real estate assistant: Get The Help You Need For Your New Business With a Virtual Assistant - 08/23/09 09:26 PM
YOU’RE NOW OFFICIALLY A BUSINESS OWNER!!! What do those words mean to you? If you’re new at running your own business, CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve just taken a leap of faith that would cause most people to lose their lunch very quickly just mulling it over. However, if you’re one of the millions of business owners who have been “doing this” for a while, what do you think? Have you got a minute to spare? Probably not.
If you’ve taken that awesome leap of faith to start your own business, you do deserve congratulations. However, you may also need to start planning a … (2 comments)

real estate assistant: Virtual Assistants Are The Way of The Future - 08/20/09 06:44 AM
If you remember years ago, there was a television show that had robotic maids who did all the housework. Everyone had a flying car and all of the phones were built on video systems. That show was called “The Jetsons”. It was hugely popular and it had quite a promising outlook on the future. After all, if we were all running around in flying cars, maybe the highways wouldn’t be so congested and we wouldn’t have so many traffic accidents on a daily basis. Some of the predictions from the show may not have come true. However, some of the “concepts” … (1 comments)

real estate assistant: Protect Your Good Image With a Virtual Assistant - 08/19/09 06:58 AM
Today’s entrepreneur is loaded down with so much work it’s amazing they even eat. As a business owner it’s nearly impossible to keep track of your schedule, your clients needs and your sales volume all while trying to remember your next appointment’s name before you walk through their door. It’s no wonder today’s business owner is suffering as times and values are quickly changing.
Business owners just like yourself are finding innovative ways to manage their time between family and business life, but they’re often forgetting critical components of their business that can lead them to imminent failure. Today’s business owner … (0 comments)

real estate assistant: Get an Extra Set of Hands at Affordable Prices - 08/19/09 06:54 AM
Whenever you consider all the things that a business owner has to be responsible for during the day to day operations of running a business, it becomes amazing to contemplate the idea of doing it all yourself. You have to sell to customers, talk to vendors, process work orders, file papers, answer emails and clean out the trash cans in your office. With today’s work loads increasing ever so quickly, it’s amazing you can even think to remember food throughout the day. So what do you do when everything gets going and you need an extra pair of hands to help … (1 comments)

real estate assistant: 24/7 Virtual Assistants for Call Centers - 08/19/09 06:53 AM
Call centers and data processing centers are huge industries thriving on the increasing amount of information in demand. Customers want to have all the information about your products and services right now. They do not want to wait days or even hours for information. They want answers anytime of the day from anywhere in the world. Hence, the need for 24/7 call centers with global and local numbers began to rise. A virtual assistant is the perfect solution.
Data processing requires reporting and analyzing of consumer data. For example, generating invoices for the customers and issuing monthly statements. This requires technical … (0 comments)

real estate assistant: A Virtual Assistant is The Answer to Your Busy Season - 08/19/09 06:51 AM
Not all businesses need permanent, full time employees. There are busy times and slow times that every business experiences. During busy times they need extra manpower and help. You have two main options: paying overtime to employees, which can be really expensive; or hire temps. Temps can be good, but usually the training is hardly worth the time since you will only need them for a few weeks or maybe a few months. Plus, you have to pay someone to train the temps. Another option you might not have thought of, is hiring a remote assistant from 24/
These professionals are … (0 comments)

real estate assistant: 24/7 virtual assistant for online publication houses - 08/14/09 03:29 AM
Publication houses are very busy businesses. With the books and other publications going through series of processes. A writer comes up with the original ideas and a rough draft followed by few revisions and then the final draft. After that the editors fine-tune the contents and polish the information in the most presentable form. Editors are in great demand these days due to large amounts of website content required.
There may be an author in China who is capable of writing marvelous books or articles, but not too well versed in English. Such an author would require the services of a … (0 comments)

real estate assistant: Exceptional Help is Equals 24/ - 08/13/09 05:28 AM
Let us first explore the term “virtual assistant”, virtual, technically means ‘not in real life’ and assistant is someone who helps or assists. So a virtual assistant is someone who helps that does not really exist?!? No, not at all. A virtual assistant is a real live person, just not in your office. She is somewhere in her own home or office.
We all need assistance at our workplace or in our personal lives. A virtual assistant is the perfect solution. People are finding work by helping others over the Internet. The Internet has helped us cut the costs associated with … (0 comments)

real estate assistant: 24/7 Virtual Assistant is The Answer For Affordable Professional Work - 08/13/09 02:55 AM
Our company provides a dedicated assistant or a team of assistants, whatever your needs and requirements may be. The professionals provided by our company are highly trained and able to accomplish various kinds of tasks. One of the added bonuses of all the professionals at 24/7 Virtual Assistant is their ability to learn quickly. The team is trained to deal with stressful work with ease and efficiency. Just give your assistant clear and concise instructions to allow the professional to know your exact needs, the duties required and the type of work expected.
Your professional team can assist you with:
1. … (0 comments)

real estate assistant: Help for start up business - 08/10/09 03:24 AM
We all strive to pursue our dreams and our deepest desires. Many of us aim to start our own business and be our own boss rather than toiling away for someone else. Many of us wish to take responsibility of our destinies, whatever that may bring. But the key problem for any start up business can be the huge capital investment in space, manpower and other resources.
When we start up, though, we are sure about the success we will achieve. Now it is not easy to take on a lot of financial risks to begin with. Any affordable solutions for … (1 comments)

real estate assistant: Help Make Your Family Life More Enjoyable - 08/09/09 10:28 PM
Real help implies availability, accessibility, reachability and affordability in business and in your personal life. We all are given 24 hours in a day. Our current lifestyle is so hectic that we find it difficult to adjust our work and personal life during that time frame. We are running, and on the go, all the time, every where. At times our home and family suffers. Excessive work and stress is also one of the reasons of the increasing number of break ups and divorces in recent times. We are trying to fit ourselves into two different boats and we are not … (0 comments)

real estate assistant: 24/7 Help For Home Based Businesses - 08/09/09 10:27 PM
Rebeca has home based business. She is a freelance writer working for various publication houses. Working for two years she has earned the reputation of a professional writer and has recently started her on-line company offering writing solutions to publication houses. The workload has increased with the company going on-line, something she had not expected to happen in the very near future. She decided to seek help, since she was working from home it was kind of awkward for her to hire someone to come in to her home. Again there were issues of professionalism and delivery. She was in need … (0 comments)

real estate assistant: A Simple Visit to a Website Will Get You All The Help You Need - 08/05/09 03:07 AM
We have all been there when we just wish a Jeanie would pop up and do our chores. Take on the responsibility so that we can actually enjoy doing what we are doing rather than just dragging ourselves through another day. There are moments when you wish you were a machine so you wouldn’t get so tired and burned out. Maybe you just want to give up. Stop all of that strenuous work and live a life of ease. Now you can. With professional help from 24/7 Virtual Assistant.
Life is not simple; it requires hard work, determination and a passion … (2 comments)

real estate assistant: Get Help For Your On-line Business With A Virtual Assistant - 08/04/09 04:06 AM
On-line business is for people who do not want to make  huge capital investments in buying a physical location and limiting themselves to a specific market. The Internet provides us with the option of starting a business with very little capital investment in terms of location, space and even employees. If you have an on-line business and you are already saving on major capital expenditures, then why invest in man power and pay them 40 hours a week when they actually only perform for 25? Whether your on-line business is owning a portal, a service website or an information content website, … (0 comments)

real estate assistant: 24/7 Help All The Time Any Time - 08/03/09 09:33 AM
We are living in a lightning fast age. We want everything to be available and accessible all the time and hence the concept of 24/7 customer service, 7/11 stores, all night shopping, drug stores to name a few. Recently I saw an advertisement for an Internet company, which read “Impatience is the new life”. The gist behind the advertisement was the speed and availability that we all seek in our life. And this goes both for our professional and personal life.
Companies like 24/7 Virtual Assistant, who are able to provide multi access channels and anytime contact, are winning accolades from … (0 comments)

real estate assistant: Wouldn’t That be Great if we Were Super Humans - 07/31/09 07:15 AM
Who exactly is a Superhuman? A super human is some one who can do everything on his or her own without any help. We have seen in movies that a superhero is capable of achieving things, which are difficult for a normal human being. A super hero is multi-tasking and intelligent enough to do anything and everything. Many people believe the virtual assistant s at 24/7 Virtual Assistant are super humans. If we were all super humans we would not require any help at all, because then we all would be self-sufficient people.
But alas! That is not the case, we … (0 comments)

real estate assistant: It is Easy to Get Help - 07/30/09 09:08 AM
Entrepreneurs who have just started their business need affordable help. The professionals at 24/7 Virtual Assistant are the perfect choice. They can lend a helping help with minimum monthly costs. Effectively making life lot more easy. They offer professional help for single employers, single mothers, businesses overloaded with work and for people who work from home.  Help for anyone that has a passion for what they are doing and want to excel and enhance their business prospects but are too tied up with the little things.
To help all such people 24/7 virtual assistants are there, twenty four days a week, … (0 comments)

real estate assistant: Virtual Assistant to Expand Your Business - 07/28/09 06:10 AM
I have a very interesting personal story to share, which I believe will be an eye opener for sole proprietors.
I am a sole proprietor of a consultancy firm and my business development mostly takes place through the Internet by bidding on various websites. Being the service provider, business developer and the communicator, things tended to pile up on me. I had no time to give the full and needed attention to any of my obligations. I was juggling from one task to another and, being a perfectionist, I had no other choice but to cut down my client base so … (0 comments)

real estate assistant: Live in The Digital Age – Get a Virtual Assistant - 07/28/09 06:08 AM
Almost every boss has an assistant and most of the assistants are expected to be accessible all the time. Multi-tasking things for their boss such as making reservations, planning trips, responding to clients through email or phone, scheduling meetings and events, making payments, taking care of petty cash to name a few. These tasks can vary depending on the job profile and industry but basically, an assistant is someone who can add that additional help. Someone to keep his or her boss on track. With traditional assistants there can be issues on the human level. Plus there may be times when … (0 comments)

real estate assistant: Achieve Your Goals Faster And Easier With a Virtual Assistant - 07/28/09 06:07 AM
Virtual assistants are helping business owners reach their goals faster and easier worldwide. Hiring a virtual assistant is a huge stress reliever. Leaving you more time to focus on your business, freeing up valuable time to take on new business, or spend with your family. The highly skilled professionals at 24/7 Virtual Assistant don’t need weeks or months of training. Just send them a task and they will complete it quickly and accurately.
With a virtual assistant you get all the benefits of a personal, in office assistant, without the expense. Saving you more than half since you don’t pay taxes, … (0 comments)


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