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By now you've undoubtedly heard at least two versions of the story about the California Air Resources Board seeking to ban black cars. It was widely noted yesterday by everyone from Rush Limbaugh to every state and local pundit. Heck, if I'd have had time, I'd have done one myself. It was a juicy...
If you didn't see todays Inman news, here's a summary of current reports from the UCLA Anderson Forecast. Overall, not the cheeriest of reports, as reports go. It summarized the current economic outlook as 'bleak'. But there are a few 'bright' spots - and to the extent they can be construed as g...
There are times I've been critical of some NAR positions and pronouncements. But when they do it right it's a thing of beauty. I'm proud to be a Member of the Land Use, Property Rights and Environment Committee. Between national meetings the group usually has a Webinar or 2, as we did today prepa...
This is the kind of article you see written about the organized 'Gypsys' that still roam the countryside from time to time. Again, our intrepid AG has ferretted out another wrong-doer. No doubt he has shut down a large operation here but there are others. Always warn clients - especially elderly...
The Sacramento Bee has just posted this graphic to their website. It is a fascinating and frightening specter. Watching our Governor and his new BFFF Obama the past couple days, then you look at this map, it's like watching Nero fiddle while Rome burns. Just click on the Sacbee page to slide the ...
The IRS is hosting Super Saturday on March 21, 2009 to help provide free tax help.  Volunteers will prepare your 2008 tax return free of charge if you have an income of $42,000 or less.  See link below for the IRS flyer to read the necessary documentation you will need to provide.   Click here t...
The Lake Elsinore Valley Chamber of Commerce presented 'A Conversation with Mayor Bob Magee' on March 19 in the Diamond Club at Storm Stadium. The Mayor detailed a positive and optimistic summary of Lake Elsinore today. He stressed the job growth and new businesses in the area, new restaurants, a...
Here is some information for you and your clients about another Homeownership Preservation program. Project Homeowner is a statewide initiative designed to keep homeowners in their homes - sponsored by Chase. They are holding one of these events in the Riverside Convention Center on 3/21. Sorry f...
You've heard the ads, you've gotten the emails - tap into the magic of eBay or Craigslist or Yahoo and money just comes rolling in. It's a lot like those companies that'll get you the top spot on Google - for a small fee. Anyway, I know these guys have been big on the airwaves in Cali and I have...
You may be aware that the Southwest Riverside County Association of Realtors has been a supporting Partner of the Southwest California Legislative Council since its inception. The SCLC, a coalition of Southwest California Chambers of Commerce, Legislative Representatives and business representat...

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