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Mortgage, Credit, Real Estate info, plus details and local info pertaining to New Lenox, the Lincoln-Way Area, Will County, the Greater Chicagoland area, Illinois and Wisconsin



  Is it the Right Time for You to Sell Your  Present Home & Buy the Next?        The final decision to refinance your existing Mortgage (or not), should be based on one simple thing ...         It must make good financial sense!       That decision is often times determined by the length of time ...
  In Today's Real Estate Appraisals: Info is King, Data is Available          In this automated day and age, a huge amount of real estate sales data is readily available to professionals ...         With a few clicks and the entry of a few parameters, a Real Estate Appraiser can create an instant...
   Calls from Unknown Cell Phone Numbers: Proceed with Caution!          Being in the real estate or mortgage business, it's not unusual to receive a phone call from unknown numbers.  Even numbers from other area codes, states, or countries.       This is especially true should you advertise or m...
  St. Jude Catholic Church, New Lenox, IL   Parish Mission Team Recycling Fundraiser           St. Jude Catholic Church in New Lenox, IL  is presently taking part in a recycling fundraiser that will help members raise money for mission trip expenses planned during the Spring and Summer of 2014.  ...
    Here's this week's news, information, and helpful articles I thought would be of interest and benefit to you ...   If you're like me, you've about had enough of winter and Mother Nature's dumping snow, snow, and more snow on us here in Chicagoland.    To help you mentally escape our recent ro...
  10 Tips for Constructing a New Home  in New Lenox and Chicagoland      No doubt about it.  The winter we've had in Chicagoland this year has been a long and challenging one.  Mother Nature dumped one more round of snow on us yesterday.   Yet, truth is, Spring isn't that far off.  It will defini...
I've Applied for a Mortgage:  What is Automated Underwriting?         If you've read much about Mortgage financing ... or talked to a Mortgage Lender lately, you've probably heard the term "Automated Underwriting" ...       This form of Underwriting, performed electronically by a computer, has be...
    5 Indicators Point to the Wisdom of Home Buying "Sooner than Later"        Today's news looks something like this ...   "Mortgage Rates Convincingly Higher,  Momentum Shifts"         Those headlines come fast on the heels of Interest Rates recently having taken a slight downward track over th...
    Here's this week's info, articles, & video I thought you'd find interesting and of benefit within your life and business ...   Homebuyers Get Break as Loan Rates Defy Fed Tapering: Mortgages ...   Ashley Underwood is taking advantage of the unexpected drop in mortgage rates by rushing to buy ...
  A Recipe for Disaster: Entering your Mortgage Transaction "Flying by the Seat of your Pants"           Have you ever heard the old saying "flying by the seat of your pants"?       I sense that's exactly what some of my potential clients are doing when they first talk to me about buying and fina...

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