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Tired of sort sales that are anything but? Had it with bidding wars over REO's that need a ton of work? Here's the solution - a STANDARD SALE home. You remember those? A pride-of-ownership property with real people living there, keeping the lawn alive, who can respond to your offer in minutes rat...
Are you rich? I suspect the answer from most of us, especially given the events of the past couple years, would be a resounding "NO". Most of us might even take that up a notch to "HELL NO". But if this administration allows some or all of the current tax cuts to expire at the end of this year, y...
Bob only got 52 comments on this post. EVERY Realtor in the country should be aware of this and make your clients aware. I always used to recommend that my Buyers start with their own bank for a loan first due to the relationship etc. etc. In hindsight that may not have been the best advice. Fort...
Driving home yesterday afternoon I spotted a plume of smoke boiling out of the hills above Murrieta. It's that season and when it's in your back yard it's always scary.                                    A few months back there was a fire on the hill directly across from my home. Two weeks ago a ...
When they asked me to do it I thought they were joking. "Have you ever seen me dance" I asked? Because that's something I rarely do and people who have seen me still snicker openly decades after the spectacle. My own children brutally mimic me to the delight of complete strangers. If you've ever ...
While I took a decidedly more aggressive approach to the recent Time Magazine article on Rethinking Homeownership (The War on Homeownership Has Begun) - this blogger took a more direct and measured approach. Of course since he values security, education, civic participation, happiness and wealth ...
The administration's war on home ownership has begun. The first salvo's were lobbed months ago as rumors leaked out that 'high level discussion' were being held about the value of housing. It escalated a couple weeks ago with the White House Conference on Housing, where the predominant message wa...
From The Electronic Frontier Foundation : "Locational privacy is the ability of an individual to move in public space with the expectation that under normal circumstances their location will not be systematically and secretly recorded for later use."  Many of us are justifiably concerned about th...
Very cool new toolbar from NAR. It gives you a search window - like we need another one of those - but it also does a roll that provides the latest info on legislative or other issues - like right now my roll is talking about the recently passed NFIB, then an article on 30 under 30. It's also got...
Why do they call it a 'short-sale'? You could actually have a baby in less time than it takes to work through the short sale process in many cases. And while lenders are promising to expedite the process and reduce the lead time, the fact remains that the problem is growing and as more and more s...

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