listing: How much do we Realtors REALLY make??? - 12/20/07 12:46 PM
I get so tired of reading about how much Realtors make in the news...Today in our local paper an article hit saying that billions of dollars have been made in Real Estate commissions this year..The media makes it sound like we are all sitting around raking in the dough and doing absolutely nothing!!  How untrue..If that was the fact, I'd be sitting on a warm sunny beach right now sipping a drink with an umbrella in it. I'd like to share with you all where your well spent dollars go when you hire a Realtor to market your home.
Let's say your home … (13 comments)

listing: Home Warranty Saves the Day - 12/08/07 11:10 AM
I am a firm believer in home warranties.  I have a client who flips.  With each of his remodeled homes, I purchase a home warranty to go along with his listing.  This is a special service I provide to all of my regular clients who are in this business.  It is a great marketing tool.  We closed on a home last month that he beautifully renovated.  On the day that the new owners moved in, they went down stairs to find a soaked carpet.  The water heater, even though it passed the home inspection, failed. And as a coincidence...The drain pipe in … (5 comments)

listing: More about the tennant from you-know-where... - 01/14/07 03:00 PM
Today I finally was able to hold an open house at the property that has the tenant that is just out of this world wacko...She was just as sweet as pie!! Said she would have the house cleaned up for me..and would even LEAVE!!..
I knew it was too good to be true...When I got there.. I was running behind schedule, so I pulled up just in time for the open house to start and I had cars waiting for me...I am usually very early for my open houses, but today was just a little different...
I walked to the front door...pulled … (1 comments)

listing: To Disclose or Not to Disclose.... - 12/01/06 01:55 PM
Even though most people have never had a boulder fall through their roof there are still major factors to consider when filling out a property disclosure when selling your home.  I have been asked several times from sellers "Should I disclose that?" 
In Idaho you are only required to disclose material facts pertinent to the home you are selling.  Facts like a death on the property, or that someone living in the home is ill, or that you think it is haunted, does not apply.  Material facts WILL include pest infestations, no matter how long it's been, or past flood, fire, … (3 comments)

listing: Uncooperative Renters can squash a listing - 11/29/06 04:03 PM
You've all seen it  in the showing instructions--"Must give tenant 24 hrs notice before showing, call listing agent if you run into any trouble"  and most of us have probably skipped over the listing to show another because you don't want the hassle of dealing with an uncooperative tenant.  It is sad for the seller who can't afford to have the property vacant while being on the market, and it happens more than we like.  How should the property owner handle this?  How should you as a listing agent go about getting the property exposure?
First of all, the tenant does have … (31 comments)

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