Thankfully, in my opinion, the days of Hummer Houses, McMansions and Super-Size Me homes are numbered.  The housing trend that began in the 90’s toward larger and larger houses for smaller and smaller families is reversing itself.  This has something to do with the fact that in this economic cli...
  Mr. and Mrs. Jones and Mr. and Mrs. Smith live in identical split level houses build in 1968. They've been neighbors since they bought their homes in 1980. Both homes have been well maintained. But both families are empty nesters now, and in the last couple of years they've been doing  upgrades...
    In a volatile and wholly unpredictable real estate market, in order for a home to sell in the fastest time and for the most money it is imperative that the home shows well and is priced correctly.  Nothing new here, right?  We’ve all watched enough HGTV to know this.  Anyone with an ounce of...
This is way cool! Literally.  I'm always happy to be able to pass on good energy saving information.KSDK -- Mark Specht is a vanguard of sorts.  He hopes to paint all the blacktop flat roofs in St. Louis white. "This is going to save people money in air-conditioning bills and extend the life of t...
I got an unusual real estate referral a couple of weeks ago.  A young woman from Colorado who is moving to the DC Metro area requested an agent who had an extensive knowledge of DC area bike trails.  Well, that would be me, of course.  It was the first time I've had such a request from a potenti...
There are no national standards for what a “green” home really is.  The USGBC (United States Green Building Council) has the most recognized green building and retrofitting/remodeling  standards in the country.   But there are others—all with different standards.  There’s the National Associatio...
So you’re thinking about buying a green home. What does that mean, actually?  Does it mean buying a really big expensive home with “green” features?  Does it mean buying a really small home with a tiny ecological footprint?  Does it mean solar panels and a wind turbine in your back yard?   Does ...
I know indoor air quality isn’t a sexy “green” topic.  It isn’t as interesting as eco-friendly kitchen countertops or solar power.  In fact it’s kind of a scary topic because, well, there seem to be so many unknown variables.  But every day, in our homes, we live with dangerous chemicals that we...
  You may assume that air pollution is what is going on outside your home--smog, gas fumes, pollen, etc.  A number of years back we heard about “sick building” syndrome where some employees got sick working in large windowless, ventilation poor office buildings.  But you probably don't think of a...
This morning I installed an EcoFlow (Waterpik)* shower head.  Of course I installed it incorrectly the first time because it I’m spatially challenged and it is absolutely impossible for me to complete any mechanical project correctly the first time. But still it only took me 15 minutes to instal...

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