desert heritage real estate: The Gift - 11/05/09 09:20 AM
Do you give your very best at all times? The great American Olympic runner, Steve Prefontaine (1951-1975) said, "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift." Talent alone is not enough and it is a waste if you do not give your best all the time. Excuses and lack of accountability for actions has hurt many a talented professional in every field of endeavor. It is something to think about, are you one who is sacrificing the gift you have?

desert heritage real estate: Talk is Cheap - 11/02/09 01:44 PM
The statement, "talk is cheap" goes hand in hand with watching what a person does. Years ago, a person's word was their bond. If a deal was "struck" and people shook hands on the agreement it was as good as gold. No attorneys were required, no long documents; a man's word was binding. In "those days," a person's integrity meant something to them. Most would rather die than lose their good name. 
Unfortunately, a person's word does not mean what it did in the past. People will say anything to get what they want regardless of the truth of their statement … (2 comments)

desert heritage real estate: Who is Minding the Listing? - 10/08/09 03:31 AM
I pulled up to the listed home with clients in tow and as approach the door I see cobwebs around the handle and the lockbox. Information listed on the MLS sheet indicated the home on the market for over 215 days, which isn't unusual in this market. However, a surprise was waiting for me as I unlocked the box.
I return to my car and immediately call the listing agent to inform him of this unfortunate occurrence and guess what, he had no clue. Yes, the listing was still open and available and no one had … (5 comments)

desert heritage real estate: The Sunday Difference - 10/04/09 02:21 PM
Sunday is a "different" day! Sunday feels different, Sunday smells different, Sunday is the most unique day of the week. Whether you are a religious person or not, their is something special about Sunday and that special feel, smell, or sight, is uniquely different to everyone. If you haven't stopped to listen and feel the difference try it next week. I know you will find something to make you smile and bring some pleasant memories to your mind.

desert heritage real estate: Professional Cleaning for Your Office - 10/01/09 12:12 PM
Varsity Contractors, Inc. a premier total facility service provider has located to Peoria, Arizona. Varsity moved from Glendale into a spacious 8,500 square foot facility with 3,000 sq. ft. of office space and the remaining 5,500 to house equipment and chemicals to service over 550 accounts throughout Arizona and the Southwest.
For over fifty year's Varsity has been a leader in janitorial innovation and their state-of-the-art JanOps cleaning system is no exception. A system is something tangible and can be evaluated, unlike traditional cleaning methods that rely on a promise to do something. JanOps has specific output goals to get your … (2 comments)

desert heritage real estate: Home Prices Move Up - 09/30/09 09:47 AM
According to an article in the September 25th issue of the Phoenix Business Journal, home prices in the Phoenix area rose .08 percent from May to June. This is taken from the Arizona State University Repeat Sales Index.
This is the first month-to-month increase since 2007 and the median price of a home in the Phoenix area is $122,000 up from $119,000 in May.
According to the article these new numbers offer some evidence that "perhaps" the worst of the plunge in home prices may be over - at least for now.
Here is hoping that they are correct in there … (1 comments)

desert heritage real estate: Professionals Return Calls - 09/23/09 11:43 AM
Professional agents return phone calls as soon as they can get the message. It is plain and simple and common sense to professional sales people who have sold in the real estate market and out of it for any length of time. With all the modern technology, cell phones, email, texting, what excuse is there for not returning calls to other agents? None!!!!! Why is this so hard to get across to agents in this industry?
I believe the problem stems from so many agents without any sales background or training. Just because you have a license DOES NOT MAKE YOU … (5 comments)

desert heritage real estate: I Don't Get It? - 09/23/09 08:13 AM
I don't get it so please, someone, anyone, help me understand. Why do agents request  a call to them to obtain the lockbox code when they don't use the MLS lockbox and then never call back with that information? The MLS indicates the listing as active and yet no call from the agent. Please, someone, explain to me how this is a benefit to the client and how they are getting their listing sold? I'm very puzzled.

desert heritage real estate: West Valley Fall Fun - 09/22/09 02:38 PM

October 24-25 Buckeye, Arizona celebrates Heritage Days and its rich culture and history. There are many fun activities including an antique tractor and engine show; an antique tractor pull and parade; a Lil' Miss and Mister Heritage Pageant for children; pumpkin patch; live and silent auction; food vendors; and arts and crafts.
There is fun for the whole family so mark your calendars and do not miss this fun fall event located in the west valley at Heritage Park at 809 North First Street in Buckeye.

desert heritage real estate: Advice - 09/18/09 04:10 AM
English author Samuel Johnson gave this sage comment, "Advice is seldom welcome. Those who need it most, like it least." There is excellent advice dispensed on Active Rain and I wonder how many take it to heart or think they do not need any of it. A wise person  listens to advice, examines himself or herself to determine if it applies and if it fits and they use it to grow and develop, they benefit their clients. That is how they began wise. We should follow their example to benefit our clients as well.  

desert heritage real estate: A Role Model - I Think Not! - 09/16/09 11:07 AM

National columnist, Terence Moore's headline in an article prepared for Fanhouse on Michael Jordan's Hall of Fame speech, wrote, "Jordan went from classy to clown." Terence hit the mark and no matter what excuse you choose to use, Jordan is "ultra-competitive" or Jordan has a big ego and that made him great and that ego was coming out in his speech, Michael Jordan was a clown.
No one doubts Jordan's greatness on the court and one "from the heart" speech will not change that perception. However, the legacy of Jordan, the human being, will forever be altered by his rude … (2 comments)

desert heritage real estate: Success and Obstacles - 09/11/09 05:35 AM
When I have success it feels sweet and the euphorialasts for a long time. When the joy happens I forget all about what it took to get to that point. Booker T. Washington put it in perspective when he said, "Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles that one has overcome while trying to succeed."
There so much wisdom in that statement. We grow by the things we overcome and learn. It has been said, "experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first and the lesson after."

desert heritage real estate: Surprise, A Safe Place to Live - 09/09/09 02:22 PM
Surprise, Arizona is a very beautiful community and it has been named one of the safest cities in the country and the safest in Arizona, according to the 14th annual "City Crime Rankings: Crime in Metropolitan America" which was released on November 19, 2007.
Surprise Police Chief Dan Hughes said that a low crime rate boils down to "community partnerships." "We are extremely fortunate to have outstanding officers and a great public response to programs such as Block Watch."
Surprise ranked as the 33rd safest city in America and the highest in Arizona according to the survey.
If you are looking for … (0 comments)

desert heritage real estate: The Fish are Biting - 09/09/09 11:52 AM
If you are looking for a home in the west valley of Phoenix, try Surprise and you will find a fabulous place to live.
For a fun fishing outing without a long drive, cast your line right here in Surprise, Arizona. The Surprise Lake, just between the County library, and the new tennis complex is stocked with a variety of fish and the limits are posted for your convenience.
Walk around the lovely lake or picnic at one of the large pavilions that surround the lush lawn and play ground for the kids. The entire Surprise Recreation Campus is 180 acres and is home to … (0 comments)

desert heritage real estate: Secret Agent - 09/09/09 11:46 AM
You decided to purchase, sell or lease your home in Surprise, Arizona and use a professional Realtor to insure fair and ethical treatment. Congratulations on your first correct decision! Now where do you go and how do you decide which agent to utilize? Let me suggest some criteria that might help you select the best person for you.
Does your potential Realtor really know Surprise? Are they a "secret agent" only visiting the community if they have a buyer? Do they "live" in the area or do they have a main office in the town which they rarely frequent? Many agents list homes in area's … (0 comments)

desert heritage real estate: Are You Happy? - 09/09/09 03:05 AM
Well known American film director, producer and screenwriter, George Lucas said, "If America is the pursuit of happiness, the best way to pursue happiness is to help other people." That is certainly wise advice and makes me wonder, how many of us are happy? Are we helping other people or are we thinking only of ourselves and our problems. Are you happy?

desert heritage real estate: You are What You Show - 09/07/09 05:59 AM
What kind of example are you? Someone once said, "People know what you are by what they see, not by what they hear." There are some brokers and agents on Active Rain that "talk" or "write" very well but unfortunately their actions don't mesh with what they portray. It is unfortunate they have not learned, talk is cheap, you are what you show, not what you say.

desert heritage real estate: Scumbag Landlords - 09/04/09 08:57 AM
Is there anything lower than a scumbag landlord that takes a tenants rental money while defaulting on their loan and letting the place foreclose? I have a client who is in that situation as I write this post. Fortunately, we found out the home is going to foreclosure so I have the time to find these good people a place to move without much problem.
The landlord, of course, hasn't said a word to the tenant. It is no wonder that landlords have such a bad reputation. In most cases they are deserved!

desert heritage real estate: "Cause Something to Happen" - 09/04/09 05:22 AM
The 2009-2010 college football season is upon us with the opening games last night. One thing I believe we can take from college football is a saying on a sign that legendary Alabama Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant hung in his locker room. "Cause Something to Happen"
I read a blog about social networking and how many "old" school agents are still prospecting and refusing to learn and use new technology. Many sit around and reflect on the good old days and grouse about how nothing is happening for them.
It would be wise to use Coach Bryant's saying in our lives. Things sometimes … (4 comments)

desert heritage real estate: Are You Excited? - 09/02/09 04:19 PM
Are you excited about being in the Real Estate Industry? Everyday we face challenges with the economy, negativity on the news, tighter loan requirements, and  bankers who are clueless about homes they now possess. It is hard at times to be excited about our profession.
If you get discouraged and less excited it might help to remember this quote by an anonymous source; "There is a name for people who are not excited a bout their work - unemployment." Just some food for thought.


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