AUTOMATE YOUR SAVINGS - IT'S AS SIMPLE AS THAT!Whether it's $50 or $1,000 per month, start diverting some amount of money out of your checking account each pay day and put it into a separate brokerage account, such as Vanguard or Fidelity.  While auto-debiting directly into a local bank account i...
Home Sales Slide With some major economic data unavailable due to the government shutdown, and ahead of several major economic events in the near future, there was little market moving news this week, and mortgage rates ended nearly unchanged.  One economic report which was released this week rev...
Interest rates continue to benefit from a short-term economic environment, but this sweet spot will be short-lived.  Once the affects of the Washington stalemate and threat of China tariffs abate, rates will find their way back to where they were in the latter half of 2018, pushing 5%.  Those for...
As sure as the Holidays pass, and father time swipes the clock to the new year, Realtors will begin touting that winter is the best time of the year, not only to buy a home, but to sell as well.  The mantra goes, there is less inventory, so a would be home seller has less competition.  Conversely...

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