lenders: This Message is So Important, it Bears Repeating - 11/15/18 02:17 PM
  This Message is So Important, it Bears Repeating    Home buying is often spoken of as an uphill, stressful challenge ...  

And while it's true that there's much to know and do during the mortgage process ... the following is also true:  
Buyers retain much of the control in determining how quickly and fluidly they navigate the process.
You ask, "how?"     Education and knowledge.     Simply, borrowers that gain a working knowledge of how the mortgage process works and progresses, know what will be expected of them, and stay engaged and utilize that knowledge ... help themselves immensely prior to and throughout their mortgage process.     That knowledge is powerful.  That knowledge helps … (38 comments)

lenders: Who's the Real Expert Here? The Buyer or the Appraiser? Part 1 ... - 09/06/11 09:34 AM

    Lately, it's become obvious to me ... the "so-called" un-ending oversupply of homes for sale, is not so ripe with great homes at great prices.  Not all homes are in tip-top shape, nor are they priced realistically or temptingly for today's current market or home buyers.
    It's also abundantly clear that those homes that ARE priced right and in good condition don't always get the consideration and respect they are due.  Sometimes by the buyers.  Other times by the appraisal professionals asked to appraise them.
      Here's a good example of the latter opinion:  I … (41 comments)

lenders: "Let the Sellers BEWARE" ... and Be AWARE. Playing Defense & Offense While Selling a Home - 10/11/10 03:02 PM
     "Let the Sellers Beware" ... and Be AWARE!
       Playing Defense & Offense While Selling a Home ...
     Huh? Beware?  Thought that was the Buyer!
    Not these days!  Agents, buyers, and sellers must know how to play DEFENSE and OFFENSE throughout a property transaction.  This "one-of-a-kind market" delivers much more for each of them to consider than ever before. 
    Prior to the present challenging market, sellers asked their agents, "What will I net in proceeds at the closing of my sale"? Now, more often the question is, "If I sell my home for less than I presently owe on my mortgage, what … (39 comments)

     Those thinking of buying a home need good solid sources of information to educate and assist them throughout their entire home buying transaction.  From the moment of the idea's conception through its completion, those two elements are all-important.  If you are a potential home buyer, you should have real estate professionals at your side throughout that entire process.  It should be one long tutorial and hand-holding session.
     Your home buying process and search cannot be started in earnest until a PRE-QUALIFICATION OF MORTGAGE is conducted by a mortgage professional.  In this present real estate market, that fact has never been … (7 comments)

lenders: Use of an Ugly ... Dirty ... Word on ActiveRain! - 07/06/10 11:00 AM

     Better get a big bar of Lifebuoy soap out and cover the children's ears ... I'm going to use an ugly ... dirty ... word!
     ARM!   See?   Told you it was going to be filthy!  
     ARM ... As in Adjustable-Rate Mortgage ... is probably one of the biggest, ugliest, and most dirty words in real estate over the last 4 to 6 years.  
     But, I'm here to tell you ... saying and using this word can be GOOD!  Keep an open mind now when I say this ... but it's not the ARM program itself that is so evil. 
     It … (18 comments)

lenders: Appraisals & the HVCC ... Are You Frustrated With the Current Hassles? - 06/22/10 06:34 AM

     Appraisal issues continue to be a problem for competing Lenders, Banks, and Mortgage Brokers.  I receive calls from Attorneys and Realtors ... even Borrowers themselves (after the loan has not closed through a competing lender), asking, "What can you do to help this situation"?  Currently, this is happening more often that you would think ... or like.
     I definitely do not mind receiving phone calls or pleas for assistance regarding this issue.  I'm always happy to have a chance to help and also grow my business.  And, this is a problem where I think I hold a definite edge over many … (33 comments)

lenders: Loan Modifications. Foreclosures. Short-sales. Credit Repair. Mortgage Applications. Heartbreak. All reasons to find and establish a relationship with an experienced, knowledgable preferred lender ... - 04/12/10 08:51 AM

     It doesn't take long to find and read through multiple heart-breaking and unsettling stories here on ActiveRain regarding the handling of lending transactions, loan modifications, foreclosures, short-sales, credit repair, mortgage applications, and more.  It's a sad fact, but true.
     It also doesn't take long to find and read comments left by agents and brokers on AR expressing their loyalty and thanks for the relationships and trust they have forged with their favorite preferred lenders ... proving the extreme importance of those relationships.  
     I focus this article on the buyers, newer agents, sellers, attorneys, etc. that have not yet found and established that … (5 comments)

lenders: Attention Buyers! This Is a 5-Alarm Alert! Attention! - 01/08/10 05:26 AM
     LOST tax credits + RISING Home  Prices + RISING Interest  Rates    
     This morning's market reports were up ... down ... up ... down ... all over the place.  If you have been paying attention and following these reports and media accounts, you already know that predictions are ...  rates are climbing and predicted to continue to do so.    
     If you are in need of cold hard facts regarding the financial loss you will suffer should you wait too … (9 comments)

lenders: Wouldn't You Like To Know How Healthy The Banks Are In Your Neighborhood? - 09/28/09 11:24 AM
Thank you so much to SarahGray Lamm, my AR fully-licensed, full time, residential Broker/Friend in North Carolina, for providing this valuable information.  I felt it very important that as many people view and have access to this info as possible ... so I asked for permission to re-blog the piece.  Sarah was gracious enough to allow me to do so.
The information contained within this article could prove extremely worthwhile to many across the nation.  Please pass the provided links on to those you think interested, or in need! 

We keep hearing there are more foreclosures coming and it's just common sense that those bad loans … (0 comments)

lenders: STOP THE PRESSES! "NO DOWNS" & "LOW DOWNS" FOUND ALIVE! - 05/28/09 01:12 PM



lenders: First-Time Home Buying ... Fulfilling the American Dream in Today's Market - 03/23/09 09:20 AM
The state of the nation's economy and current housing market is creating quite differing financial scenarios for some americans.  While many are suffering hardships or battling through mortgage mayhem, the very same issues they are facing are causing quite the opposite effect for others and opening up avenues of opportunity. 
Most areas of our country have seen prices of homes and property drop or level-off.  Although admittedly  harder to obtain than in the past because of the financial credit crisis and more stringent guidelines, mortgages are available for those that have a reasonable amount of debt, have good credit scores, and are and have been employed for a set period … (0 comments)

lenders: Forget the Rules of the Past ... It's a Brand New Ball Game! - 03/16/09 08:26 AM
With the onset of better weather, there seems to be a renewed buying interest.  Other incentives, such as more affordable housing prices (especially for first-time buyers), economic stimulus measures (the Fed's income tax credit that can be up to $8,000 for qualified buyers), interest rates hovering in the 5% to 5.5% range, and seller's, banks, and lenders willingness (and neediness) to get homes sold, have also contributed to this upswing in recent activity.  The last area mentioned here ... sellers of all types ... is where I wish to focus your attention.  
During conversations with both realtors and prospective home buyers I have heard the lament, "Banks, FHA, Fannie/Freddie, HUD, and sellers will … (0 comments)

lenders: The Convenience of Modern Technology Regarding Mortgages - 03/09/09 09:43 AM
Especially in today's present economic environment, it's crucial that a lender has the information and tools on hand to educate and enlighten the public regarding credit, debt management, lending and mortgage planning.  Technology and the internet provide important support to this endeavor, with personal websites being almost a "must-have" for the communications now required and demanded by consumers.
Having been in the mortgage industry pre-technology, and now enjoying the benefits that those modern technologies offer, I can say that the speed, efficiency and convenience with which I can provide service to my customers versus the past has vastly improved.  You can work almost anywhere anymore.  Responses to inquiries are virtually instantaneous and information … (3 comments)

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