student loans: What CAN Go Hand-in-Hand? Home Buying & Student Loans! - 03/18/19 10:11 AM
What CAN Go Hand-in-Hand?
Home Buying & Student Loans!
Conduct a search on the topic "Home Buying with Student Loans" and pages and pages or articles, information, advice, and opinions pop-up ... 
"Do Student Loans Affect Buying a House?" "How Student Debt Can Ruin Home Buying Dreams"  "Here's How To Buy A House When You Have Student Loan Debt" ... each are an example of the many such articles I found when I conducted my search today.  Each article addresses the very real worry that too many hopeful home buyers face as holders of Student Loan debt.      The focus of many of these articles is often placed on … (25 comments)

student loans: Student Loan Debt Solution Found via Fannie Mae's "Student Loan Cash-Out Refinance" - 12/12/18 01:04 PM
Student Loan Debt Solution Found via Fannie Mae's "Student Loan Cash-Out Refinance"   Mounting Student Loan debt has become a huge concern ...  This is true not only for individuals carrying student loan, but for GSE's (Government Sponsored Enterprises) like Fannie Mae that oversees and ensure mortgage liquidity and guidelines to Banks, Lenders, and Mortgage Providers.   
In a previous post, I noted that Fannie Mae had revised guidelines as they pertain to treatment of Student Loan Debt when applying for loan.  Those changes were favorable for Home Buyers carrying student loan debt, as they allowed Mortgage Underwriters some flexibility in examining and allocating for student loans. 
This new more relaxed … (15 comments)

student loans: Have Student Loans? Think you Can't Buy a Home? WRONG! - 08/16/17 09:59 AM
Have Student Loans?
Think you Can't Buy a Home?
Do you ...
Want to buy a home? Have Student Loan debt? If you answered "Yes" to the questions above, it's important for you to know that contrary to what is commonly seen and believed, it is possible to buy a home when you have Student Loans ... and many are doing it.
Student Loans do not have to stand in the way of home ownership.  You can buy and finance a home purchase successfully.  
How?  Here's some information ...
Remember back to your Student Loan search?  There were multiple options for you to consider, … (42 comments)

student loans: Fannie Mae Simplifies Guidelines for Student Loan Debt - 05/01/17 01:52 PM
Fannie Mae Simplifies Guidelines
for Student Loan Debt

  It's been a long time coming, but Borrowers that hold Student Loan Debt may have finally caught a break ... Made effective on April 25, 2017, Fannie Mae gave Mortgage Lenders a much more definitive process with which to calculate Student Loan Debt ... a simplification that was definitely needed and long waited for. Until this change, it had been a real challenge for Mortgage Lenders to compute the actual Student Loan Debt of a potential Borrower. Why?   Not all Student Loans get repaid in the same way.  Nor do all Student Loan Services report Student Loan Debt … (28 comments)

student loans: Mortgage Change With Real Impact: FHA to Loosen Standard Regarding Student Loans - 04/25/16 05:40 AM
Mortgage Change With Real Impact:FHA to Loosen Standard Regarding Student Loans        In recent months, it appears that mortgage lending practices are trending in favor of Borrowers ...          This is great news after years of restrictive guidelines implemented as a result of the mortgage crisis and real estate downturn.        Some examples of this trend to more favorable borrowing practices are:   Fannie Mae re-invents their 3% Down financing program, known as HomeReady, that showcases more options that help Borrowers obtain financing for their Personal Residence Private Mortgage Insurance on Conventional Loans has become less costly to Borrowers putting less than 20% down payment on their home … (6 comments)

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