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Mortgage and Lending - NMLS #216987, IL Lic. 031.0006220, WI Licensed. APMC NMLS #175656 - IL Lic 031.0006220/WI
Mortgage, Credit, Real Estate info, plus details and local info pertaining to New Lenox, the Lincoln-Way Area, Will County, the Greater Chicagoland area, Illinois and Wisconsin
  When Applying for Your Mortgage, It's "FATE and RATE" Most of the loan applicants I work with come to me already aware of the fact that their credit scores and credit history contribute to and affect the interest rate quote they will receive upon application for a mortgage ...   They also know ...
 NOW is the Perfect Time to Review Your Credit Below you'll find a weather report shared for the Chicagoland area just  recently ...  Rain and thunderstorms are expected today before Chicago temperatures plunge from the mid-40's to single digits ... It's well known that Chicagoland weather is not...
 Breaking Down Monthly Payment Estimates for Borrowers  When prospective borrowers first contact me, their main focus is often on the following 3 things ...   What their prospective total monthly housing expense will be   What money they'll need to buy/finance a home The chances of their being ap...
 What You DON'T Know CAN Hurt You When Applying For a Mortgage  Are you familiar with the saying, "What you don't know can't hurt you?"   According to the  "Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs", it's derived from the saying ... "So long as I know it not, it hurteth mee not" ... first seen in literature...
  Retirement Funds, 401K, & IRA Accounts: Their Use in Real Estate Purchases There are several ways buyers can "fund" their home or investment property purchase beyond those funds they've built up via their savings accounts ... As a potential home buyer, it's always important to discover and thor...
  Stay Calm and Take These Steps if You've Received a Mortgage Denial  Emotions play a big part in the home buying and financing processes.  In fact, an emotion (or two) may have provided most people the initial motivation to begin the process to buy in the first place ...   Emotions, such as cur...
  What You Need to Know About Credit FreezesWhen Buying a Home   Currently, I'm working with clients that had chosen ... prior to their mortgage application ... to place a Credit Freeze on their credit file and credit accounts ...They had decided to take that action after the discovery of 2017's ...
 This post offered by Joan Cox, Denver, Colorado focuses on a timely topic and trend taking place in many current real estate offers ... Home Buyers "Love Letters" to Sellers. As stated at the end of the YouTube presentation included, if you have questions regarding this practice ... or if more l...
  Mortgage Loan Borrowers Top 5 "Hiccups" & Mistakes "Wish Lists" are a hot topic for kids, no matter the time of the year.  Do you know any kid that doesn't have a list of things they're wishing for at the handy? Did you know that Loan Officers often have Wish Lists too?  I can tell you that I m...
 Student Loan Debt Solution Found via Fannie Mae's "Student Loan Cash-Out Refinance"   Mounting Student Loan debt has become a huge concern ...  This is true not only for individuals carrying student loan, but for GSE's (Government Sponsored Enterprises) like Fannie Mae that oversees and ensure m...

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