my kids: So what are the kids up to August 2012? - 08/03/12 05:00 AM
So what are the kids up to August 2012?
Everyone says how much they like to hear about the kids. Not sure I have any funny stories today or big points to make. But I will give you the big update.
Nelson my 16 year old is trying to finish up his Gold Medal of Achievement (Like Eagle Scout for Royal Rangers). I have told him once this project is complete we can work on his driver's license. He was working out with the Varsity Football team. He is one big kid. But they planned to only play him in anti … (5 comments)

my kids: Janson's Greatest Day of Baseball! - 03/10/12 01:25 PM
Janson's Greatest Day of Baseball!
What made Janson's Baseball Jamboree such a great day? Did he make a fantastic play, have a home run, score a run? No to all of these!
Janson did squeak out one little hit, but nothing more remarkable; unless you want to count 4 strike outs.
But as a dad something very special happened today. I always tell my kids to work hard and apply themselves. That effort is more important than talent. Sports is a way of teaching life lessons.
Normally he has to be forced to practice with me. He doesn't want to put … (6 comments)

my kids: This is Janson – All Boy - 02/05/12 06:35 AM
This is Janson – All Boy
My sister calls him “Denise the Menace” and he has been known to get in a bit of trouble. He is my one son that is small in stature, but he eats like a horse and sneaks food like a teenager.
Yesterday Janson had Baseball tryouts of Pinto Jr. I was filled with lots of trepidation as I know my son's talent level. I had considered seeing if you he could play down in a younger division this year. But you know he did OK at tryouts. Not a super star – yet, but no … (0 comments)

my kids: Corbin Riemenschneider - Allstar - 07/03/11 08:12 AM
Corbin Riemenschneider - Allstar
For those of you who read my post you know my Son # 2 Corbin is a great baseball player.  He plays First Base, Center Field, and does some pitching.
This year he was selected to the Continental League Allstar team.  In Little League the 12 year old Allstar team is the pinnacle.  It is the Allstar teams that play for the Little League World Series.
We are a long way from that.  They are just getting started in the District 4 Tournament - which is double elimination.  They won there first game on Saturday 4-0 and … (6 comments)

my kids: Janson Riemenschneider Birthday Proclamation - 06/24/11 12:38 PM
Janson Riemenschneider Birthday Proclamation
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!  Let it be known that in Honor of the Seventh Anniversery of the Birth of Janson Riemenschneider on June 25th in the year of our Lord 2004 I do hereby proclaim this Janson Riemenschneider Birthday Week!
Let it be known that Janson Riemenschneider is a Lego Brick Master - Expert Pilferer of the Pantry - Self Proclaimed Faster than a Raptor and the "toughest" - A member of the Ranger Kids - as well as all around great kid.
Janson Riemenschneider is a Wonderful Boy, the 4th of 6th Boys and Loved by … (6 comments)

my kids: Baseball Playoffs Again! - 06/05/11 10:55 AM
Well once again it is time for Baseball Playoffs.
Every year my son Corbins team makes the playoffs and plays in the TOC (Tournament of Champions).  In double A his team took the title.  In triple A and his first year in the Majors they were knocked out in the first round.
Tomorrow night they have the big playoff game in Walnut Creek to see who represents Continental Little League in this years TOC.  At first glance his team does not look as good as last years team.  However, I think with fewer dominating players and a tougher season it has … (1 comments)

my kids: Corbin Takes the Mound - 04/03/11 06:23 AM
As any one that reads about my kids knows I keep them active in sports.  Much to my sorry only one has shown a real aptitude for Baseball.
Corbin is 12 and a great left handed baseball player.  He plays first base and outfield.  He has just started to pitch. He plays in the Continental Little League in Walnut Creek.
Saturday 4/2/11 they had an exhibition game against a team from Pittsburg.  He played great at 1st and in center with good at bats. 
He got one inning of pitching in and was excellent with two strike outs and another out … (3 comments)

my kids: What do you say to a Loser! - 10/17/10 06:42 AM
My son plays football.  It is not the best team in the world.  They are 1-5.  This is Freshman Football and you are getting beyond the Little League point of everyone gets a trophy.  In fact in Football there really only are winners and losers.  I don't even want to touch on what the great Vincent Lombardi had to say.  I honestly agree with him.
But I love my son - So what do I say?
Your school is not a Football School.  It is a wrestling school, this is where they excel and you will wrestle latter.  This does not … (14 comments)

my kids: Settlers of America Trails to Rails - 09/06/10 05:17 AM
Settlers of America Trails to Rails
Last month I wrote about my families favorite game - Settlers of Catan.  Setters of Catan has actually turned into a franchise product with supplements and spin offs.
Some of those spin offs are Catan Histories which are games with a Catan like format based on some historical setting.  Our family has played a couple of those - Struggle for Rome and Settlers of Canaan. 
The knock on the Settlers Histories is they are a not as flexible in play as regular Catan and they get boring.  Well Settlers of America Trails to Rails is … (2 comments)

my kids: Name That Trout! - 08/07/10 08:00 AM

I couple of weeks ago I took my sons up camping to a place called Highland Lakes in northern California.
The boys actaully showed the patients to do some fishing.  I had brought the poles but was caught off guard by thier attention spans.  They actually wanted to fish and I had not brought that much bait.
These two lakes have a mixture of Brook Trout, Cut Throat Trout, and Gold Trout.  My son Corbin caught a 9.5" trout, but I cannot make out which one it is.  I suspect it might be a hybred of two or three types.  … (6 comments)

my kids: Another Five Things All Kids Should Learn! - 08/04/10 08:29 AM
Another Five Things All Kids Should Learn - or at least understand!
I wrote Five Things All Kids Should Learn and I had some comments on and off the post.  Here are 5 more.  Some may be more relevant to electronic culture and so are new rather than timeless - but as the electronics are here to stay  . . . . .
Your Cell Phone is for my Conveyance.   If I am paying for it and I cannot reach you on it I will stop paying for it.  By the way do not Text Me!  I am an old fart.  … (4 comments)

my kids: The Games We Play! - 08/02/10 07:11 AM
My Family likes to play board games.  I grew up playing a number of board games.  My personal favorites are complex military strategy games.  I am not talking computer games or video games; I mean game boards and dice.  However, with marriage, family, and a decrease in time my games have become more family oriented.

One of your Favorite Family Games is Settlers of Catan.  Settlers is a fun game, certainly no more complex than Monopoly, but with a lot more strategy, options, flexibility, and fun.  Settlers was designed for 3-4 players, but expansions will accommodate up to 6 people. 

my kids: My Favorite Actor! - 08/02/10 03:28 AM
This video stars my 2nd son Corbin.  The video was made by his mom's boyfriend Will Leoppard who is in Film School. 
The plot is basically a Shaggy Dog type story we used to tell at summer camp.  The filming technique is what he is working on.  I like the star, even though he is somewhat of a ham.  The video is not too long.
He has some other Video's on YouTube.  If you like this one or some of the others you might want to tell him so. 

my kids: Five Things All Kids Should Learn! - 07/28/10 06:27 AM
It has been said, "Dad is a lot smarter now that I am 30 than when I was 15."  We all know that it was not dad that got smarter.  Here is a list of five things kids should understand about life.
Education might make you smarter about some things, but it is no substitute for experience and will not make you wiser. Poverty does not cause crime, but crime will cause poverty. Things will not go as you plan in life - Plan on it! You can spend a life time earning a Good Reputation, but blow it all in … (10 comments)

my kids: Happy Birthday Janson! - 06/25/10 05:33 AM
This is Janson (who I could not get to smile for a picture) wearing his favorite Dinosaur Jammies that is mom made for him a Christmas.

Today Janson is 6 and he is a big boy!  Janson is my 4th of 6 boys and was a big surprise and a real gift from God born 16 months after his brother Weston.
Janson says he is tough and "faster than a Raptor."  He likes Dinosaurs.  He wrestles and plays baseball and just completed his first year of Kindergarten being home schooled.  He wants to play soccer in the fall.  This year … (5 comments)

my kids: Every Day is Father's Day for me. - 06/20/10 04:59 AM
My wife and I do not put much into Mother's Day or Father's Day, except for my step mother out parents and grandparents are gone.  The older boys may do or say something and the younger boys will probably put together a little something with the other parent to teach them they owe respect and duty to parents.

I have 6 boys though and I can tell you everyday is Father's Day for me.  Being a father has been my highest goal in life.  It is a tougher job than I thought, but I would never go back.  Sometimes on … (4 comments)

my kids: Baseball Champion for the 3rd Time! - 06/16/10 06:27 AM
In the past I have written about my son Corbin.  He is my baseball player.  Two years ago while in East County Little League his AA Team, the Giants won the Tournament of Champions.  Last year he moved to Continental Little League and his team won the Title for Continental at the AAA Level, but lost the first game of the TOC's.

Corbin is the Good Looking one Right Front (there left)!
This year he is on another winning team.  The Diamondbacks at the Major League level in the Continental Little League went 19-1 and won the Major League Title.  … (2 comments)

my kids: Sometimes You have to be really good to loose. - 05/07/10 09:07 AM

My son Corbin pitched his first regular season game the other night.  As a dad I am trying to look for the positive.  The first two batters put the ball in play; and although they were well hit they could have been outs, but were not.  Through the first 3 batters balls and strikes were about even.  The ump was calling a small strike zone.  He walked batters 3 and 4 and hit batter 5 before being pulled.  His team lost its first game 11 to 9. 
Brian Kingman who pitched with the Oakland A's in 1980 lost 20 games … (4 comments)

my kids: This is Janson! - 03/07/10 09:27 AM
This is Janson!
Janson wanted me to put a big picture of him up on the Internet.  So here it is.  He is wearing my classes and I think this might have been last fall after he had broke his arm.

Janson will be 6 in June.  Janson will tell you that he is very tough. (note the band aide on the chin.)  He likes to tackle daddy.  He is also good at sneaking food. 
He also told me how smart he is now that he is 5 and in school, and then explained that George Washington invented the Microwave … (7 comments)

my kids: More Baby Stuff - 02/27/10 02:35 PM
As some of you know we just had a Baby.  Just got back from the hospital where they served both of us a "luxury dinner" tonight.  Baby seems to be fine.  I am going to make French Toast to take my wife in the Hospital tomorrow morning.  It is her favorite.  I am also taking all 5 of Barit's brothers to meet him.  After that I have an open house then I pick up moma and Barit to take them home.  My oldest 2 have really pitched in to help me.  I am tired and want to get this last post … (7 comments)

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