foreclosures: Is Your Home Value Effected by Foreclosures? - 04/12/10 01:38 AM
Over the last several months housing prices fell slightly, dipping 0.4 percent from December on a non-seasonally adjusted basis. However for the remainder of this year I wonder what the high foreclosure rate will do to home prices. Most likely if you live in neighborhoods that have a high rate of foreclosures there is a good chance it will. … (0 comments)

foreclosures: Homeowners to Sell at a Loss and get Paid! - 03/09/10 12:58 AM
The Obama administration has been working to keep defaulting owners in their homes and now paying some of them to leave. This new program starting in April, will allow owners to sell for less than they owe and will give them cash to speed them on their way, is one of the administration’s most aggressive attempts to grapple with a problem that has defied solutions. I think there will be many loop holes to look at here. For example the home owner takes out a second loan goes on a vacation, pays off other depts and then goes to a Short … (2 comments)

foreclosures: More Home Owners Walk Away on Purpose - 12/22/09 11:54 PM
They are leaving the deal behind not because they can’t pay but because they don’t want to. A study by researchers at Northwestern University and the University of Chicago concludes that as many as 25 percent of defaults are driven by strategy, not necessity. I’m surprised that the percentage is not higher. The government is trying to help those that want to save their home but many do not want the help. When I was in Real Estate in Florida Buyers where paying crazy prices for homes and resold them months later for thousands more. Now that real estate has turned … (3 comments)

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