brokers: The Future Has Never Looked Better - 01/29/10 06:03 AM
Since beginning our real estate career in March of 1998 with John L Scott Realty there have been many notable changes. In 1998 the NWMLS (Northwest Multiple Listing Service) had approximately 11,000 members and subscribers across the State. Since then they grew to an incredible number in the range of nearly 40,000, in part due to an increasing territory but mostly due to a vigorous desire by independent people to take advantage of a robust housing market by starting their own businesses. Either way that is a substantial increase in membership and subscribership.  
During that time we seen home ownership increase … (0 comments)

brokers: Never give up! - 01/04/10 10:08 AM
Kristyn Grewell, ABR GRI got me thinking about this.
Way back during the stone age of real estate (12 years ago) when I first started, I was virtually out the proverbial door. I had worked my tail to the bone every day, cold calling, showing homes etc etc and only had a couple closings over what I considered an extended period of time.
Nearly broke, beat to death and frustrated beyond all imagination, I gathered up the last of my energy, pulled myself together by my boot straps and convinced myself to do this one last thing, the Home and Garden … (7 comments)

brokers: Stupidly Question of The Week - 08/04/09 08:20 AM
I am introducing a new blog series called "The Stupidly Question of The Week" where I will draw from actual instances where over the years agents, lenders, buyers and sellers have given me pause with silly statements and questions that might qualify as stupidly.
The first in this new series will be as follows.
Why do "I" have to pay closing costs, isn't that the sellers responsibility?
I heard this question several years ago when while representing a buyer he said he was told that the seller would pay for his closing costs. He was also told that it's done all the time. … (0 comments)

brokers: What Makes You A Short Sale Expert? - 07/20/09 09:32 AM
Classroom Education?
Online Webinars?
As I perused through the MLS this morning searching for newly listed properties for a client of ours I noticed many agents commenting on their "expertise" of Short Sales". After further investigation I noticed that many of the so called experts didn't have any short sale listings so I immediately assumed (mistake) they must have gained this expertise assisting buyers with short sale purchases.
I started checking the sales history of some of these "experts" and discovered none of them had any sales representing buyers or sellers in short sale transactions whatsoever. I assume once again they are assigning … (0 comments)

brokers: List To Last! Are you placing limitations on your potential by only working with buyers? - 05/28/09 09:00 AM
Ever since the market started tumbling I've heard agents complain about the expense and problems of working with sellers. Not work with sellers! Are you crazy?Their reasoning: In a market where home sales for typical sellers are virtually non-existent, one good qualified buyer is worth two sellers (excluding reo's of course). Well I'm here to tell ya--- that type of business approach is doomed for failure. Ever hear that Ole' adage 'list to last"? If you haven't, you are probably headed out the proverbial real estate door and if you have---you're probably sitting on a couple listings that have been collecting … (33 comments)

brokers: Understanding Your Market... - 05/21/09 06:52 AM
All across the fruited plains real estate agents log on to their computers punch in a their secret agent number and watch as the world wide web streams market data from a secure server in cyberspace to their warm well lit offices. Let's take a look at the different types of data and how it affects buyers, sellers and real estate professionals.
New listings and listings ‘back on market' offer the prospect of a sale for agents and brokers working with ready willing and able buyers. For a buyer, newly matched listings serve as an opportunity to pounce on a fresh … (1 comments)

brokers: One Bad Apple Don't Spoil The Whole Bunch... - 05/18/09 10:21 AM
...Girl--- Yes a Michael Jackson song but you won't hear me or Kim screeching out any Jackson tunes any time soon. Thank goodness for you...And Kim.
With all the false promises, shady guarantees, and high pressure sale techniques learned at some get rich quick seminar taught by a slick talking well dressed self proclaimed motivational speaker attempting to motivate dollars from listeners wallets, it's no wonder some in the public have a negative view of sales people, including Realtors who use those same high pressure sales tactics to close homeowners during listing appointments.As in every industry there's a few bad apples in the bunch. … (0 comments)

brokers: The High Road Or The Low Road? It's Up To You. - 05/15/09 10:32 AM
Positive or Negative?We all have a choice. Wake up in the morning and make it a good day (sometimes you have to MAKE it a "good day), by searching for positive up beat moments. Or awakening to everything negative. Face it, it's much easier to be mad or angry, or to place blame on someone or something else for our personal and professional obstacles, hurdles and challenges in life. The difficult road is accepting the bad, dealing with it and then moving on with life un-encumbered. Sometimes easier said than done but well worth the additional effort.Every morning there is good news. Every … (2 comments)

brokers: What forces drive you to Active Rain daily - 05/12/09 12:08 PM
I've only been a member for a short time but have realized (from what I can tell) there are some great people here on active rain and wish I spent more time here. I seldom post/blog consistently and wonder what it is that brings you back time and time again. The people? The advice? Listening to others experiences in the real estate world etc? And how do you folks find the time to blog so frequently? Maybe I need to organize my time a little better...

brokers: The Dinosaurs - 03/12/09 10:58 AM
Just when you thought the age of the Dinosaurs was long gone another Dinosaur is on the verge of extinction. "Brick & Mortar" Real Estate Companies. Crazy idea you say? Crazy like a Fox.

The Northwest Multiple Listing Service has been experiencing shifts in the past couple years. Agents leaving the NWMLS at a rate of about 14% every year for going on three years, a reduction in membership, and agents moving onto greener pastures.
If not for the innovation and creativity of a select few Brokers, those green pastures might well be outside the fences of the real estate … (0 comments)

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