real estate advice: Be Prepared & Safe for the Coming Winter: Perform These Chicagoland Fall Home Maintenance Measures Now - 09/25/19 02:20 PM
Be Prepared & Safe for the Coming Winter:
Perform These Chicagoland
Fall Home Maintenance Measures Now
Seems like we were just talking about the beginning of warm weather and summer pursuits ... 
But here we are ... already putting pumpkins, cornstalks, and fall mums out to decorate our homes.  
Yes, it's hard to believe, but Fall has officially arrived and colder temperatures can't be too far behind.

That, of course, means that fall maintenance chores should be done.  And whether a personal residence or an investment property, there's plenty to do.  Performing fall maintenance chores now will prevent breakdowns, damage, or discomfort during the harsher, colder weather … (6 comments)

real estate advice: Missing: Common Sense and Logic - 02/14/17 12:47 PM
Missing: Common Sense and Logic
 Some Home Buying Transactions Just Defy Logic ...   A call I received from a client a short while back literally left me speechless.  As my 6-year-old granddaughter would say, "there was nothin' but crickets" ...  My client had questions regarding their mortgage (already in process).  There was nothing alarming about our exchange ... that is, right up to the point where I mentioned it was the time in their processing to order their Appraisal.  That's when my client said ... "We need to hold off on doing the Appraisal, per my Agent". Uh oh ... Of course I asked, "Why?"  Their reply ... "Well, I've been doing … (56 comments)

real estate advice: O Say Can You See ... and Read Your House Numbers? - 05/10/16 05:47 AM
O Say Can You See ...   and Read Your House Numbers?     
     Over the last year, I've been lucky enough to work with some great clients.  And quite a few of them added to their family via the birth of a new baby ... or even two.  Yep .. twins!     
     For those with new babies, Mother's Day has a special meaning.  I thought that's worth noting and celebrating in a special way.  So my wife puts together some gifts for our new moms and we deliver them to their door.  
     We've done something similar on other life occasions in the past, … (29 comments)

real estate advice: Interest Rates Rumored to Rise Soon. What To Do to Save Yourself Money NOW - 11/17/15 04:51 AM
Interest Rates Rumored to Rise Soon.
What To Do to Save Yourself Money NOW
     While many Economists, Banks, and Lenders are now assuming (and reporting) that there will be a rise in interest rates in the near future, that assumption is at best, an educated guess ...  

     A rise in interest rates has been predicted for quite a while now.  Yet, it's not happened to this point (at least from the standpoint of the Federal Reserve Bank)...

     That fact could be viewed as somewhat of a financial "gift" ... as lower rates have allowed many to get more financially … (24 comments)

real estate advice: Halloween Treats for Your Business - Oct. 29, 2015 Newsletter - 10/29/15 04:42 AM


real estate advice: Buying a Home After Extenuating Circumstances: Get Started Early - 10/05/15 05:09 AM
Buying a Home After Extenuating Circumstances: 
Get Started Early     
     Presently there are many people that previously suffered a Short Sale, Bankruptcy, or Foreclosure during the housing crisis becoming eligible to purchase a home once again ...

     The waiting periods surrounding each financial hardship varies, depending upon the mortgage program being utilized for the new purchase.  
     The waiting periods can range from:

     2 years (Conventional Loans AFTER Extenuating Circumstances)  2 years for VA Loans  3 Years for FHA Loans    year ... if meeting FHA's Back-To-Work Program Parameters (extremely rare cases) … (51 comments)

real estate advice: How to ROCK the Rest of your August - Gene Mundt, Chicagoland Mortgage Lender Newsletter - 08/11/15 07:07 AM
How to ROCK the Rest of your August
Gene Mundt, Chicagoland Mortgage Lender Newsletter

Hard to believe!  We're already in the middle of August and School and Fall are just around the corner again. That means time is of the essence if you hope to tackle and complete some "end of Summer" tasks. 
I've included:  Timely ideas, tips, and reminders below. All will help you "rock" the rest of August and help prepare you, your finances, your family, and home for Fall. 
Don't be shy ... when it comes to sharing this info. Pass it on (along with my name and contact info) to anyone you … (14 comments)

real estate advice: In the Mortgage Process? Follow These 10 Commandments - 02/02/15 05:36 AM
In the Mortgage Process?
Follow These 10 Commandments
       There's an abundance of info available for Home Buyers looking to be Pre-Qualified and Pre-Approved for a Mortgage.  And that's great ...   
     Gaining financing info is the first step towards successful home buying ... and perhaps the most crucial. 
     Let's face it.  The majority of home purchases today depend on it.              But what are some of the things that you as a Buyer should be aware of and concerned about while your loan is being processed?         How … (44 comments)

real estate advice: The Hidden Truths Within Bankruptcy Filings - 10/20/14 03:48 AM
The Hidden Truths Within Bankruptcy Filings
     We've arrived at an unique point in the world of home buying and financing.  It comes on the heels of several years of financial hardships, unprecedented foreclosures, and job losses.   
These challenges faced have often lead to the filing of Bankruptcy.  What's been contained, or included, in these Bankruptcy filings, are referred to as "Schedules".
     First of all, let's understand the "layers" and the timelines involved in a Bankruptcy. 
     First, there is a:  Filing Date.  
     That is followed by a:  Discharge Date, a date that's usually a few months after … (2 comments)

real estate advice: Ten Things Home Buyers Will Simply Not Tolerate Right Now - 01/05/11 04:15 AM
There's not much I can add to the following post from  Claudette Millette, Metrowest Mass Buyer Broker,  as its' message is clear and concise for those selling (or thinking of selling) their home.
With so many homes on the market ... inventory being what it is ... and competition for buyers being at an all-time high ... your home needs to be as crisp as new cotton sheets and shiney as a newly-minted penny when buyers view it.  Otherwise you will have a disappointing outcome.
Absorb the wisdom found within this article that Claudette Millette offers ... and apply it to your home prior to … (4 comments)

real estate advice: Not ANY Attorney Will Do. Protect Yourself. Do Yourself a Favor. Retain a REAL ESTATE Attorney for Your Real Estate Transactions. - 11/10/10 11:27 AM
     I've been working on a file for a customer buying a condominium that has proven to be particularly challenging on many levels. I won't bore you with details, but suffice it to say, everything but the kitchen sink has somehow found its' way thrown into the approval process.
     Aaaahhh yes ... the wonders and thrills of modern-day real estate ...
     Even by today's standards ... this purchase has been what I'd politely call a "doozey".  It could definitely serve as a textbook for many finer points of lending and buying a home.  But even with … (14 comments)

real estate advice: SO YOU WANT TO BUY A HOME WITHOUT A PRE-APPROVAL....REALLY??? - 09/27/10 08:19 AM
     Those thinking of buying a home need good solid sources of information to educate and assist them throughout their entire home buying transaction.  From the moment of the idea's conception through its completion, those two elements are all-important.  If you are a potential home buyer, you should have real estate professionals at your side throughout that entire process.  It should be one long tutorial and hand-holding session.
     Your home buying process and search cannot be started in earnest until a PRE-QUALIFICATION OF MORTGAGE is conducted by a mortgage professional.  In this present real estate market, that fact has never been … (7 comments)

real estate advice: You’ve Heard it Before .. The Only Thing You Have to Fear, is Fear Itself. It’s True With Mortgages Too! - 08/18/10 10:26 AM
You've Heard it Before .. The Only Thing You Have to Fear, is Fear Itself.                                                         It's True With Mortgages Too!
     Right now, you can't escape the headlines and deluge of information regarding mortgage interest rates.  The rates themselves are big news ... let alone all the information and controversy swirling about the state of home buying, home buyers, home owners, home lenders, and home builders.
     The other day, I read an article online that related the opinion that the extremely low rates that we are currently experiencing are going to waste.  The jist of the article was that because … (19 comments)

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