home purchase: Feds Are Flying Blind During Gov't Shutdown - 01/19/19 07:51 AM
Interest rates continue to benefit from a short-term economic environment, but this sweet spot will be short-lived.  Once the affects of the Washington stalemate and threat of China tariffs abate, rates will find their way back to where they were in the latter half of 2018, pushing 5%.  Those fortunate to find a home and enter into a purchase agreement have been able to lock into a 30 year fixed rate loan in the mid 4% range.  Take advantage folks, this surely won't last.

home purchase: The Boy Does Cry Wolf, But Winter 2019 May Be The Time To Buy - 01/12/19 04:23 AM
As sure as the Holidays pass, and father time swipes the clock to the new year, Realtors will begin touting that winter is the best time of the year, not only to buy a home, but to sell as well.  The mantra goes, there is less inventory, so a would be home seller has less competition.  Conversely, most people like to purchase during the spring and summer months, so there is less competitive bidding to purchase.  While there is merit to this logic, mortgage interest rates of late may actually lend credence to this line of reasoning.  
Often times, interest rate markets will move up … (0 comments)

home purchase: Will Rising Rates Threaten Home Price Gains - 02/02/18 06:17 AM
The following is the latest analysis written by our head of capital markets.  The primary takeaway is we are squarely in a rising rate environment.  Our projection for 2018 is for rates to top out in the high 4% range, while these levels will remain supportive of the housing market, it will certainly put a damper on future price gains.  If you are seriously in the market to purchase a home, then the time is now, we anticipate the most servere rate increases in the middle and second half of the year.  The good news is you should be able to … (0 comments)

home purchase: Little Rocket Man A Frenemy To Mortgage Rates While Feds Taper Assets - 09/23/17 06:17 AM
 George DeVine is a residential mortgage banker and the RI branch manager with Atlantic Home Loans.  George  has nearly thirty year's experience in the business and would welcome a call or email if you're looking for expert consultation for your next real estate purchase.  gdevine@goahl.com 401 301 0130.

home purchase: Mortgage Rate Update - 07/02/17 04:55 AM

home purchase: FHA 203k Mortgage Provides A Unique Opportunity For First Time Buyers - 01/18/17 06:05 AM
FHA 203(k) loans fill a unique and important need for home-buyers. Mortgage lenders will not finance a house in need of substantial repairs, FHA offers a solution that helps both borrowers and lenders, insuring a single, long term, fixed or adjustable rate loan that covers both the purchase and rehabilitation of a property. 
I'll be candid, FHA 203k loans can be a very tedious and time consuming process, however real estate professionals and potential homebuyers shouldn't shy away from the unique and vital advantages this program has to offer.  Take the time to find an experienced lender who can guide you through the process and you … (1 comments)

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home purchase: Mortgage Interest Rates Creep Higher, Housing Market Is On Fire - 07/22/16 07:39 PM


home purchase: Global Events Are Keeping Mortgage Interest Rates At Record Lows - 07/15/16 07:43 PM

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