postage rates: REMINDER about Postage Rate Hike - Postage Rates ROSE AGAIN on May 11, 2009! - 05/14/09 03:55 AM
Just a reminder to our friends, families and clients that POSTAGE RATES ARE ON THE RISE...AGAIN!

As of Monday, May 11, 2009, rates went up to:
44¢ for a first-class letter (up from 42¢) 28¢ for a regular postcard (up from 27¢) For more information about other rates, you can visit
Plan now to save that stamp - set up online bill pay through your bank, credit card websites and utilities companies. Consider emailing newsletters and photos to your friends, families and clients - use websites like Constant Contact,, and Facebook.
And if you simply must use stamps, save yourself … (1 comments)

postage rates: Postage Rates on the Rise...Again | Postage Prices Going Up Again on May 11, 2009 - 04/21/09 12:19 PM
Just when you thought you were getting your finances in order, tightening your belt in this shifting economy and getting your budget under control...
The U.S. Post Office is raising their rates...again.
As of May 11, 2009, it will cost another 2¢ more to mail a regular first class letter (up to 44¢ from 42¢) and 1¢ more to mail a regular-sized postcard (up to 28¢ from 27¢). The last postage hike was on May 12, 2008. (For other rate increases in detail, you can visit
Plan ahead now - order your 1¢ and 2¢ stamps so that you can … (3 comments)

postage rates: Buy the "Forever Stamp" By May 12, 2008 to Remain Immune to Rising Postal Rates! - 05/09/08 03:13 AM
With postage rates rising again (see our previous blog, Stamps Go Up Another Penny, on the new rates!), the U.S. Post Office has devised a clever solution for those who wish to remain immune, at least temporarily, to the rising rates.
The solution: The Forever Stamp
Being sold until May 12, 2008, the day the new rates go into effect, the Forever Stamp costs just 41¢, even as rates rise to 42¢.
So if you send a lot of mail -- or simply want to hold onto the 41¢ rate for a little longer -- the Forever Stamp may be for you. … (0 comments)

postage rates: Stamps Go Up Another Penny on May 12, 2008! And Have You Heard About the New "Forever Stamp"? - 05/09/08 03:12 AM

The United States Post Office has done it again! Postage rates once again go up on Monday, May 12, 2008.
Make a note that as of Monday, May 12, the new postage rates will be:
First-class letter (1 oz.) - 42¢First-class letter (2 oz.) - 59¢Postcard - 27¢First-class mail, large envelope (2 oz.) - $1.00Certified mail - $2.70First-class mail international - to Canada and Mexico (1 oz.) - 72¢First-class mail international to all other countries (1 oz.) - 94¢
Don't let a birthday card be late or get penalized for arriving after the due date, simply because of lack of correct … (0 comments)

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