home buyer: What Does The Year of the OX Foretell For Interest Rates - 02/14/21 07:20 AM
I'm sure we are all happy to turn the clock on the Year of the Rat and usher in the Year of the Ox.  People born in the Year of the Ox are reliable, strong, fair, patient, kind, methodical, calm, and trustworthy.  That sounds a heck of a lot better for than the Year of the Rat (2020) described as smart and talented but also hot-tempered and jealous. 
What will this mean for mortgage rates?  Ok, thankfully we have better economic indicators than the Chinese calendar and they foretell rising rates are on the horizon.  In the most basic of explanations, interest … (1 comments)

home buyer: Real Estate Gains Footing While Fed Policy Suggests Trouble Ahead - 03/23/19 05:50 AM
If you've followed my previous blogs, I've postured that the slowdown in real estate was a brief pause, rather than a substantial decline in the market.  February's existing home sales bounced back with a blistering 12% increase over January, but still down 2% year over year.....I'll take it!  The real estate market remains strong as we head into spring and I expect we'll see healthy numbers throughout the year. 
Interest rates took an unexpected drop this past week erasing increases we saw in the fourth quarter of 2018.  This is welcome news, rates are now solidly below 4.5% from a high of 5%, however, … (0 comments)

home buyer: Feds Are Flying Blind During Gov't Shutdown - 01/19/19 07:51 AM
Interest rates continue to benefit from a short-term economic environment, but this sweet spot will be short-lived.  Once the affects of the Washington stalemate and threat of China tariffs abate, rates will find their way back to where they were in the latter half of 2018, pushing 5%.  Those fortunate to find a home and enter into a purchase agreement have been able to lock into a 30 year fixed rate loan in the mid 4% range.  Take advantage folks, this surely won't last.

home buyer: The Boy Does Cry Wolf, But Winter 2019 May Be The Time To Buy - 01/12/19 04:23 AM
As sure as the Holidays pass, and father time swipes the clock to the new year, Realtors will begin touting that winter is the best time of the year, not only to buy a home, but to sell as well.  The mantra goes, there is less inventory, so a would be home seller has less competition.  Conversely, most people like to purchase during the spring and summer months, so there is less competitive bidding to purchase.  While there is merit to this logic, mortgage interest rates of late may actually lend credence to this line of reasoning.  
Often times, interest rate markets will move up … (0 comments)

home buyer: Fastest Path To Increasing Your Net Worth - 12/05/18 09:09 AM
Comparing Owning a Home Vs. Renting? One more Factor to Support Buying a House. The ongoing debate between renting and buying a home puts many people looking to get out on their own into stasis longer than it should. While it is always a good idea to weigh out the options on both sides of a decision of this magnitude, the facts are that there are fewer long-term support stats FOR renting over buying. The latest data from the Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finances report gives another reason in the “pro” column to buy property over renting. The net worth of … (1 comments)

home buyer: Mortgage Rates Rise As Investors Pin Hopes On Budget And Tax Cuts - 10/21/17 05:16 AM

home buyer: Mortgage Rates Are Holding Steady - 08/05/17 07:24 AM

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