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Declare this prayer over you and your household: That you have peaceful, happy, healthy, restful sweet sleep.  No accident, injury, sickness, or disease, no germ, bacteria, or virus - no evil befall your dwelling.  No weapon formed against you will prosper. As you serve the Lord your God, He ble...
The key to real joy is really putting yourself last and others first. When you're doing something, is it for your gain or to really help someone else?  What is the real benefit of doing what you do and why you're doing it?  That is a question we really should be thinking when we are doing for oth...
Most people only see the what they feel, so if you're feeling bad, sad, or mad, then of course that's what you're going to see.  My parents use to say, to check your feelings before you put our foot on the floor, right out of the bed in the morning.  They use to say, think about it, you woke up,...
Saving energy is about more than just dollars in your bank account.  It's about moving forward with your neighbors around the globe who are helping us discover new ways to fuel our homes and businesses and to also protect our planet.   Here's a few more ways to conduct your own home energy audit:...
You can conduct your own home energy audit! While energy efficiency continues moving up on our global "MUST DO" List, there's no time like today to make changes starting right in your own home. You can fix those costly leaks in your home by following these simple steps. 1) Drafty Doors - Can you ...
Well, we can say, it's starting to look a lot like Christmas now!  We have about six inches of snow on the ground just within a 24 hour period. A lot of places were closing down, games canceled, events canceled. We had a Movie Day with Grand babies and you know I wasn't about to let six inches o...
The City of Wayne, Michigan - Our history of Wayne, dates back to the 1820's, when the city was first founded.  It was a small village called Derby's Corners.  In 1836 the name of the village was changed to Wayne after the general Anthony Wayne.  Wayne, Michigan grew in size and population after ...
My church, every year has a phenomenal leadership course that we take.  It's amazing to me that every year, I can learn something new, something different that can improve my life and those I surround myself with.  We all are in need of someone to help or have someone to help us.   Here are the ...
Before you know it, we will be making our Resolutions and a Fresh Start. Today the average family is carrying more than $9,000 in credit card debt and an economy still making adjustments, for many.  It makes good sense to put debt resolution a little higher on the "To Do" list. Here are Six tips...
We all know that this is the season of giving and everyone wants to give something or another to someone else.  We also like to be on the other end of giving and that is receiving, so imagine how you felt when someone bless you either in a time of need or just because, take that feeling and try t...

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