A visitor in my flower pot! 
When you turn your back on life??? Butt....butt....butt....wait a minute.  You have a do-over every day! Embrace it!  Love Life!!!  (Thank you, Julie, dear friend, for your beautiful painting). 
For those of you who may need to take a moment out of your day to just put a smile on your face and know that Nature can teach us many lessons; like how to share comfortably, then this video will hope to do just that!  These are the sweet memories that I create often from my neck-of-the-woods on ...
What I've always called the "Hobbit House" tucked amongst the trees, is now an even better price at $179,000! Give me a call (or send an e-mail) and let's take a look at this sweet property together! Gayle C Rich-Boxman(503)   Sweet "Hobbit House" can hold up to 10! ...
Life brings its trevails and I have been reticent in doing this blog of mine as a result. My apologies. On that note, moving forward to the travels of fellow Rainers! (And a special thanks to Endre Barath for nudging me to get back on the Tuesday Travelogue train!) Welcome to the ongoing series c...
There are many great activities to enjoy in nature at and around Fishhawk Lake. One of the most pleasurable (and free) is to take a walk around the lake or nearby on Greasy Spoon Road--where a plethora of trails and old logging roads will take you far off the beaten track.  Walking meditations ar...
 Lately, there have been some instances where buyers have queried me: "What is YOUR favorite property?" "If it were you, which one would YOU buy?" It's fascinating to me that someone would lay such an important decision at my feet. From an ego-related position, it would seem natural that because ...
It's snowing today in the coastal range of Oregon, Fishhawk Lake ranch in particular. I put out all kinds of seeds and peanut-butter covered bread out for my critters. Today, the oh-so-shy Northern Flicker showed up and dug in for some grub!! This particular bird doesn't stick around if...
While going through my continuing education course to keep up with Oregon's law for REALTOR®s every two years, I just finished several chapters on mediation. As REALTOR®s, we face this constantly, and each case is different. Here are some of my thoughts about how to come to "yes" as the book "Get...
This stunning and buildable sunny lakefront lot located at 71378 Northshore Drive Birkenfeld OR 97016 MLS#18261535 will be snatched up quickly, so don't wait too long to call me! (There aren't many of these left and none for sale right now).  Gayle C. Rich-BoxmanREALTOR® John L Scott Market Cente...

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