mortgage lender: Your Mortgage Menu. Your Health Dictates What Choices You Have - 07/06/12 02:48 AM
Your Mortgage Menu.
Your Health Dictates
What Choices You Have
     Yesterday, I wrote a post regarding the possible re-emergence of  3% down, Mortgage Insurance-related mortgage products and their once again becoming an option for home buyers.
     As I thought it would, it opened-up some discussion about small down payment requirements and the wisdom of exercising them.  Personally, I feel this option, now being considered for re-introduction into the mortgage market, is much like any other financing option.  It's an option open for exploration. 
     I believe the final decision regarding its use should be ... and will be dictated by the individual home … (13 comments)

mortgage lender: Winds of Change are Blowing Again Regarding Mortgage Insurance - 07/05/12 05:05 AM
Winds of Change are Blowing Again Regarding Mortgage Insurance                               Winds of change are constantly blowing through the Real Estate Financing business ...               At least the latest, and new notice regarding the costs of mortgage insurance  is "at our backs" instead of a head-wind.         We all know that  FHA  has been forced to bump-up the cost of mortgage insurance recently.  As a result, we've seen a surge of 95%  Loan-to-Value  (5% Down Payment)  Conventional Financing  deals come our way.         Now we are hearing that … (18 comments)

mortgage lender: Sometimes the Message IS Obvious and the Time to Buy IS Right ... - 08/02/11 02:34 PM
     In a recent blog, "My Best Summer Crop?  Potential Home Buyers with Newly-Approvable Credit", I wrote ...
     "So while some others, perhaps more immediately credit-worthy future home buyers, were eyeing-up the market ... playing the waiting game ... hoping that prices would drop further ... playing Russian-roulette with interest rates ... these "near miss" buying hopefuls were making pro-active strides to get their credit spruced-up and raise their credit scores".        Fence-sitting potential home buyers.  Is that you?        Fence-sitting potential home buyers.  If you're a real estate professional, do you recognize the description and have a few … (6 comments)

mortgage lender: CONDOMINIUMS: Love 'em or Leave 'em. Views From the Differing Angles ... - 07/24/11 11:43 AM
Condos:  Love 'em or Leave 'em
Viewing Condominiums From the Differing Angles:  
Buyer, Seller, Condominium Association, Lender, Appraiser
     For Buyers:  Condominiums can be a great way to participate in the American Dream of Home Ownership.  Buying a condominium ends throwing away money on rent.
     Condominiums allow first-time home buyers an affordable  entrance into the housing market that a single-family residence might not.  Yet, it offers them a lifestyle that eliminates maintenance of landscaping and property exteriors. 
     Condominiums can provide that intermediate entrance into owning property and one where they can learn the "art of home ownership".  They can dip their … (9 comments)

mortgage lender: YOU asked the question. I answered it: How do I get a condominium (project) approved for FHA lending? - 06/14/11 03:58 AM
       I was recently asked via my Facebook page ...
     “How do you get a condominium approved for FHA (Federal Housing Administration) lending?” 
     It’s a great question … and one that is very timely, given the present challenging condominium market in our Chicagoland area and much of the country.  I’ll try to keep the explanation as brief as possible, but please bear with me. (Answer will be found on Facebook as well).        But before proceeding with my answer, I suggest that  (especially if interested in pursuing this action for any reason)  you first familiarize yourself with … (9 comments)

mortgage lender: Today's Mortgage Lesson: The Three R's ... Rumors, Reminder, 'Rithmetic - 06/01/11 07:06 AM
         Today, I want to address 3 things that seem to crop-up frequently when working with home buyers ... and that's ...
           Rumors, Reminders, & 'Rithmetic!                 Rumors first, as I believe misconceptions and untruths can scare potential home buyers from searching out the facts.       The rumor I hear most often concerns the need for down payment.  So many potential home buyers (especially first-time buyers) believe that you must have 20% down to buy a home.  That's just not true!        There are multiple programs that allow for smaller down payments.  Some are:  USDA Rural … (11 comments)

mortgage lender: I'm Flaming Red! Have you seen the new Google service being launched in regards to seeking a mortgage? - 05/23/11 07:22 AM
     I sincerely thought about doing this entire post in FLAMING RED.  That's how frustrated ... how upset I was ... how close to flames ... after reading and viewing a video about a new Google service being launched regarding mortgage and financial services.    
     Attached you will find that link to the video I speak of.  As a mortgage lender, this new service they are promoting to potential home buyers alarms me greatly.  It totally undercuts the important messages that I am personally trying to get across to my clients and potential clients.
     In this day and age ... after … (95 comments)

mortgage lender: Searching for Mortgage Costs That Won't Weigh You Down? - 05/18/11 04:49 AM

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mortgage lender: Searching For Your New Home Alone? Really? Think it Over ... Pt. 1 - 05/11/11 01:08 PM
Searching For Your New Home Alone?  Really?  Think it Over ... Pt. 1                     Are you presently contemplating ... or actively seeking ... a new home to buy?  If so, you are not alone ...        An article offered on May 5th, 2011 on (written by Annamaria Andriotis) states that the above is indeed true.  More Americans ARE presently out looking for homes to purchase. YOU are not alone in your housing search.             But the article goes on to state that you may also be a portion of another growing statistic ... homebuyers actively searching for their new home … (2 comments)

mortgage lender: Remember the Song From Sesame Street ... "One of These Things Is NOT Like the Other"? Is This YOU or YOUR Real Estate Professional? - 03/10/11 08:23 AM
Remember the song from Sesame Street, "One of These Things is NOT Like the Other"?  The song was trying to teach a valuable lesson.  There ARE differences between things ... between people.
Well, let's face it ... in the world of mortgage lending, there are few real mortgage program differences that separate service providers.  Yes, it is a fact that there are some lending institutions and lenders that can offer a handful of financing programs that others may not ... or "twists" on these programs.  Those differences are important to be aware of and know. 
But it's my contention … (2 comments)

mortgage lender: With Current Interest Rates This LOW .. Do Yourself a Favor and Make the Call! - 07/01/10 07:54 AM
     The headlines of an Associated Press article found on MSNBC.COM this morning shouted "MORTGAGE RATES AT LOWEST IN FIVE DECADES".  This article reported that the last time we saw rates this good was in the 1950's.
      But also reported within the article?   Low rates are still not causing much of a stir amongst consumers.  They're just not taking action. 
      I am here to make the plea to all current homeowners ... or those thinking of entering the housing market for the first time ...
        If you currently own a home … (11 comments)

mortgage lender: Thinking of Buying, Selling, or Refinancing a Home? Better Be Prepared To Do Your Homework! - 06/04/10 12:35 PM
     The majority of buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals across much of America are facing real obstacles when working towards property sales.  The real estate market and the art of closing transactions has been extremely challenging as of late ... and it doesn't look like it's taking a breather from that anytime real soon.  The good ol' days and ways of closing properties are gone and over!
     My experiences and observations tell me that if you are someone considering Selling, Buying, or Refinancing a home today ... you better do some real hardcore homework and preparation PRIOR to your home search and/or … (2 comments)

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