houses: Workout Clothes Smelly? - 02/13/08 10:28 AM
This isn't a new real estate gadget but it might come in handy when trying to talk to someone at the gym.  Even when I wash my workout clothes, those new aged microfiber ones, they still seem to smell like me after a workout.  What I didn't know is that those wonderful little fibers trap bacteria and sweat.  Normal detergents can't get them out.  There is a new detergent called Win High Performance that uses oxidization to not only get that trapped stuff out but also rejuvenates the fabirc's moisture-wicking properties.  You should be able to find it at specialty sports … (1 comments)

houses: Hula Hoops Are Back - 02/13/08 08:42 AM
Not the newest but the newest thing in exercise.  Hula Hoops.  Who would figure.  You can go ask Paula Brown who hangs out at the corner of Cromwell Parkway and Granby St.  It is a common-sense approach to aerobics.  The newer hoops which are made for exercising are heavier than the original plastic hoops.  This gives you more of a good workout.  Come and see ALL the Homes for Sale in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, as well as the rest of Hampton Roads.  This site is updated daily with new real estate listings, pictures and other information vital to your home … (0 comments)

houses: Habitat For Humanity Approved - 02/13/08 08:30 AM
A stalled town-home proposal off I 264 in Virginia Beach has been approved.  The problem is because of the location.  The six town-home complex is in the 65-70 decibel noise zone around Oceana.  There is some concern about drainage there also.  The city had hoped to maybe transfer some different land with Habitat for Humanity but that didn't happen.  The council is trying to limit growth in that area to comply with the navies wishes.  Come and see ALL the Homes for Sale in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, as well as the rest of Hampton Roads.  This site is updated … (0 comments)

houses: PDF To JPG Converter - 02/13/08 12:03 AM
My wife asked me the other day to convert a PDF to JPG.  I told her it couldn't be done.  Today I get an email from CRS and they told me it could be done.  If you don't have this converter, here is a link to get it.  Way to cool.
PdfonFly is a pdf conversion service that allows you to convert you web pages and reports and images to adobe pdf files. At the moment we only offer valid urls of your html, asp, php, .Net, cgi, jsp pages and jpg / jpeg, gif, png files for conversion to pdf … (4 comments)

houses: MEDFICO - 02/12/08 12:06 PM
Look whos getting into the FICO business.  The health industry is creating its own score to judge your ability to pay.It is called the "medFICO score", and is being designed with the help of credit industry giant Fair Isaac Corp..  This new score could debut as early as this summer in some hospitals.Healthcare Analytics, a Waltham, Mass., health technology firm, is developing the score. It is backed by funding from Fair Isaac, of Minneapolis; Dallas-based Tenet Healthcare Corp.; and venture capital firm North Bridge Venture Partners, also based in Waltham. Between the two, they are spending in the range of $20 million for the … (0 comments)

houses: A Bird Tea Party - 02/12/08 10:56 AM
I was eating lunch today when I heard a racket outside.  It sounded like a bunch of people gathered around yakking.  My back yard is kind of private (on the 5th tee of the golf course) so I looked to see what was going on.  Apparently I was in the middle of a mass migration of birds.  Most were some type of black bird but there were hundreds of robins.  My local birds were there as well and weren't going to be run off.  The blue bird wasn't intimidated by anyone.  What a sight.
 Seven here.Robins plus my Blue Jay
Redwing Blackbird
Lots of … (12 comments)

houses: Open House and Buyers - 02/12/08 07:31 AM
I did four open houses in Virginia Beach the last two weekends on three different properties. I advertised the first weekend but not the second.  The first weekend was a single family home for $259k and a condo for $389k with a view of a marina (Harbour Point).  The single family home brought in one looker and the condo brought in 9.  I picked up a fairly good prospect.  The next weekend I did the condo again (with the view) and another one just a few blocks away.  The condo with the view brought in 7 more people (with a really … (1 comments)

houses: New and Improved Tour Comments? - 02/12/08 03:07 AM
I put my virtural tour up a few days ago and you all gave me some good advice.  I now have access to admin and I can input my information to the tour without having to go through the person who inputs them.  Please comment and let me know what you think.  I still need to work on the photos some but please give me advice on how you would take them.  Thanks in advance.
Click for tour  Come and see ALL the Homes for Sale in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, as well as the rest of Hampton Roads.  This site is … (0 comments)

houses: Photo Editing Comments? - 02/11/08 11:54 AM
I edited the first picture in photo shop.  Basically I took out the shadows and lightened the fence and the bushes in front.  I needed it to look more like the day then night.  I have been to this house at three different times of the day and can't get a decent shot because of the sun.  This is about the best.  The first picture is at 4:30 pm and the second was around 11 am.  I am thinking I need to go back around 5:30 or so.  The first picture is taken with a 16:9 ratio which is what you see … (13 comments)

houses: Truely Bank At Home - 02/10/08 02:23 AM
Did you know that the online banking service called CheckFree Corp. now has the technology to let you deposit your checks from HOME!!!.  My world has gotten smaller.  Thanks to software called Remote Deposit Capture, I can scan my check through my home computer and deposit it electronically.  If you bank on-line, and your bank allows, you are in.  Businesses have had it for a while but this is a first for computers.  If your bank doesn't have it, you need to start bothering them to get it.  Come and see ALL the Homes for Sale in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, as … (6 comments)

houses: Baseball Clinic to Come to Beach - 02/09/08 11:46 AM
Virginia Beach is poised to have a training facility and clinic backed by some major league ballplayers (B. J. Upton, Justin Upton, Tim Hummel and Michael Cuddyer) soon.  City Council is set to sell 10 acres off Landstown Rd to 7 Cities Development Company.  The company wants to open a clinic where baseball players with dreams of playing professionally can hone their skills.  It will be mostly a conditioning or agility facility and should draw young athletes from across the country.  If all goes well the facility should be open by years end.  Come and see ALL the Homes for Sale … (0 comments)

houses: Track Buyers With RFID - 02/08/08 11:05 AM
The technology is just about here and I am going to start franchising.  It's called "Buyer Track".  All you need is my RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) card.  The card goes with the buyer and you can track him wherever he goes.  Now you know which open house or new home site he went to.  You can tell which real estate office he is visiting and if he goes back several times you will know when he buys a house.  This is made possible by the use of active tags, which have internal batteries and transmit signals continually.  The signal is picked … (2 comments)

houses: First Virtual Tour-Please Comment - 02/08/08 10:31 AM
This is my first time.  I tried to be careful with the pictures.  I didn't make the tour one of the ladies in the office does.  It has some doubles in it.  I see some pictures need improved upon but any comments would be most welcome.  Thanks.  Come and see ALL the Homes for Sale in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, as well as the rest of Hampton Roads.  This site is updated daily with new real estate listings, pictures and other information vital to your home search.
Google gene allen

houses: Don't You Just Hate It When!!! - 02/07/08 01:57 PM
I just listed a nice home Suffolk, Va.  The house two down from mine was listed the day before.  I went in at $314,900 and the other was at $324,900.  Mine is smaller and not quite as nice but the other one is priced extremely competitively.  The day after I list mine, the other drops his price by $11,000 making mine look overpriced!!!.  Of course my seller can drop his price but he can't ever match the others price.  The difference is my seller bought in 2005 for $275,000 and the other seller bought new in 2002 for $189,000.  I JUST … (3 comments)

houses: 124 Mistral Terr, Suffolk, Va - 02/07/08 10:55 AM

houses: Hillpoint Farms - 02/07/08 08:22 AM
If you are into golf, then this is the place to be.
Home buyers looking for custom-built, spacious, upscale homes in a rural setting should be sure to check out Hillpoint Farms in Suffolk.
The community is located adjacent to Nansemond River Golf Club, and has been wonderfully built out by the developer.  The site also is close to the Nansemond River, which can be seen from some of the home's upper floors.
Hillpoint Farms will consist of the neighborhoods of Hillpoint Greens, Lake's Edge, Hillpoint Meadows, Fairways Crossing, The Vistas, and Hillpoint Woods Apartments.  These homes  lining Hillpoint Boulevard make up … (0 comments)

houses: Building Gone But Church Lives On - 02/06/08 11:12 AM
The Zion Baptist Church building was destroyed in a fire recently.  The building had stood since 1894 but other buildings had served the church since 1865.  Blacks had split off from the mother church for many reasons and was the first church owned in Portsmouth by blacks.  The church meets in an auditorium at the Sheriff's Academy at Randolph and Green streets.  The Rev. Thomas T. Shields thinks god doesn't want him to build a church building but to build ministries.  Come and see ALL the Homes for Sale in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, as well as the rest of Hampton Roads.  … (0 comments)

houses: Crisis Radio System On The Way - 02/06/08 10:59 AM
The department of Homeland Security recently granted the area money to set up a system for public safety responders to talk to one another.  I would have thought the region had that a long time ago but I was wrong.  The money, about $3.2 million to purchase radios, antenna sites and of course, training.  This system will also send data, so they can send maps and other needed data.  This is a great upgrade to the area and should be mandatory most everywhere else.  Come and see ALL the Homes for Sale in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, as well as the … (1 comments)

houses: New Meaning for "Cub Scout" - 02/06/08 10:51 AM
5 month old lion cubs, Granby and Neka, made their first public outing a few weeks ago.  I wasn't able to make it but was told that the rainy weather didn't stop the cubs from having a good time playing with each other.  Neka is the female and appears to be the more aggressive of the two.  She has been seen fighting her mom Zola, for food and tearing at the mane of her father Mramba.  I don't have any pictures but you can follow this link to the cub cam and if you are lucky you can watch from your computer screen.  … (0 comments)

houses: Suffolk's Next City Manager - 02/06/08 08:40 AM
No job application?  Wow that's pretty good but considering that Selena Cuffee-Glen has been with the city since 2005, maybe none was needed.  She won Vice Mayor Curtis Milteer over on a trip to New York.  City officials were trying to get the nations top three bond rating agencies to improve the cities outlook financially.  Cuffee-Glenn played an important role and two of the three agencies responded by withdrawing their "negative outlook".  Most everybody thought of her when Jim Johnson, the current city manager, announced his retirement.  There was talk of looking outside but sometimes it pays to promote from within.  Come … (0 comments)

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