va loans: Homebuyer , do I need to put 20% down in Hawaii - 05/20/20 03:48 PM

If you are not solid on the ins and outs of down payment, don't worry, you are truly not alone, There is so much misinformation floating around about down payments. Have you noticed on many payment calculators on like Zillow or Real-Estate Websites, the calculator is set at a 20% Down Payment, which makes you believe, this is what you should do, it can be hard to keep facts straight. Here is a Quick crash Course on the down payment. 
What is a down payment?
It's actually much simpler than you might think. The down payment is just the percentage of the home's … (0 comments)

va loans: Property Tax Rates for Maui County 2019, By Island Lending Hawaii - 11/21/19 04:04 AM

As we nearing the End of the Year, I highly recommend the Filing / Claim for Home Exemption. If you have filed before you are not required to file each year as long you are occupying your Home or Condo.
Download 2019 for 2020 Claim Form Here
There are several requirements that have to be met in order to qualify 
1 You own and occupy this property as your principal residence as of January 1, 2010, and filed a claim for home exemption on or before December 31, 2019. Must occupy more than two hundred seventy ( 270 ) days per the calendar … (1 comments)

va loans: Road to Homeownership , Getting Pre-Approved - 01/27/18 03:23 AM
Within this Blog, I like to explain the first Step of the Purchase of a Home. 
Find a Licensed Loan Officer that can Pre-Qualify you for the amount you can Afford or on your Income and willingness you like to spend every month. Not everyone can place a 20 or 30% downpayment on a Home. Matter fact Majority of financed homes are within 5-10% Down only. The Pre-Qualification Process is one of the most Vital Step. The Loan officer can ease the Journey of the entire loan process,  from beginning to the end. A Good Loan Officer can forsee challenges, Complication and explain … (1 comments)

va loans: Helping heroes become Maui homeowners - 01/18/18 12:33 PM

The newly formed Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals (VAREP) Maui Chapter, George Thoma is on a mission to help veterans and their families realize their dreams of homeownership.
And it’s a personal mission: Thoma’s son is a machinist in the U.S. Navy, and his son-in-law, a U.S. Army captain, is preparing for deployment to Afghanistan. “As a man with military family members, I have a big heart for the military and veterans,” he said. “I want to help them make good choices for their future.”
So, when Thoma, a licensed mortgage loan originator, was invited by the VAREP Northern Nevada Chapter to … (1 comments)

va loans: Veterans Administration (VA) Loans in the State of Hawaii - 07/01/12 10:01 PM

VA Funding Fee Chart ( June 2012)   The Funding Fee is calculated by looking at 5 different factors: Loan amount, loan type (Purchase or Refinance), type of service, down payment (if any) and prior VA loan use. Take a look at the charts below to see how the va funding fee varies based on these factors.


va loans: George Thoma on Maui Works for you / Island Lending Hawaii - 07/13/11 10:36 PM
What makes Island Lending Hawaii so different ?.
·      Rates are Lower than the majority of competitors ·      We have, Conventional , FHA, VA, Reverse Mortgage, Jumbo, Arms, Condotel, Foreign National, and much more. What makes my service special to you?
·      Returns Calls and Works on Weekend. ·      Support Realtors / Open House Flyers & Tec Tools. ·      Hold Mortgage & Financial Education Classes at Real-Estate Offices. ·      Maintain a Follow-up System with all Borrowers and Applicants. ·      Pre-Qual Homebuyers and provide Qualification Letter for Offers. ·      Understands the Financial need of all kind of Borrowers. ·      Licensed Throughout the State of Hawaii. … (1 comments)

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