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Any of you who remember when I first started activeraining, I wrote a lot about fraud. Real estate fraud had only just come to our region in a big way and Realtors® were trying to grapple with this new issue. Problem was, nobody else thought it was an issue. Banks didn't care, law enforcement was...
The other evening after a nice dinner, we were sitting around my Mother-in-Law's living room enjoying some conversation in front of the fireplace. Suddenly the fire flared up and started making a noise like a jet engine warming up. I immediately ran outside only to see flames blasting 6' out of t...
The new California Homeowner Bill of Rights becomes law today. If you're not familiar with this measure, it was a bill carried on behalf of California Attorney General Kamala Harris last year that sought to codify some of the measures set forth in the national mortgage settlement deal struck in e...
This is what happens when knee jerk politicians who know nothing about a subject get in control. There are so many things wrong with this registry as adopted - they should have taken a page from the playbooks in Murrieta & Temecula to see what works. Or actually learned about the foreclosure proc...
Another question hanging about our heads this year-end involves extension of Mortgage Debt Forgiveness, that measure that allows lenders not to 1099 you for the mortgage debt relief sellers who have gone through a short sale or foreclosure receive.At this point with all eyes focused on the fiscal...
As we approach year-end I'm getting a lot of questions again about the 3.8% tax included in the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare). The rumor/concern is that it is a 3.8% tax applying to the sale of every home. NOT TRUE.  There is a 3.8% tax in the measure but it will only apply to upper incom...
California Homeowners Bill of Rights: A Lesson in Political Expediency & Unintended Consequences. California Attorney General Kamala Harris announced in a much heralded press release today that her 'California Homeowners Bill of Rights' has 'taken a key step toward passage'. Here's the key step -...
Obama & Econ 101 I just heard our illustrious President on the radio putting his spin on the recent dismal economic numbers. I'm sure you've heard them - unemployment up, gas prices up, job creation down, consumer confidence tanking again - yeah, that economic news. So the President's take...- "T...
  The Southwest California Legislative Council Enters Its Seventh Year of Advocacy   Are you familiar with what your Southwest California Legislative Council does on behalf of Valley businesses?   The Southwest California Legislative Council is a coalition of the Temecula Valley, Murrieta, Lake E...
  Help Starts Here   I you’re looking for the answers on who’ll win the Republican Primary or when housing prices will rebound or which stock to buy in 2012, the Dial 211 Riverside County folks might now have the answer. But for information on counseling, child care services, senior services, emp...

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