Honor Those in a Service IndustryI just got back from a PERFECT vacation to Alaska on a cruise, train rides, bus rides, hiking, you name it, we packed it in, best that we could!  Everyone who served us, whether on the Royal Caribbean cruiseline or our local bus tour folks, and tour guides, were h...
I'm honored to say that I worked with all three sellers on these two lakefront properties at Fishhawk Lake and one off-the-lake property and also represented the buyers on two of them as well! All three recorded in the last 3 days! Woohoo!They ranged from my highest priced listing at $470,000 tha...
I came across this the other day and just had to share my "find". The only interior shots of this sad home were of the shiny new appliances. (What does THAT tell you?) I guess this listing agent was really scraping bottom to find SOMETHING inside to warrant a photo. Even if the oven comes with a ...
This home has been listed and sold by me three times! We are now onto our 4th new owner and I couldn't be happier....along with the sellers. Only 25 days on the market! Great turn-around for out here at Fishhawk Lake!   I am representing both sellers and buyers as I've had the pleasure of doing e...
Long ago, I was given advice about a new with someone through four seasons to see what they're really like. People change with the weather. And so does your landscape!  When you've moved into an already established landscape and it's winter or just heading towards spring, you m...
I'm a procrastinator.  There, I said it.  Being a creative type, I love the ideas, the putting together of it, taking risks, not knowing exactly where something might go. Being present. Going for it. My artistic bent. Following my muse.  What I'm not good at: cleanup. Hate it! (And I'm not one to...
 Rufous Hummingbird with its tongue out!  I was lucky enough to be nearby with a somewhat steady hand. Ahhh, spring! A birder’s paradise! Time for the zing-zing sound of Hummingbirds zipping by at warp speed! The glitter and shimmer of the Rufous Hummingbird at its whopping 3&3/4 inches in length...
I've been reading a book called Simple's been around for years, but I finally got a copy of it early this spring. It's a daily missive on simple abundance, whatever direction that takes. June 7th was "The Joy of Living Rooms". I loved this quote of Lucy Abbot Throop:Some living roo...
Spring has SPRUNG here at Fishhawk Lake--in a big way!! It was a bit quiet over the last few months, but like flowers popping up after a beautiful combination of spring showers and sunshine, new buyers have been flocking to Fishhawk Lake to meet with me and look at properties. We are being graced...

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