Making the Switch to Renewable Energy Does winter - and the high energy costs that come with it - have you taking another look at your utility bill? Some consumers have decided solar or wind power is the way to go. But is stepping away from electric or gas power right for you? Solar upfront costs...
Take it from a huge Patriots fan and mortgage banker, deflated footballs aren't good, but deflation in mortgage rates is great! One of the biggest surprises coming into the new year is the substantial decline in mortgage rates.  We've been hovering in the 3.75% range for a few weeks now.  I think...
Coming into 2015 interest rates have declined by over .5%!  Also, The Federal Housing Administration announced that beginning on January 26 the monthly mortgage insurance (MIP) is being reduced from 1.35% of the loan amount annually, to .85%.  These two factors have increased  purchasing power by...
The housing market continues to stabilize, even as we round out 2014 and as leases come due for the next year’s renewal, Zillow predicts that the under-35 set will be running the real estate buying show in 2015. Dr. Stan Humphries, Zillow Chief Economist, explained: “Roughly 42 percent of Millenn...

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