sellingedge: Are You Excited? - 09/02/09 04:19 PM
Are you excited about being in the Real Estate Industry? Everyday we face challenges with the economy, negativity on the news, tighter loan requirements, and  bankers who are clueless about homes they now possess. It is hard at times to be excited about our profession.
If you get discouraged and less excited it might help to remember this quote by an anonymous source; "There is a name for people who are not excited a bout their work - unemployment." Just some food for thought.

sellingedge: The Fish Are Biting - 08/28/09 06:53 PM
For a fun fishing outing without a long drive, cast your line right here in Surprise, Arizona. The Surprise Lake, just between the County library, and the new tennis complex is stocked with a variety of fish and the limits are posted for your convenience.
Walk around the lovely lake or picnic at one of the large pavilions that surround the lush lawn and play ground for the kids. The entire Surprise Recreation Campus is 180 acres and is home to the Texas Rangers and Kansas City Royals the 5 acre fishing lake, a dog park Arizona's largest playground, the Aquatic Center and the region library.

sellingedge: You Only Think You Are All That - 08/26/09 01:21 PM
                          I try to be a very positive person and I hate to rant and complain. But to all Arizona Real Estate Agents who are to "important" to give updates and communicate on short sales or bank owned property offers, the reality is: You only think you are special and "all that." Actually, you are rude, insensitive, unprofessional, and lack character.
You may have tons of listings and things may be going your way right now, and that is your excuse as to why you can't perform a simple phone call or return an email. The day will come when your rude behavior will … (6 comments)

sellingedge: Are Your Challenges Fun? - 08/20/09 08:37 AM
The legendary Walt Disney once said, "It's kind of fun to do the impossible." Walt had the right attitude and spirit in all that he did and where would TV, Movies and Entertainment in general be without his visionary outlook?
These past few years have been loaded with challenges in the real estate industry. We have seen many agents leave the profession, some of them needed to go, others weren't up to the challenges. Those that remain certainly are up to the market and economy and are successful.
One question I would like to pose; are your challenges fun? Are you enjoying … (1 comments)

sellingedge: Aim - 08/20/09 06:36 AM
"In the long run, men hit what they aim at, therefore, they had better aim at something high," stated Henry David Thoreau. How high is your aim? Have you set your goals for real estate success high. Thoreau's wisdom should be taken to heart, set goals high and then work like crazy to hit them. It will stretch us to the limit and that will help us grow.
Remember, if you hit your goals they can be adjusted and your personal growth will be enhanced. Now is a good time to review where you are and to adjust where necessary. Aim … (0 comments)

sellingedge: Scam Request - 08/18/09 04:07 PM
I don't know how many of you have received the "scam" letter from Senator Wilson Asinobi Ake of Nigeria, but this is a heads up that you might receive one. This letter has been going around for at least two years with the sender asking for help to purchase a home/property for over 4.5 million dollars although the amount varies depending upon where the letter is sent.
Just some information for all my Real Estate friends.

sellingedge: Special Moments - 08/18/09 03:36 PM
Emerald Isle North Carolina is a gorgeous place to vacation. Today, after viewing the North Carolina Aquarium, I stopped in a little country store to cool off with some refreshing ice cream. There was a sign that caught my eye - "We do not remember days; we remember moments." As I was having a terrific moment, I realized how true that sage advice was in my life.
There are special moments we will remember when dealing with clients. Do you remember when you passed your test and received your license, or your first sale or first listing? We get so caught up … (0 comments)

sellingedge: The Sweetness of Patience - 08/16/09 03:18 PM
We all have clients that area "difficult" to deal with whether they are buying or selling. Those that won't clear the clutter or paint a wall to make the home more presentable to buyers, or buyers that won't make a decision on an offer. Our patience wears thin and it becomes frustrating for every Realtor® who desires only the best for their clients and work to that end. 
The reward is great in the end, but it is a challenge arriving at this point. "Patience is bitter," said Aristotle, "but it's fruit is sweet." Every one of us, who have closed … (4 comments)

sellingedge: A Core Value - Pass It On - 08/11/09 04:28 AM
Progress is a wonderful thing in many cases and it is good to leave some things in the past. Take for example how I'm writing this blog. In the olden days I would be writing with a pen and paper, later a typewriter, now the computer, where I can save my work and have a "program" check my spelling. There are some things that never go out of style and one of those is respect for all people, especially those that are older.
Showing respect speaks volumes about who you are what values you possess. The great Jackie Robinson said, "I'm not … (3 comments)

sellingedge: Incompetence is Rampant - 08/10/09 02:13 PM
My rant for today involves the continued incompetence by listing agents and brokers. Someone takes a listing for a home - bank owned of course - and places it on the MLS. The lock box is not ARMLS and so it required contacting the number given on the MLS form. Guess what, no one answered at 4 PM in the afternoon. So I contact a number for the agent whose name was listed on the form.
After a dozen rings the lady answers with such noise in the background I could barely hear her. I requested the code to show my … (2 comments)

sellingedge: Enthusiasm - Pass it On! - 08/08/09 01:17 PM
Do your friends, colleagues, and those you meet enjoy being around you because you lift them up by your positive enthusiastic demeanor. No one enjoys the company of negative, whining people. Everyone has days where everything seems to go wrong, but those who control their attitude and exude enthusiasm are liked by all.
Enthusiasm is contagious so catch it and pass it on! You will be glad you did and so will those around you.

sellingedge: Knock, Knock, Knock - 08/08/09 03:12 AM

 I read this thought provoking quote in Life's Little Instruction Book, number 123, "Learn to listen. Opportunity sometimes knocks very softly." We often don't see the opportunity right in front of us because we are thinking, talking, and dwelling on the negative. Right now Realtors® are selling homes. Right now buyers are buying homes. How are these agents finding and listing homes? How are these agents finding buyers and helping them buy? 
If you don't know what opportunity's are in front of you it would be a terrific time to listen - especially listen to those here in Active Rain … (1 comments)

sellingedge: Ashton Ranch - 08/07/09 03:48 AM
The beautiful Ashton Ranch community in Surprise has three sparkling swimming pools and over 2500 mature bushes and trees.
If you live in Ashton Ranch or thinking of buying a home, come to the HOA meeting held every 4th Thursday of the month. The board of directors meet at 7:00 PM at Paradise School on Rheems Road.
For more information email the professional management company, Lonestar Property Management at:

sellingedge: Missing Information - 08/06/09 08:21 AM
Is it painful to completely fill out the MLS form? I only ask because I find so many MLS pages incomplete there must be a good reason. Realtors® are professionals and work hard to insure complete an accurate listings.
Take the Home Owners Association section on the form for example; the box is marked yes there is an association, but where is the name and more importantly the amount of the dues? I understand that it might take some digging to get this information but a real pro will be thorough and concise in all they does and will find these facts to … (2 comments)

sellingedge: Smile - It Won't Hurt - 08/02/09 06:08 PM
We get so busy at times, rushing here and there, appointments, meetings, family activities and responsibilities it is no wonder we stress. Have you noticed passing people in a store or on the street and how grim they look. Have you wondered if you looked like that or are you too busy to notice?
Try spreading a little cheer and pleasant attitude as you go by smiling and/or saying a kind word to those around you. People like to be complimented or receive a smile and perhaps when you do they will pass it on. Certainly it will help you feel … (2 comments)

sellingedge: Technology and the Eyes - 08/02/09 09:01 AM
I recently read an article by Michael Antoniak a journalist and technology expert on yes, the uses of technology. Mr. Antoniak indicated that many agents prefer phone calls and e-mail but in the future he predicts text messaging will take priority.
I'm all for technology to make everyone more efficient and effective. However, since the beginning of sales, there is no substitute for a face-to-face meeting to look in a buyer or sellers eyes and read what they need or where they might have objections. Personal contact will never go out of style and will continue to say to a client, … (0 comments)

sellingedge: First Time Buyer Credit Deadline Looms Closer - 08/02/09 07:25 AM
The first-time home buyer tax credit deadline of December 1st is fast approaching. In February Congress increased the credit from $7,500 to $8,000 and eliminated the repayment requirement. Now is the time for buyers to take advantage of this program - before it is too late. There is still a large segment of the market that is not aware of this program or it's advantages.
Buyers who wish to utilize this program but don't have the $8,000 up front can ask lenders to give buyers access to tax-credit funds at closing through a loan facilitated by the FHA. Another possible … (3 comments)

sellingedge: I have a License - I'm a Car - 07/31/09 09:47 AM
Congratulations, you passed the test and now have a real estate license! However, passing the test and knowing the basics does not make you a sales professional any more than sitting in your garage makes you a car. Many agents don't come from a sales background and to become a professional additional effort is required to learn selling techniques, customer service skills and advanced real estate knowledge.
Even in this challenging economy there are still real estate practitioners who fail to recognize that our profession changes rapidly and they need to keep up with these changes. In Arizona it takes 24 CE hours every two years to … (2 comments)

sellingedge: I'm Stupid - Help - 07/26/09 03:45 PM
I admit, I'm "old school" and over 45 so, I'm obviously stupid. In the "olden days" I was taught to be courteous to others in my personal and professional life. Courtesy wasn't a sometime thing, only to be used when it was convenient, easy, or if I felt like it. For example, if I received a phone message and the caller requested information I was taught to respond back in a timely fashion, even if it was to acknowledge the call and tell the person I would need to get the information and get back to them.
I learned that being … (6 comments)

sellingedge: Mystery Listing - 07/22/09 05:50 PM
I pull up to the curb with the clients in tow. The real estate sign is hanging by one fastener and papers are scattered all over the yard. Overgrown weeds fill the sidewalk cracks and around the bushes. At the security door, cobwebs greet us and I unlock the screen and then the door, as the handle rattles in my hand, I swing the door open. The wave of rancid smelling, weeks old food, fill our noses as we step into the front room. Our eyes view trash, clothing, broken furniture, toys and other items left behind, strewn all over in … (1 comments)


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