island of maui: Six Interesting Facts About Maui - 08/19/14 07:39 AM

Maui is an undisputedly beautiful part of Hawaii with unmatchable instances of astounding nature. Understandably, many people invest in Maui vacation home rentals because it is like visiting paradise. However, if you’re an aspiring Maui vacationer, here are six interesting facts about the gorgeous island that you might have not known about:
1. A popular legend about the island involves a story about a demigod named Maui. Legend says that the island is shaped to resemble Maui’s head and body. The legend also says that Maui pulled the Hawaiian Islands from the sea and lassoed the sun on Haleakala, a mountain to … (2 comments)

island of maui: Why is my Mortgage Lender asking for 2 Years complete Tax Returns ? - 07/05/12 03:22 PM
Sometimes I run into clients that are telling me " Why do I need to show you all my Personal information " ? Did I not give you egnove paperwork justifying my income ?  This Question is quite common and in many ways I agree to their concerns of disclosing personal information. 
Due to the recent housing crisis, mortgage lenders are now examining individual’s creditworthiness more carefully than ever before. This means that lenders request a lot of personal and financial information from potential borrowers, including tax returns.
A mortgage lender is well within their rights to request that you provide them with … (3 comments)

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