrations!

Well, it seemed that there must've been a bit of dog-divine intervention going on here!  My birthday is mid April and this festival … (8 comments)

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