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My book Sold Above Market has been a sleeping success with thousands of copies now sold since its release late last year. Real estate agents from all over the world are using my book as a guide to help potential sellers understand the importance of choosing the right real estate agent to sell their home. It really does matter which agent they choose and we are know that not all agents are equal so become the agent that enjoys the attention of sellers who understand this simple fact. After all, 67% of people selling their property said choosing an agent was the most stressful step in the selling process.



My son Harley is in his school cadets at Shore School and was on duty this morning to distribute programs to those attending the Anzac Day Remembrance ceremony at the Cenotaph at Martin Place Sydney this morning. We arrived at 3am and it was a little cold but dry with thousands of people arriving...
A friend sent me this map of Australia so I don't know its original source or who to credit for it but I thought you would all still enjoy the sense of humor, other than it was created before Steve Irwin tragically died by stepping on a stingray. The rest of it is pretty accurate, and from a real...
In my area, about half the properties are sold by Auction with a price guide and the other half are sold For Sale with a price guide. Seldom does a property have an actual asking price on it. Price guides are what every one expects to see and here are two examples of two recent sales by our compa...
I was referred to a deceased estate property about two weeks ago and am dealing with one of six siblings. The others live interstate so when I called this morning I found out they were all at the house today, sorting out who gets what, I had an idea. I went to the best bakery in Mosman and picked...
Yesterday, we hosted a client get together for the first time. I have heard that it is an effective way to generate good will but had never taken the time to organise it, until yesterday. It was a great success, we invited 150 past buyers and sellers who only had me as their agent in common. Of t...
Today at an open inspection we were talking with a buyer who seemed to like the house we were selling. I asked him if he was ready to buy or did he need to sell another property first. It turns out he is renting nearby and has to get out of a lease if he were to buy this home now. We suggested th...
Today my trusty assistant Nicki told me we were going to meet some owners in a block of apartments where we had just sold a two bed apartment at number 16. These owners have the penthouse at number 24 and thay have an expectation of about $150,000 more than I could possible imagine for the place....
Have you ever been to a listing presentation and thought you had done well. The seller told you they just wanhted to see one more agent at lunch time so you arrange to be back again that afternoon to deliver additional information. When you go back, the seller says that you and the other agent ar...


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