activerain: YOU and ActiveRain have the Perfect Recipe for Helping Others Enjoy the Upcoming Holidays! - 10/16/12 05:45 AM
YOU and ActiveRain have the Perfect Recipe for Helping Others Enjoy the Upcoming Holidays!
     Recently, I wrote  a post regarding a recipe my wife considered life-changing.  The responses I received to that post, got me thinking.   That's always a dangerous thing ... 

     Well, I decided to take action on my thoughts and fired-off an email to  Kerrie Greenhalgh,  the Community Manager and "Go To" person at  ActiveRain.   Kerrie read my idea, expanded and improved upon it, and wrote me back within minutes of receiving my email.  Stand back, folks!   That woman is action … (182 comments)

activerain: Chicagoland Real Estate Professionals. Have you met these Chicagoland AR members? - 08/16/12 06:25 AM
Chicagoland Real Estate Professionals. Have you met these Chicagoland AR members?       Having been a Chamber of Commerce member and President in  Mokena, IL  for many years, I think the philosophy of "prosperity being shared by all" has firmly taken root in my psyche.  It may sound hokey, but I truly believe if my fellow  mortgage  and real estate industry professionals are doing well, I'm probably doing well too.  Their success spreads.  Prosperity breeds prosperity.  One builds upon another.        So trying to stick to this philosophy, I try to comment, link to, and promote the services … (12 comments)

activerain: You're OFFICIALLY Invited ... - 05/07/12 02:35 AM
You're OFFICIALLY Invited ... 
     Seems like I've read a real "rash" of posts lately regarding "visiting".  In person.  Via the internet.
     These posts have followed closely on the heels of the  ActiveRain  social media site's "meet-ups" that were held just a short while ago in many locations across the US and Canada. 

     Guess we bloggers (especially AR members) are just a friendly, out-going, social bunch!  Guess it also explains why we're in a people-business like real estate.
     But these recent posts, and their subsequent comments, … (12 comments)

activerain: Playing in the "Rain" in North Carolina - 05/03/12 03:11 AM
Playing in the "Rain" in North Carolina                Over the last week, I have been lucky enough to view some of the most beautiful places and sites our country has to offer.          My wife and I decided we were going to take some much-needed days off and just drive.  Enjoy, relax, and see what we could see.  Through modern technology, I stayed in-touch with my clients, referral partners, emails, and office ... and never skipped a beat.  (Thank you portable WiFi ... Fantastic!)         Marilyn and I headed southeast from Chicagoland towards … (21 comments)

activerain: It's the End of the Week! Friday's Lunchtime Musings and Introductions ... - 10/15/10 07:58 AM
     It's Friday ... and I'm ready for the weekend to start.  I suppose that gives some insight into the week I had this week.  Busy ... Busy ... Busy.  A little of everything.  Appointments, lots of file work, meetings, training sessions with new loan officers, hours of telephone calls and emailing, and of course ... some blogging and online time as well.
     Not that I'm complaining ... no sir or ma'am.  All of these things ... it's what my job is all about and exactly what I want to be doing.  This week it just seemed to come in … (7 comments)

activerain: Celebrating 100,000 Points In the Rain! A Shower of Fun! - 06/29/10 07:00 AM

     Today I am celebrating a milestone.  I have earned over 100,000 points here on ActiveRain writing as a representative of my business and services through Chicago Bancorp ... and promoter of my industry and geographical area!
     When I first started out here on the Rain, I thought those members with this number of points must be superhuman.  I just couldn't imagine having that much to offer or say ... or posting and being rewarded with those types of numbers.
     The possibility of other Rainmakers writing me back and being able to establish and grow the remarkable … (25 comments)

activerain: Not Only Can You Find New Friends and Contacts on ActiveRain, but you can find old friends and renew acquaintances too! - 09/18/09 03:54 AM
     As many do on AR, I read the articles and comments submitted here on a regular basis throughout the day as I find the time.  I consider it part of my "continuing education".  One I look forward to greatly.
     One of the many things that I have learned since I joined AR, is that I can gain great new friends from across the nation ... people I never would have met and established a relationship with otherwise, if not for AR and my participation within it.  I relish these new contacts and suspect I am not alone in … (7 comments)


Link to Reverse Mortgage Daily Rebuttal: 

activerain: More Story ... to the Story on Reverse Mortgages ... - 08/06/09 01:52 AM
      I've been inundated with responses, emails, calls, and conversations regarding the Reverse Mortgage posts on AR over the last couple of days.
Wow!  This is a topic that gets people talking!  Rightfully so, as it's important. 
     I had mentioned in my Reverse Mortgage post on AR that I was concerned about the tone displayed in the ConsumerReport's latest magazine article regarding this topic.  I wanted to clarify that I am typically a real CR fan and find its' reporting to be un-biased and fair. 
      On this particular topic though, I've sensed a little different "flavor".  Maybe their approach is a good thing … (2 comments)

activerain: First-Time Buyers Seminars ... - 04/27/09 11:13 AM
Through the years I have offered many First-Time Buyer Seminars.  I love doing them, as the excitement level of the attendees is high, infectious, and makes the seminar more fun.  Normally, the age of the buyer is that of someone younger as well, and as the dad of two sons in there 20's, I really enjoy working with someone around that age. 
I served as a coach for my sons basketball and baseball teams when they were younger, and hosting these seminars feels pretty much the same.  The participants share the same energy level and eagerness to learn, only now it's about buying a … (3 comments)

activerain: Seeing the Potential in Blogging - 03/20/09 04:34 AM

I'll admit it, I've been in the real estate industry for 30 years now.  I was not raised during a time where the technology was so advanced.  During my high school years, typing class utilized the state-of-the- art "selectric" typewriter.  We thought that was cutting-edge.  Because I've also always had the benefit of a wife that could type like lightening, my typing speed has never been top-notch or something to brag about.  I relied on her skills for the big things ... and slow and steady wins the race during my efforts.
I'll also admit, that having two sons has brought me … (2 comments)

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