living in brentwood: So where do you want to live? - 04/07/15 04:51 AM
So where do you want to live?The California Association of Realtor's (CAR) publishes these great infographics. This one is on where Millennials want to live. Take a quick look:
I don't think I am seeing anything here that I do not know about people in general; and that is people move to the suburbs so they can get more home for their money. People want to live in the suburbs. I think many people have also found that most everything they have in the city they can find in the suburbs. Sure the city might have a few things (Major League Baseball … (5 comments)

living in brentwood: Why I like Living in Brentwood California! 2-14 - 02/06/14 04:34 AM
Why I like Living in Brentwood California

When I talk to people about Buying a Home in Brentwood Ca I think it is important that they understand that I also enjoy Living in Brentwood Ca and I think Homes for Sale in Brentwood Ca are some of the best buys around. Brentwood offers quality housing at an affordable price in a great community.
 Having kids we are very happy with the Brentwood Schools, most of them newer. But the age of the building is not important; venerable Liberty High School (Serving East Contra Costa County sense 1902) has done a great job preparing … (0 comments)

living in brentwood: Brentwood Schools Vacation Schedule – Fall Break 2013 - 10/14/13 08:14 AM
Brentwood Schools Vacation Schedule – Fall Break 2013 One of the interesting things about Living in Brentwood is the school schedule. We have a modified year around schedule. School starts about the end of July and then we have a two week break at the beginning of October. We will have another two week break in the spring. It also seems like some of the standard vacations – Thanksgiving, Christmas and such often have a day or two tacked on to them more than is usual.
If you have vacation plans in August – a traditional month for many things then … (3 comments)

living in brentwood: 2012 Brentwood Ca Corn is coming in - 06/20/12 08:26 AM
2012 Brentwood Ca Corn is coming in
I was driving out in the Farm Belt of East Contra Costa County today; in the Brentwood area and I saw something exciting – Corn was being harvested.
Find out about Living in Brentwood Here.

Brentwood has some of the best corn in the world. When it comes in it will be picked and put on ice; then shipped to supermarkets all over the country where you can get it fresh the next day. Of course if you live in Brentwood you can get it that day. The corn in Brentwood is very … (1 comments)

living in brentwood: Downtown Brentwood Ca - 06/06/12 03:36 AM
Downtown Brentwood Ca
Many cities have old “Downtowns” that you would not want to go down to, but Brentwood has a historic downtown that has been restored and revitalized.
Brentwood's Downtown is centered around Oak Street between Brentwood Blvd and 2nd street. The new civic center is completed behind Brentwood Park.
When you go to our charming downtown you will find plenty of places to eat, small shops and businesses, and an old fashioned movie theater. On Saturdays come out and get some fresh Brentwood grown produce at the Farmers Market on First Street. During the summer come and … (0 comments)

living in brentwood: Spring has Sprung in Brentwood Ca - 04/21/12 07:52 AM
Spring has Sprung in Brentwood Ca
Spring hit last night. Things have been cold and miserable and then last night it was hot, even muggy.
Today it was a warm Saturday Morning with all the signs of spring; Kids playing baseball, garage sales, people in the park. As I drove out towards to Discovery Bay I could see the first crop of corn starting to poke through the earth. The tomato vines were also coming up.
My boys went out and cleaned of the Patio in an effort to get me to BBQ tonight. My wife went over and grabbed … (0 comments)

living in brentwood: Janson's Greatest Day of Baseball! - 03/10/12 01:25 PM
Janson's Greatest Day of Baseball!
What made Janson's Baseball Jamboree such a great day? Did he make a fantastic play, have a home run, score a run? No to all of these!
Janson did squeak out one little hit, but nothing more remarkable; unless you want to count 4 strike outs.
But as a dad something very special happened today. I always tell my kids to work hard and apply themselves. That effort is more important than talent. Sports is a way of teaching life lessons.
Normally he has to be forced to practice with me. He doesn't want to put … (6 comments)

living in brentwood: Welcome Our New Edition – Bailey Riemenschneider - 03/07/12 02:51 AM
Welcome Our New Edition – Bailey Riemenschneider
Ok maybe not quite what you think – maybe next year. But we have an addition to the family. We adopted her on Saturday. She is about a year old and was a “present” to my son Weston for his 9th birthday.

Her original name was Bella but it was felt my son could not have a cat named after a girl in Chic Flick – I am not sure where he came up with the name Bailey.
Weston is in charge of Bailey's care, feeding, and litter box; which so far … (7 comments)

living in brentwood: Great Movie - 10/17/10 07:36 AM
My wife and I do not go to a lot of movies, but on occasion we do. 
This week we went and saw Secretariat.  I must say that it is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time.  It has a positive message about believing in something and taking chance.  It is also a great horse movie in that the horse was given real character in the filming and writing, but it did not come off as cartoonish.
Lastly this is a movie you can take the entire family too.  I have nothing against movies that are … (9 comments)

living in brentwood: Time to Save Money and Support Brentwood's Liberty Lions - 07/28/10 01:25 PM
Brentwood's Liberty Lions need your support.
Yes it is that time of year for high school fundraisers and no doubt you will be getting hit up for a lot of them.  However, I am going to share a really good one with you that will actually save you money and is for a good cause.
As you know the budget crunch has hit east Contra Costa County High School sports hard.  Many local business are also getting hit hard.  For supporting high school sports many local, regional and national companies will provide you with discounts.
The coupons and discount cards only … (2 comments)

living in brentwood: Brentwood Spring Football - 07/11/10 04:59 AM
Brentwood Spring Football
My son went to Spring Football as an 8th grader.  He primarily wanted to wrestle in high school, but went to spring football somewhat reluctantly.  However, after 2 days he told me he loves it.

As an incoming Freshman he has been working out over the summer with the JV team and went to camp.  Unfortunately he hurt his foot and has spent a lot of time and the sidelines wearing a boot (Planter Faciaties).  He still goes and lifts weights, helps out, and does what he can.  He is back to the point he can wear … (3 comments)

living in brentwood: What Kind of Desk do you Drive? - 06/18/10 06:41 AM
Even with lap tops and smart phones so we can work on the go almost anywhere, using the lap as a desk, I think most of us still have a work place.
I often hear the term, Work Station, Unit, Cube, and I am sure there are others.  For me it is an Old Fashioned Desk.
Desks come in many types and varieties, most designed as modern computer work stations and often module in nature.  Many desk look nice, but are little more than press board with a veneer over them.
I think for most of us our Desk reflects who … (8 comments)

living in brentwood: Edna Hills at the Jr High Wrestling Championships on 9-23-09 - 09/30/09 07:50 AM
Edna Hills at the Jr High Wrestling Championships on 9-23-09
Well this is the final Wrestling Tournament of the year.  Edna Hills did very well and took home a number of medals.  Many of the kids will never wrestle again, but some will come back next year, some will sign up for the club wrestling season, and some will go out for the High School Team.
This post is going to be a brag on my son Nelson.  He is pictured here with his friend on the team Scotty showing off the muscles.  Nelson won the Silver Medal.  He wrestled three … (1 comments)

living in brentwood: Edna Hill Jr High Wrestling Match 9-21-09 - 09/26/09 05:56 AM
Edna Hill Jr High Wrestling Match 9-21-09
I had missed the tournament on September 16, 2009; so no video of that match.  There were some very good matches; even some that we lost.  Here are three good ones:
First of all Ryan, one of our teams better wrestlers looses one here.  The kid he was Wrestling has been to a number of national tournaments and is very good.

The Next one is Bryer and Bryer is one of our top Wrestlers.

This last one is my son lossing to Sullivan.  He almost gets him and … (2 comments)

living in brentwood: Edna Hill Jr High Wrestling Match 9-15-09 - 09/26/09 04:19 AM
Edna Hill Jr High Wrestlers have had a great season.  Wrestling is a very difficult sport.  I see a lot of kids come out who are natural athletes and expect to be instant successes, and are not.  Many of them leave and go back to the other sports that have come so easy to them.
The biggest skill for wrestling is sticking with it and applying yourself.  Coach Chappel would say that when two wrestlers are well matched the heart they put into it will make the difference.  I like this things as they are the life lessons I try to … (1 comments)

living in brentwood: Edna Hill Jr High Wrestling Tournament 9-9-09 - 09/21/09 09:19 AM
I Have written on Edna Hills Jr High Wrestling a few times, but this was there first Tournament.  The main difference between a Tournament and a Match is more kids show to the Tournament; all seven schools in the district are usually there.  At the Tournaments they have double elimination brackets and give medals to the top 3 finishers.
Edna Hills did very good at the first tournament of the year.  I was not able to stay for the full tournamnet but here are a few videos.
A Big Win for Ryan!

Another Win for Edna Hills … (0 comments)

living in brentwood: Edna Hill Jr High Wrestling Match 9-8-09 - 09/17/09 09:11 AM
Edna Hill Jr High Wrestling Match 9-8-09
Edna Hills had a great match on 9-8-09.  The nice thing about wrestling is it is like going to a Three Ring Circus; there is always something going on.  At the match here there is only two matts, but I have been to tournaments with dozens of matts in two buildings. 
Here is an interview with Scotty Tsunami, one of the real leaders on the team:

Lewis is one of the great new wrestlers on the team. He is one of my sons wrestling partners.

I am going … (0 comments)

living in brentwood: Double Talk and Double Standards - The American Public Gets the Shaft! - 08/27/09 07:35 AM
Double Talk and Double Standards - The American Public Gets the Shaft!
I hear a lot of talk and a lot of rumors.  There is a lot of speculation about what is happening.  Contradictory information; even among real estate professionals and lenders is common. No one really seems to know what is going on. I am by nature a free market person.  I believe in an open and free market where people and companies are allowed to succeed or fail based on their own abilities.  I was concerned about the redistribution politics of the new President and the Left in this … (2 comments)

living in brentwood: Putting the Crew to work – Lessons from Tom Sawyer - 08/23/09 05:18 AM
I have been getting pretty frustrated with my kids. They had not been helping keeping up with the house and had been fighting a lot. The other day I turned off the TV when I left and said no TV until such and such is complete. I came home and the TV was on. That did it I blew. I put the TV in the garage, collected all the Game Boys and assorted garbage and unplugged computers from the internet (except mine and my wife’s).
They really were not getting a clue. For about a week I have been collecting DVD’s … (2 comments)

living in brentwood: Brentwood Housing Market - 08/14/09 02:53 PM
Brentwood Housing Market. This report on home sales in Brentwood California is based Single Family Homes reported on the MLS as of August 13th 2009. Due to late reporting the numbers in this months Brentwood Market Report might vary slightly from Last Months Brentwood Market Report.

I have broken the Active Sales up into two categories of homes in Brentwood California.  I did all homes, which gave an average price per SF of $212.00 and really drove the numbers up.  Brentwood contains a number of high end properties with significant amounts of land, that can skew the numbers.  So I … (0 comments)

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