soldabovemarket: Friday Feebie - Chapter 7 of my book Sold Above Market - 04/15/16 03:31 PM
Chapter 7. Methods of Sale
AM sure by this stage you will agree that some schools are better than others, some cars are better than others, some doctors are better than others and some real estate agents are better than others. Likewise, some methods of selling your house are better than others. Selling a home is not a one-size fits- all situation. For various reasons, you might have a preference for using one sales method over another, or your chosen real estate agent might have a preference based on their process and the buyer preferences in your area. In this chapter we … (2 comments)

soldabovemarket: Friday Freebie: Chapter 4 of Sold Above Market by Geoff Grist - 04/08/16 08:39 AM
4. What makes a great real estate agent?

THE RIGHT real estate agent will bring an enormous amount of value to the sale transaction and will demonstrate skills and expertise that are important to you. As you’ve seen in the previous chapter, the sales process is quite involved and you could be working with this agent for many weeks, so it’s very important that you’re both on the same page. Remember, this is a business relationship, so you’re looking to work with a professional real estate agent, not looking to make a new friend.
If you are still considering working through … (0 comments)

soldabovemarket: Top Agents Playlist #43 Interview with Geoff Grist - 04/04/16 07:57 AM
Ray Wood runs a hugely successful real estate business in Australia while living in Canada, and his podcasts have a huge following, recently Ray decided to interview me about my book Sold Above Market so I hope you enjoy this


soldabovemarket: Friday Freebie: Chapter 3 of my book Sold Above Market - 04/01/16 09:05 AM
Chapter 3: The Role of A Selling Real Estate Agent
IT COULD be said, in a nutshell, that the role of a selling agent
is to list, negotiate and sell properties. However, selling real
estate is a people business and, though the role may seem
simple, every selling agent requires a host of skills and
experience to deliver outstanding results.
Everyone selling their property tells me they want similar
things from their real estate agent.
Sellers want an agent who:
Delivers results – You want an agent who gets you the best sale price possible. Is low stress – You want an agent who provides a smooth and … (0 comments)

soldabovemarket: Friday Freebie - Chapter 2 of my book Sold Above Market - 03/18/16 10:57 AM
MANY SELLERS are of the opinion that all real estate agents
are the same, until they hire a really good agent who delivers
six-star service, a great sales experience and the result they
were after. Let’s be clear: not all real estate agents are the same.
A good real estate agent knows that sellers have a choice. In
fact, being a real estate agent is one of the most competitive
professions around, so the smart ones will differentiate
themselves from the rest and show why they should be your
first choice.
Making the right choice of agent will be a considered
decision not arrived at by accident. Just … (0 comments)

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