The past few weeks have been steady as she goes, so I'm going to mail in this post.  Interest rates took a nice dip last week and continue to hold ground just north of 4%, lending support to the housing market, while real estate remains stable with moderate softening.  Existing home sales came in...
If you've followed my previous blogs, I've postured that the slowdown in real estate was a brief pause, rather than a substantial decline in the market.  February's existing home sales bounced back with a blistering 12% increase over January, but still down 2% year over year.....I'll take it!  Th...
Mortgage interest rates dipped to the mid-4% range in the fourth quarter of 2018 largely fueled by concerns over a European economy that can't seem to get out of first gear over the past 10 years, and ongoing China trade negotiations.  More recent housing and employment data has put economists a ...
GDP Beats Forecasts In my last blog post, I reported sales of newly built home increased 40% month over month in December lending optimism that maybe the fourth quarter slowdown in housing would be a short-lived breather followed by a pick up in sales as we near the spring market.  Unfortunately,...

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