green real estate: If I Want a Green(er) Home Where Do I Start? - 06/19/10 04:35 AM

There are no national standards for what a “green” home really is.  The USGBC (United States Green Building Council) has the most recognized green building and retrofitting/remodeling  standards in the country.   But there are others—all with different standards.  There’s the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), Build It Green and Built Green (yes, different organizations).  Then there are local standards such as Arlington, Virginia's Green Home Choice Program.  Well you get the picture--whose standards do you use.  But here’s the thing—right now, in the Washington Metro area where I do business, there just aren’t a lot of new homes being built to … (1 comments)

green real estate: If It's a Green Home Can I Afford It and What's A Green Home Anyway - 06/16/10 03:55 AM

So you’re thinking about buying a green home. What does that mean, actually?  Does it mean buying a really big expensive home with “green” features?  Does it mean buying a really small home with a tiny ecological footprint?  Does it mean solar panels and a wind turbine in your back yard?   Does it mean you’re being a hypocrite if you don’t use rainwater barrels and stop driving your car?  Does it mean spending a lot more money than you ever would for a regular house?  “Forget it.  I’ll just buy a regular house.  It’s all to complicated, expensive and politically correct for me … (2 comments)

green real estate: Walk the Walk and Did You Know - 03/01/10 07:43 AM

Last week I was in New Orleans for the 2010 Keller Williams Family Reunion, our version of a company convention. In 2009, our founder, Gary Keller said in his visionary Quantum Leap speech, that the future of real estate would be a green or sustainable market.  He also said that Realtors would lead this movement in the future.  I sat on the first ever green real estate panels last year and the sessions were all to capacity. Agents were hungry to know what it actually means to be a green Realtor.
In 2010 Keller Williams has made a commitment to … (3 comments)

green real estate: Eco-Friendly Kitchen Countertops - 08/13/08 07:22 AM
Tuesday, August 12, 2008
There is a saying in the world of environmental sustainability: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle-in that order. What does that mean when it comes to replacing your countertops when you remodel your kitchen. Of course Formica countertops are oh, so passé. Corian has also gone out of fashionable favor. Formica is plastic coated with a resin made with formaldehyde and Corian is petroleum based. So, neither of these is very environmentally favorable. Granite is a "with it" alternative and it's, well, natural, right? Natural yes, but questionable quarrying practices and the high energy costs of shipping such heavy material … (1 comments)

green real estate: What's That Smell? - 05/22/08 07:35 AM
No it's not the cat litter box or a garbage can that needs emptying.  That smell may be more than just a nasty odor, it might very well be downright hazardous.  In fact the EPA has determined that indoor air quality is typically "between two and five times more contaminated than outside air and in some cases, a hundred times more."  If, as a buyer or homeowner, you or any of your family members suffer from asthma or allergies then you should be extra concerned about the quality of the air inside any home you own or are considering purchasing.  Even … (4 comments)

green real estate: Remember Linoleum and Clothes Pins--They're back! Eco Friendly Flooring - 04/27/08 06:45 AM
Earth Week is over but given the state of the planet I think Earth Year is the order of the day. It is my hope to continue informing home sellers, home buyers, and homeowners about ways to green their living. Mostly I will talk about greening the physical home but occasionally I will encourage a more holistic approach with ideas on lifestyle changes.Is it time to change your kitchen, bath or even recreation or family room floors? Well I want to introduce you to one of the most creative, beautiful, fun, colorful and eco-friendly floorings available today. Marmoleum® is a warm … (5 comments)

green real estate: Talk About a Wasted Opportunity! - 03/30/08 02:35 PM
I stopped by a new Stanley Martin townhouse development today and was unpleasantly surprised.  The all brick models had all the visual bells and whistles.  You know, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, hardwood floors, yada, yada, yada.  And the prices are great.   I looked at all the nice upgrades on my way to find the utility closet.  What was I looking for?  The hot water heater.  What I found was the source of my disappointment-a big old energy wasting 80 gallon hot water heater-heating and holding all that water that no one is going to use until the house sells.  And … (5 comments)

green real estate: Energy Audits--An Important Inspection for Homeowners, Buyers and Sellers - 03/15/08 10:40 PM
You may not have even heard of an energy audit. But surely you've heard that the price of a barrel of oil has reached $111 dollars give or take a dollar or two. And of course you know that the polar ice caps are melting, and that the US alone accounts for 25% of all of the worlds energy use. So what is an energy audit and how can it help you?
An energy auditor or rater will come into your home to professionally evaluate the efficiency of the energy used to operate your home. One thing he/she will look at are … (2 comments)

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