baseball: San Francisco Youth Pitching Coach – How to be a Successful Pitcher! - 03/23/12 03:08 AM
San Francisco Youth Pitching Coach – How to be a Successful Pitcher!
Youth Pitching Coaches are hard to come by. Now there are a lot of people that will coach them, but few Youth Pitching Coaches do it right.
The game has changed in the last 30 years, training and techniques have changed. There is a degree of sophistication to the game that was not there when most of us were younger. Ken Salyer keeps up with these things and uses his skills as a college and minor league pitcher to help young pitcher live up to their potential.
As a … (6 comments)

baseball: Janson's Greatest Day of Baseball! - 03/10/12 01:25 PM
Janson's Greatest Day of Baseball!
What made Janson's Baseball Jamboree such a great day? Did he make a fantastic play, have a home run, score a run? No to all of these!
Janson did squeak out one little hit, but nothing more remarkable; unless you want to count 4 strike outs.
But as a dad something very special happened today. I always tell my kids to work hard and apply themselves. That effort is more important than talent. Sports is a way of teaching life lessons.
Normally he has to be forced to practice with me. He doesn't want to put … (6 comments)

baseball: American Greatness and Baseball! - 02/25/12 04:05 AM
American Greatness and Baseball!
Spring is coming and all over the country a young man's fancy is turning to girls Baseball. Here in the Brentwood area we have 1500 kids on a 124 youth baseball teams at the Pony League. This does not count the School Teams, Travel Teams, other leagues and nearby communities.
Every where I go I see boys (and girls) of all ages out there practicing and some struggling. But all of them excited about the coming baseball season.
I have two boys in baseball this year. One doing travel baseball and the other in Pinto Jr. … (1 comments)

baseball: Corbin Riemenschneider - Allstar Update! - 07/07/11 06:58 AM
I wrote Last Week About Corbin Being in The Allstars.  Here is the Allstar update for Walnut Creek California Continental Little League.
Well they got beat last night. Got beat bad 8-1. They did not look sharp. My hunch is they practiced too much the day before in the heat. Corbin made a poor bunt (right back to the pitcher) and the runner on first was thrown out at 2nd, but Corbin did get first on a fielders choice. Then he struck out twice.
Not much action in center field except to watch 2 home run balls sail over his head. … (0 comments)

baseball: Baseball - Think you know the Game - You make the call! - 06/19/11 08:45 AM
I saw the weirdest play at my sons tournament this weekend.  I will tell you what happened (I will not tell you what the coaches were instructing the kids to do - but it was all contradiction anyway) and you tell me what the proper ruling on the field was.
OK Bases are loaded.  There is one out.  The batter is called out on a 3rd strike.  The ball gets away from the catcher.  The batter hesitates and then starts running for first and all the runners start running towards the next base.
The catcher comes up with the ball … (1 comments)

baseball: Corbin Takes the Mound - 04/03/11 06:23 AM
As any one that reads about my kids knows I keep them active in sports.  Much to my sorry only one has shown a real aptitude for Baseball.
Corbin is 12 and a great left handed baseball player.  He plays first base and outfield.  He has just started to pitch. He plays in the Continental Little League in Walnut Creek.
Saturday 4/2/11 they had an exhibition game against a team from Pittsburg.  He played great at 1st and in center with good at bats. 
He got one inning of pitching in and was excellent with two strike outs and another out … (3 comments)

baseball: Baseball Champion for the 3rd Time! - 06/16/10 06:27 AM
In the past I have written about my son Corbin.  He is my baseball player.  Two years ago while in East County Little League his AA Team, the Giants won the Tournament of Champions.  Last year he moved to Continental Little League and his team won the Title for Continental at the AAA Level, but lost the first game of the TOC's.

Corbin is the Good Looking one Right Front (there left)!
This year he is on another winning team.  The Diamondbacks at the Major League level in the Continental Little League went 19-1 and won the Major League Title.  … (2 comments)

baseball: Coming up Short of Perfect - 03/13/10 01:48 PM
No pictures and No names (at least not many) for this post.  I do not know the names of all the people involved.  It is a great and sad story.
My 11 year old son plays in the Majors for the Continental Little League in Walnut Creek California on the Diamond Backs.  He is a good player and plays first base and outfield.  The best player on his team (and maybe in the league plays 1st ahead of him.) when that player pitches (as he is also the ace) my son plays 1st.
Today the number 2 pitcher on the team … (6 comments)

baseball: It is Baseball Time Again - 03/07/10 09:16 AM
It's basball time again.

I love baseball, it is the most American of sports , stressing team and individual skills.  It is the only major team sport I can think of where the object is not to move the all into some kind of goal. 
My oldest son liked baseball but never excelled at it and has given it up to focus on wrestling and spring football to get ready for high school next year and that is fine with me.
Son # 2 is a star and at 11 years of age will play in the Little League Majors … (11 comments)

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