chesapeake: 811 Anyone? - 10/27/11 03:40 AM
You know 411, 911 but do you know 811?  I bet the person that puts your real estate sign posts in the yards around Chesapeake knows 811.  811 is a Virginia statewide number for anyone getting ready to do any type of excavation on their property.  It is commonly known as Miss Utility.  Once you call they will come out and mark your utility lines so you don't have a mishap.  Some cable and phone lines are just several inches under ground and it doesn't take much to dig them up. 
Somewhere around 70,000 incidents nationwide were the results of someone … (0 comments)

chesapeake: Hampton Roads #5 of 50 for Working Mothers - 10/18/11 02:37 AM
Forbes magazine has ranked Hampton Roads #5 of 50 metropolitan areas for working mothers.  Hampton Roads includes Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Hampton and Newport News. The criteria was varied but includes such things as number of physicians, school-district-per-pupil expenditures and violent crime rates as reported by the FBI.
A steady paycheck is nice but included in the criteria was a healthy employment rate, safety, health care and education.  I don't think they included weather in the criteria because Buffalo-Niagra was #1.
Richmond was seventh and D.C. was 9th.  Raleigh, N.C. was 41st and Jacksonville, Fl was 37th (the Navy wants … (0 comments)

chesapeake: Are You Selling A Home With At Least One Major Health Risk in Chesapeake? - 12/05/09 10:16 AM
Are you selling a home with at least one major health risk in Chesapeake?  To find out read the following information.  I found it very insiteful and sensible.
New research from the National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH), says that the majority of U.S. families (67%) live in a home with at least one major health risk.
Adults 18 and older were recently surveyed by NCHH to gauge their levels of awareness of the common health and safety hazards found in many homes. The results reveal that although most people realize serious health problems may result from the way their homes are … (0 comments)

chesapeake: Texting From Santa - 12/03/09 08:15 AM
I have heard of everything now.  The santa at the Greenbrier Mall in Chesapeake will text your kids for you Xmas eve.  For $5,49 you can order a package of three texts to arrive before Xmas.  You can do that on the website at  For just .99 more, you can customize the text.  I can hardly wait for that. Come and see ALL the Homes for Sale in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, as well as the rest of Hampton Roads. This site is updated daily with new real estate listings, pictures and other information vital to your home … (0 comments)

chesapeake: Cheasapeake worries about new Beach Hospital - 01/31/09 12:16 AM
The Chesapeake Regional Medical Center is objecting to a joint hospital proposed in Virginia Beach by Sentara and Bon Secours.  The hospital will be located by the amphitheatre and will be a 200 bed facility.  Sentara has already been approved for a 120 bed facility but Bon Secours wants to add 80 beds.  The hospital will just carry the Sentara name. 
Chesapeake officials are worried because they think that the hospital will impact them and damage competition.  Fully 18% of hospital admmissions come from Virginia Beach as well as 10% of outpatient procedures.  The Sentara system is a powerful draw because … (0 comments)

chesapeake: Emergency Beacons for Boaters Going Digital - 01/21/09 01:14 PM
For all you boaters in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Portsmouth, here is some good information.  Along with our tv transmissions going digital soon so are the Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRB) for boaters are going digital on Feb 1.  The coast guard along with other rescue personal will only respond to digital 406-MHZ beacons.  The digital beacons are 50 times more powerful then the analog ones.  Satellites will be able to track the beacon to 100 yards while at the same time the beacons will not give false positives meaning the coast guard will be on station quicker.  
The beacons must … (0 comments)

chesapeake: Elbow Road? - 01/03/09 08:25 AM
Ever heard of it.  Of course if you live in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake you have.  It is one of those curvy, windy, narrow, dark, twisty roads that goes from improved to down into the swamp to the farmland in Chesapeake.  It is also the site of many a crash in the area.  Of course the cities don't want to spend the money to improve it because they still think that the Southeastern Expressway will be built.  That road is already obselete and it hasn't even been built.  Virginia Beach has a plan for a part of its road but needs … (3 comments)

chesapeake: Another Casuality Of Short Sale/Foreclosures - 11/24/08 10:39 AM
I was reading in our local paper, the Virginian Pilot, that the utility companies are having an unexpected drop in electricity consumption.  Utilities like Dominion Power are forecasting a 1 to 2 percent increase in power consumption and are setting up to meet that demand.  Remember, the infrastructure can take years to put into place and it has to be forecast ahead of time.  If they are wrong then the companies and ultimately the consumer pays dearly. 
For the first time, power companies are seeing up to a 3 percent drop in consumption to homes.  The analysts are at a loss … (0 comments)

chesapeake: Schools Emergency Phone Service Upgraded - 10/02/08 09:02 AM
Chesapeake is upgrading the school systems emergency alert system.  The old system used the schools own lines and sometimes it took days to get the word out.  Not much of an "emergency" system but is was all they had.  Now they have contracted with "SchoolMessenger" and they can make up to 40,000 calls in 30 minutes.  Try that on your Black Berry.  A parent can have up to three phone numbers in the system and you are automatically enrolled when your child is enrolled in school.  Come and see ALL the Homes for Sale in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, as … (1 comments)

chesapeake: 18 Million Dollar Bike Path To Now Where - 09/24/08 06:46 AM
I wrote a post recently about a bike path for the new Dominion Blvd widening project in Chesapeake.  Well now the project has grown and that makes the bike path more expensive by $2 million dollars.  We are talking about 6,000 feet of bike path.  To the cities credit, they are trying to reduce the cost without doing away with the bike path which the state won't let happen anyway.  Stay tuned and we will see if it goes any higher. Come and see ALL the Homes for Sale in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, as well as the rest of Hampton Roads. … (2 comments)

chesapeake: $16 Million Bike Path to Nowhere - 09/08/08 06:38 AM
Actually the bike path leads to somewhere but it is not the end of a rainbow but at that cost it should be.  Chesapeake is widening Dominion Blvd and the state requires a bike path be installed.  The cost is $16 million.  That seems like a lot of money but is only 4% of the total cost of the improvements.  The city had thought that it made the bike path go away earlier this year only to find it back this month.  As a bike rider myself, I like to see a nice path along a 55 mph road on which … (0 comments)

chesapeake: Number 85 Isn't All Bad - 08/09/08 09:18 AM
Where is the 85th best place to live in the country?  If guessed Chesapeake, VA then you would be correct.  This comes straight from Money magazine and they rate the top 100 cities in the nation.  Everyone knows Chesapeake is a great place to live and work and know the rest of the country knows it as well.  So if you have any one interested in our area, please be sure to mention this to them and send them my way. Come and see ALL the Homes for Sale in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, as well as the rest … (1 comments)

chesapeake: Profits Rise For Monarch - 07/19/08 11:54 AM
Monarch bank which is based in Chesapeake saw its second quarter earnings rise 18 percent, mostly from its mortgage-banking unit.  This is another local bank like Townebank in Portsmouth that we wish would keep being profitable in this down market. Come and see ALL the Homes for Sale in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, as well as the rest of Hampton Roads. This site is updated daily with new real estate listings, pictures and other information vital to your home search.
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chesapeake: Smog Protection Gone - 07/12/08 02:54 PM
Many people in Suffolk are feeling like they lost something.  They did.  The catalytic converters have been stolen from their cars by thieves in the night.  Apparently they can get up to $100 per converter for the precious metal inside.  Three people were recently arrested and had over 150 charges between Suffolk and Chesapeake.

chesapeake: Dollar Tree To Have New Rules - 06/21/08 02:14 PM
Shareholders for Dollar Tree, which is head quartered in Chesapeake, recently voted to to reorganize the board of directors into a single group that would be elected on a yearly basis.  The vote is nonbinding but should send a message.  Hopefully the board will listen.  Come and see ALL the Homes for Sale in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, as well as the rest of Hampton Roads.  This site is updated daily with new real estate listings, pictures and other information vital to your home search.
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chesapeake: Mold and Landlords - 06/07/08 06:13 AM
I was recently showing a rental in Chesapeake, Va and saw what I thought to be mold growing in the tub area.  This was maybe the fault of the tenant and possibly the landlord but it was not disclosed by the agent.  Our state requires a disclosure of "visible evidence of mold" as defined by as the existence of mold in the dwelling unit that is visible to the naked eye of the landlord or tenant at the time of the move-in-inspection.  I know it wasn't a move-in-inspection but if I was the property manager I would have made sure the … (0 comments)

chesapeake: South Hill To Benefit - 05/31/08 09:46 AM
The biodiesel plant that was going into South Hill in Chespeake is gone.  You would think the area would be the same or worse but it looks like the area may be better off.  The city still wants to relocate residents and that could be a good deal for prices.  The city needs put up a large block of property to make the the area viable as commercial property and buying up the homes there is one way to do it.  Come and see ALL the Homes for Sale in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, as well as the rest of … (0 comments)

chesapeake: CHUMBY To The Rescue - 05/12/08 12:17 PM
As my alarm goes off I have to have my fix of a picture of my grandchild with some music playing and the latest stock quotes coming across the screen.  The device that does all this is called the CHUMBY which is a computer encased in a leather pillow about the size of two fists.  It runs on the internet via wireless and is just full of widgets that you can get for it.  Go check out the site at   You may be pleasantly surprised at the cuteness of it.  Come and see ALL the Homes for Sale … (2 comments)

chesapeake: The Newest Chinese Import To Virginia Beach - 05/12/08 12:02 PM
The newest import to Virginia Beach is an oyster.  Actually about 100,000 of the critters.  You see the Lynnhaven River used to home to the most succulent and biggest oysters to be found most anywhere.  Several diseases have plagued the native oysters and the Chinese oyster looks to be the rivers salvation.  The Virginia Seafood Council is trying to introduce the species and make sure they can survive without introducing new disease's or other problems.  Along with providing jobs the oysters act as a natural filter for the river and filter out algae and other debris in the water.  This is … (0 comments)

chesapeake: RADAR VS HOTEL - 05/09/08 01:46 AM
You think you have problems building in your city?  Imagine if you have a Master Jet Base in the middle of the city.  Guess would what happen if Virginia Beach let a 207 foot hotel be built by the oceanfront?  The city has no problems, the Navy has no problems but according to the FAA there would be a blind spot preventing authorities from spotting some types of incoming missiles.  It is amazing that the city and the officials at NAS Oceana didn't know this could be a problem.  There have been several proposals to build hotels around the new convention … (1 comments)

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