referrals: The Businessperson's Pot O' Gold: Testimonials and Referrals - 03/23/18 11:20 AM
The Businessperson's Pot O' Gold:
Testimonials and Referrals
Testimonials and referrals ... as a businessperson, it just doesn't get any better than receiving them, right?
Neither are ever a given, no matter how well-deserved.  And in this busy world, they can be hard to come by.  Clients (even happy satisfied ones) get busy, forget, and move on with their lives after moving or financing a home. 
Life intervenes with referral partners too.  The search for new clients never ends.  New business demands their attention.  "Niceties" are easily forgotten during these times.  All understandable ...
So I was thrilled when I received a note yesterday from … (14 comments)

referrals: Let's Get Pinned! - 10/31/14 06:59 AM
Let's Get Pinned!     
     No ... not that way!  On Pinterest!
     I've been a big fan of Pinterest now for quite a while.  As time and my participation on Pinterest has grown, I've seen very positive results for my business.  Both from a client basis ... and that of meeting and working with new Referral Partners.
     Pinterest has definitely contributed to increased visibility online.  But besides the business benefit to Pinterest ... I've just come to enjoy the site.  
     Typically my wife (my marketing assistant) and I "pin" together.  I think doing Pinterest as a team … (22 comments)

referrals: Good or Bad Mortgage Process? How to Secure More Positive Results - 03/11/14 07:25 AM
Good or Bad Mortgage Process? How to Secure More Positive Results
      I read an article containing the recent TD Bank Mortgage Service Index.  It projected a "good news - bad news" message ... 
       Some of the good news reported:
82% of those taking part in the index study felt that 2014 is a "very good" or "good" time to buy a home 21% (up from 18% last year) are "extremely/very likely" to "likely" to purchase a home this year For those that had purchased recently, 62% thought their experience was "excellent" or "very good" For those … (16 comments)

referrals: The Importance of Home Insurance - 11/21/12 12:49 AM
The Importance of Home Insurance                A topic that is always touched-upon in the earliest stages of my mortgage consultations is  Homeowner Insurance.  This insurance is a requirement for Closing and proof of the mortgage company or bank being shown as  Mortgagee  must be proven ahead of time.  A receipt and cover-sheet proving payment of the first year of  Homeowner Insurance  is required prior to Closing Day.         And lately there's been a new twist added ... Underwriters are requiring the "true" insurance cost as a condition of the Loan Approval.  (Contact me  for … (10 comments)

referrals: Listen ... Educate ... and Ask Questions the entire way. It's for your own good! - 10/30/12 07:55 AM
Listen ... Educate ... and Ask Questions the entire way.  It's for your own good!  
        You, like me, have probably been reading about the upsurge in home sales and rise in demand for home mortgages.  All good news, right?     Well, it seems yes ... and no.     NBC News  just yesterday,  released an article  speaking to this very issue.   Seems that yes, demand for new mortgages is growing.  But banks are not handling the rise in business very well.  And because of this, the new  Federal Reserve's stimulus plan  is in jeopardy.  Or … (13 comments)

referrals: Are you a PEEP? Do you TWEET? I am! I do! Why I'm a Fan of TWITTER - 09/13/12 07:11 AM
Are you a PEEP? Do you TWEET? I am!   I do! Why I'm a Fan of TWITTER              Do you Tweet?  Have an account on  Twitter?        As most know, my wife Marilyn is my right arm and helps me with my marketing efforts.  But when she first brought-up the idea of me "tweeting", I thought she was nuts.        I have to admit though, she was right.  Twitter has turned-out to be good for my business.  It's taken time to establish myself and a Following, but consistent tweeting has proven valuable.      … (41 comments)

referrals: Decide Which Size Fish You Want to Be - 08/14/12 05:04 AM
Decide Which Size Fish You Want to Be         "It is better to be a big fish in a small pond, than to be a small fish in a big pond "   The Galveston Daily News, June 1881                    It was reported recently by the  National Association of REALTORS  (NAR)  that "median existing single-family home prices are rising in more metropolitan areas, but a lack of inventory  -  notably in lower price ranges  -  is limiting buyer choice in an increasing number of markets around the country".  (Latest Quarterly Report)              … (78 comments)

referrals: The BEST Summer Crop? Potential Home Buyers with Newly-APPROVABLE Credit! - 08/01/11 07:58 AM
                          My best Summer crop?  It's Also Good News!                  Potential Home Buyers with Newly-Approvable Credit ...          While going over my databases this last weekend, I unearthed exciting news not only for myself, but for my referral partners too.  I've been tracking the progress of many clients that were in a specific category of potential home buyer ... that being the "near miss" credit category.      What's a "near miss"?      When they first contacted me for mortgage information, these potential homeowners were close to being able to buy a home. They were on the target for loan-approvable credit, but just not a … (15 comments)

referrals: Searching for Your New Home Alone? Really? Think That Over ... Pt. 2 - 05/13/11 04:07 AM
Searching for Your New Home Alone?   Really? Think That Over ...  Pt. 2               Are you presently contemplating ... or actively searching for a new home to buy?  If so, you're not alone ...        Are you thinking of "going it alone" ... without the aid and assistance offered by a real estate agent?          In  Part 1 of this blog,  I addressed some of the reasons new homebuyers might think about tackling this venture on their own.  Pursuing a home purchase alone is something a potential homebuyer might want to think long and hard about, especially if that decision … (3 comments)

referrals: Loan Modifications. Foreclosures. Short-sales. Credit Repair. Mortgage Applications. Heartbreak. All reasons to find and establish a relationship with an experienced, knowledgable preferred lender ... - 04/12/10 08:51 AM

     It doesn't take long to find and read through multiple heart-breaking and unsettling stories here on ActiveRain regarding the handling of lending transactions, loan modifications, foreclosures, short-sales, credit repair, mortgage applications, and more.  It's a sad fact, but true.
     It also doesn't take long to find and read comments left by agents and brokers on AR expressing their loyalty and thanks for the relationships and trust they have forged with their favorite preferred lenders ... proving the extreme importance of those relationships.  
     I focus this article on the buyers, newer agents, sellers, attorneys, etc. that have not yet found and established that … (5 comments)

referrals: Developing A Positive Attitude In This Market - 03/05/09 02:27 AM
Continuing in a similar vein from a previous blog, I wanted to tell of an upbeat and refreshing magazine I found.  It was suggested to me from a contact on Twitter, just the start of the sort of information and ideas I hope are shared amongst members online.
The name of the magazine is www.ReferralSuccessMagazine.  It's a virtual magazine that you can subscribe to free of charge.  The tone of the magazine was optimistic, which feeds into my need for positives right now.  The tone was infectious and left me feeling re-charged and good after reading it.  Almost like exercise, I knew it was good for … (0 comments)

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