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Turns out these beautiful lighted domes featured in all the ads and newspaper articles are just a figment of Smiling Earths imagination.  There will be two 100 foot tall domes but they will be just regular old concrete form domes.  The 320 million gallon plant has been approved but the owners hav...
Willet Hall has stood the test of time since 1955 (a good year since I was born that year).  Now that many world class talents have passed through the halls, it may me history.  The 1,924 venue was recently used as Hunt-Mapp Middle School.  The city is looking into spending roughly $6 million dol...
Just in time for Halloween the spiders are haunting my front garden.  This is a much colorful image when full size.
I was playing with my new camera when I spotted what looked like a wet spot on my wall.  I looked at the spot on the wall but couldn't see it.  So I went closer and spotted a cobweb.  I guess the camera picked it up as a shadow.  Now when I look for cobwebs I just take pictures of the ceilings an...
A couple of goods of rains is what we needed.  It won't cure the draught in Hampton Roads but it will help fill up some resiviors in the area.  The threat of wildfires will go down as well with this last bit of rain.  Monthly rain averages have been down since last November and the area is still ...
Rear Adm. Matthew Nathan has assumed command of the Portsmouth Naval Medical Center.  Nathan has a nack for service as at one of his last commands the facility earned the highest patient satisfaction ratings of any medium sized hospital in the system.  Nathan can't complain of conditions at the h...
South Hill residents aren't sure but some want to move and the $5 million dollars the plant has provided should help some of those residents.  It may not be enough to move all the residents but some don't want to move anyway.  I am thinking ten years from now when they are by themselves they may ...
There is an upside to the current drought if only temporary.  The Chespeake Bay is a bit cleaner thanks to no runoff from the waterways.  Most of the pollution comes from runoff.  No rain, no runoff.  The runoff causes two problems.  One is the muddy sediments that cloud the water, shallow it and...
First its' no cursing, blocking intersections, no feeding the birds, no watering and now its no smoking.  Norfolk city council is the first in the state to ask for a ban on smoking in restaurants.  The city of Virginia Beach is expected to follow.  Guess we are in some kind of a health crisis.  S...
Anyone have a good fax to email service.  I am looking for a service that can take a fax from my fax machine and turn it into an email attachement as well as one that will let someone else send a fax to email.  I also need to be able to send the fax from my computer.I have looked online but I can...

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