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Mortgage, Credit, Real Estate info, plus details and local info pertaining to New Lenox, the Lincoln-Way Area, Will County, the Greater Chicagoland area, Illinois and Wisconsin



  Saying Yes to that New Store Credit Card:  Can it Derail Your Dreams of Buying a Home?         My wife and mom went shopping together one day this last week.  Both have already started thinking about Christmas shopping.  Seems they're not alone.        If you've watched much TV over the past fe...
  Will Your Chicagoland Co-Signor Deliver Magic?      More and more often, the topic of co-signing on a Mortgage is being brought up both during my initial inquiries and Pre-Qualification conversations.  I'm peppered with questions regarding Mortgage co-signing from both hopeful recipients of the...
  The Modern Chicagoland Real Estate Transaction & Mortgage Process:  A Cast of Thousands           Hollywood is known for promoting its epic movies as having "a cast of thousands".  "Ben Hur", "The Ten Commandments", "Dances with Wolves", "Cleopatra" ... all are great examples of mega-movies tha...
George Souto, McCue Mortgage, Middletown, Connecticut does an excellent job of explaining the mortgage industry's thought process (and underwriting demands) for utilizing (and documention of) funds and monies for mortgage financing.  It's not true that just any money will do.  Rules apply.  A pap...
  Thanks for the Great Chicago Blackhawks Scrimmage!           Anyone that knows me very well, knows that I'm a full-blown sports addict.  Golf, baseball, football, basketball, hockey, tennis ... heck, even Bull Riding.  If they call it a sport, I'm probably a fan, participating, or watching it. ...
  Federal Reserve Announcement: Music to the Ears   The Federal Reserve's decision to forego a slow-down of bond-buying caught most by surprise yesterday. That included the Dow and the S&P. It was "music to the ears" ... as after the Fed announcement made by Fed Chair Ben Bernanke, both rocketed ...
  Mortgages:  Start Your Trip Early and Allow Yourself Enough Time to Arrive at Your Destination Safely        My wife and I took Sunday off and went for a drive. We decided to get to our destinations as quickly as possible and traveled the interstate.  Traffic wasn't terribly heavy and  moved al...
How Much are You Willing to Pay for that Poor Credit Score?      In a number of my past posts, I've talked of the importance of building and maintaining good Credit and Credit Scores.  In my post,  "Are YOU making your financial life harder than it needs to be?", I introduced the fact that many o...
  New Trend:  Rising Home Equity = Rising Divorce Rate        Equity and home values have recently begun rising again across America.  RealtyTrac® stated in its U.S. Home Equity & Underwater Report for September 2013, that ...          "8.3 million homeowners are either slightly underwater or sli...
  The Basics of Home Financing in 2013         Changes within the Mortgage Industry have occurred quickly and become a constant over the past few years.  Those of us that work within the Industry have gotten somewhat used to this fact.  For the public though, the outlook can be quite different.  ...

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