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Real Estate Agent - Mosman Neutral Bay Realty, Sydney Australia - License #1398412
My book Sold Above Market has been a sleeping success with thousands of copies now sold since its release late last year. Real estate agents from all over the world are using my book as a guide to help potential sellers understand the importance of choosing the right real estate agent to sell their home. It really does matter which agent they choose and we are know that not all agents are equal so become the agent that enjoys the attention of sellers who understand this simple fact. After all, 67% of people selling their property said choosing an agent was the most stressful step in the selling process.



Here in Australia there are several large real estate sales training and motivational events each year, the largest one which has been running more that 13 years now is called AREC. Australian Real Estate Conference and usually has about 3,000 people attending. It is held in May each year, over a...
The other item we use at open for inspection homes is a signboard flag to attract attention. This flag simply says INSPECT with the agency website on the bottom, they are made of nylon so they are light and dry quickly if they get wet. We use a round timber pole (painted company colours) and it j...
I haven't seen what everyone else is using yet but I thought I would show you the signboard that I use at open homes. This is an A frame sign that is hinged at the top with a handle and when stored in the trunk of my car is folded so the WELCOME sign can't be scratched. They are heavy duty and ge...
I have posted examples of Australian signboards before but here is one example with a light attached for extra attention at night time. Not all signs have lights, it depends on the ability to run a power lead out to the sign, this house is on a busy road so the light helped passers by notice the ...
For years I have been listing homes with a blank pad and pen and a smile. Most of them were referrals so it was a warm listing and I didn't see the need to bamboozle the seller with a whole lot of statistics. Lately, i have heard that more and more agents are taking a full listing kit with them, ...
Yesterday, it was looking a little overcast early morning which had changed to storms imminent by 10am and by 10.30 the start of our open house it was absolutely pouring with rain and we decided that no one would come out on a day like to day. We were wrong, 9 goups of people showed up in the nex...
Hi team, I joined a week ago but have felt so welcomed that I have now upgraded to a Rainmaker and would just like to thank you all for your kindness and support. I sell homes in Sydney, Australia but we all share the same concerns and challenges so I feel very much a part of the entire rain make...


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